Sunday, November 29, 2009

Testing + Binge fest

Okay~ hola?? I've just started using this blogspot thingy for my blog..(^^) was based in windows live space previously...It must be under the influence of friends...(leona) that I ventured out into this unknown world...

So's my 1st  post~

During one of the many breaks from SPM (the major examination for all form 5 people)

My dad was taking the staff to eat at.....

JOGOYA!! (look up there for the picture)

So I had to follow eventhough it's the middle of my examinations...

I mean...who would pass up JOGOYA??????

So I literally drowned all my stress by eating and eating and eating...

I didn't even take any pictures because I was busy stuffing my face..

I even totally ignored my phone though it was vibrating like crazy..

(so sorry to all those people...I live to eat)

So here are the few pics I managed to capture before I went on my binge fest

This is me before going there...( I know I look weird..not easy trying to take a picture when you're rushing)

This is worthy of a ordered this VIP dish after we all were stuffed..

It was mozzarella seafood something...

MOZZARELLA...smooth mom~

Their coolio bathroom deco...roses and heated ceramic toilet bowls...

Need I say more?

Okay...I couldn't resist this...I mean c'mon...obviously this is for 'rubbish'

who can't tell???

My god...the pitiful amount of pics...oh well..more to come (hopefully)

And another friendly tip while eating at JOGOYA!! 

Do wear a nice stretchy bottom with a flowing top so no one can see your tummy after eating!!!