Thursday, December 24, 2009


Spent half a day re-decorating my room~~ 

Am so happy with the result!

Now I don't have any blank walls~~

Check it out


Lurve is in the air~

Chasing dreams

Anyway just a short post to share the fruits of my labor...

Leaving for hols the next day..

So once again..

TOODLES~and merry xmas~


Sometimes you have to let go to see if there was anything worth holding on to

Why do you still do this to me anyway...

We have already said our respective goodbyes a long time ago..

Now, you keep saying those words that I needed to hear then rather than now...

To tell you frankly, we're over..just accept that and like bloody move on with your life...I liked you for 3 years only to be ignored in favour of since the chance is and I have nothing anymore..

so please...if you ever read this post..just move on and make your current girl-friend happy...

Don't tell me we have another shot now..Don't tell me that you lied about your feelings..Don't tell me that you still like me..

Hey, I had already let go and I found out that...

there's nothing worth holding on to...

C`ya...thanks for the's time you moved on...

Wednesday, December 23, 2009








我想。。如果能够自私到把时间永远地停滞在高中的生活。。那该会多好? 人都是如此。。直到失去了,过去了。。我们才懂得珍惜。。现在。。我就是很渴望回去高中。。很想再次努力地上高中的课程。。。、为何之前。。没有好好去珍惜。。好好享受呢?

另外。。还有我和以前一位朋友的对话。。当时候。。我们两个真的很要好。。。以前就流行有男生向女生诉苦。。尤其当面对爱情问题的时候。。。当时这位男生就整天跑来和我诉苦。。。我甚至还有留下他诉苦时的一段话。。。虽然以前是好朋友。。但是现在。。他都不知道还记得起我否?过个怎么样的生活?做个怎么样样的人?我都已经不知道了。。。这就是初中的时候一些浮浅的友谊吧?现在我也依然面对着些友谊问题。。目前我认为。。挽回这段友谊。。会好吗? 难道以后回想起中学时候。。自己交的朋友都很浮浅吗?





Toodles :(

Monday, December 21, 2009

Shopping and Not Going Crazy


Today I went out with my relatives to Bukit Tinggi's Jaya Jusco..and we bought a hell-lot of stuff...=) it was their last day at our place...we had a BBQ dinner at our backyard...

Let the pics do some talking now..

Outfit of the day 

Remains of what used to be chicken wings and beef

Lamb and prawns..and some mushrooms with cheese

Drink of the night...


Veggies..we are not carnivores



So as you can see...we stuffed ourselves full of good food then spent the night talking about everything under the sky not forgetting the amount of alcoholic drinks we drank...

Nice.. relatives ain't all that all's well ends well I supposed...

Here are more pics...

Chomp Chomp~~

Camera ready boh?

All the single ladies..

Don't sell US~~



Kinda out of words at the moment...oh well...there's no need to tell every little detail anyway...

ENJOY the remaining holiday everyone~~


Sunday, December 20, 2009

Undang Lessons and Going Mad


Today was the 1st day of my undang lesson...for those of you who have already been through the torture, you would know I am actually talking about a 5 hour non-stop talk about the most fundamental review of the Undang textbook....

I got up like freaking early and sat in the uber cold room just listen to the speaker talk about the things we need to focus on and what aspects do we actually need to pay attention to whilst taking our drivers licence....i.e. if the examiner asks you to overtake someone on the bridge don't do so if not you'll 'gagal serta merta!' and stuff like that..

But that 5 hour talk was not without least I managed to get to know some really interesting people...and had fun talking to them...

And now I will display two books that I will study really dilegently

The 'textbook'

The 'workbook'

I hope I can do well during the driving parts...not really looking forward to making a fool out of myself during driving lessons...=) Maybe it's worth it to ask my dad to kinda let me know the basics 1st..think of it as a review lesson....*laugh*

So recently my relatives have come over to our place to stay and mostly I am just here to act like their shopping mall guide....but recently I am going C.R.A.Z.Y. just living with them...

Though I don't know why but it could be maybe because I am really irritable whenever someone mentions about my weight...I admit I am kinda overweight...and it's not like I am not doing something about it but sometimes I feel like this is not something relatives should keep harping about...

Like during the 1st relative had said to me :" Jean you gotta lose used to be skinnier" and I was kinda hurt.. I mean I am trying but it's not like I want to be fat or something! and then the other time my dad was telling his friend: " This is my niece and this is my daughter" After the guy left, my relative just went ' your father's friend must be thinking that why is your niece so old and why is your daughter so big sized?' I mean this kind of comment might not mean much when you say it but hearing 2 'fat comments' in one day is really just too much...I mean am I so revolting or something? All day long I hear that I am big-sized, overweight, fat, over-fed, and etc...It's really depressing sometimes...

How I just wish that everyone would disappear and just leave me alone sometimes! So what if I am fat! FAT FAT FAT FAT FAT FAT me is still living a kinda contended life right now....

Anyway..I crashed my new phone and I am still I guess life really isn't a bed of roses...

Went to my sis concert yesterday and the Singaporean JC band was totally awesome...not that our school wasn't too bad will be up at a later date...

BTW, I met PB there and we acted like we didn't just had an arguement on FB...well, better fake friends than enemies I supposed


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The ending of a chapter~Rendezvous and Parents


It was officially the last day of SPM and it's chinese paper~~ 

So as I was dressing it suddenly hit me that this was probably the last time I would ever don on my school uniform so to commemorate that event...I.Took.A.Pic. at like 5++ in the morning....=)

So here's me in my uniform for the last time (please ignore the messy room)

The neat look...or as neat as I can manage

The preferred look...

(In case anyone was wondering what's that weird folded up thing on the IKEA stool

It's actually a sheepskin rug)

Whilst I was walking out of the school gates I was kinda nostalgic for awhile...well...see you my beloved school though it was tough studying there I still kinda miss it now~

Immediately after the mandarin paper...I charged into pyramid where I was meeting with Paige, Xian Ming, and beloved Jia Ee (who had come back form Singapore nearly 1 month ago)

We watched Love Happens (UBER boring show) and walked around pyramid being models for my addicted to photography friend..but it was kinda hard to catch up, we ended up only trading a few stories then the day ended...*sigh* time flies...From XM, we heard about the changes our primary classmates underwent and I was kinda shock to find that some of them smoked...maybe it's because I am not exposed to this kind of environment (since I am in such a goody goody class) but I find those that do are really stupid...they are burning money and their lungs..good luck to them....

Hopefully we have another chance to properly sit down and trade life stories..haha

Btw..anyone wanting to try Gasoline...the restaurant in Asian Avenue...please don't..and for the record Skyjuice=water (you've proven your point XM)

If I can get my lazy friend to send me some somewhat flattering pics of me...I shall upload it didja hear that paige??? Pics after your trip

Anyway, while I was happily enjoying the trip guess who I bumped into at Pyramid??? It was that *PERSON* ( know...) and she was with my chinese orchestra friends...When I saw her I initially went like 'woah~! psycho bitch alert' then it hit me...'wth, when did she get herself into my gang?' 

It's not like I am such a petty person that I will worry about my friends being friends with her, it's the way she behaved that really made me pissed off...In the morning prior to the 2nd paper she was like dropping hints all over the place saying thing like 'so recently were you in touch with XXX?' 'did you hear the latest about XXX?' Since that time, I had more major things occupying my mind I didn't pay much attention to it...then I realised that the psycho bitch was trying to hit me where she thinks it hurts the friends!! I guessed it was kinda of a shock that she saw me in Pyramid and she must have thought she lost her trump card! to be her!

Anyway, it's laughable that she will try to conquer me using that cheap case you don't know you psycho bitch...real friends will not abandon even if you think you're hell of a great thing 'stealing' them from me, in the end if they are real friends they will always always come back to me, if not, they're not worth having and are yours to keep...


Finally the long awaited trip to go shopping with LEONA (XOXO) and Ting has of destination: MID VALLEY!!!!!!!!

This was a challenge since no one was fetching us and I was using public transportation alone for the 1st time! and I succeeded!! no getting lost or taking the wrong train....*pats myself on the back*

When we reached there I was like this super excited person...since Leona joined us only later I 1st shopped with Ting...and nearly bought the whole Bonita shop..but thank god I had some self control and didn't buy anything...*nyaf nyaf*

When Leona came then the real shopping began..I was so impressed that she memorised the entire layout of MidValley...Just tell her the shop and she's like this walking to tell you the exact location plus the shops surrounding it....(awesome talent) =D...One thing I learned about shopping hard for more money to spend!!! Zara, Topshop, Miss Selfridge, Quiksilver, MNG, Gucci...etc...wait for me! I will get the money somehow!

The BEST PART OF IT was...psycho bitch didn't come....OMG!!! again the gods have finally answered our prayers!!!! THE SECRET (that book thingy) works!!!! The moment we got the good news it was as if the weight was lifted of our chest! and we could breath freely again...the sky was so blue the sun was so even got better...^^ plus..we got enough movie tickets too...

Since Ting won the tickets to watched A Christmas Carol, we kinda stopped shopping to watch it...I fell asleep during the 'Ghost of Christmas Present' 's it was worse that Love Happens..but it was to be expected since they focused more on the graphics rather than the storyline..but was worth watching with friends....and the saddest thing is? A Christmas Carol is probably the only Charles Dickens novel I can understand...sad

Anyway....I met Eddie for the 1st time....he's like kinda soft spoken and didn't talk much but Ting says it was because I talk too much and didn't give him a chance...hmpf! So hopefully next time can get to know him leona?

As usual photos will be uploaded at a later date...

ok here they are!!! thx leona!

Check out the price on it...

It says RM 0.00

In Topshop trying out their hats..

Dear Ting said 'hey it's only 八块钱"

and then she saw the euro sign next to the 8

The model next to me is my ideal figure

Working towards it!!

Me and Leona no.1

Whr's TING?



But before I got to the mall things were pretty uneventful at home...1st was my outfit..I couldn't go along with the theme of the day since mom was so worried on the account that I was taking public transportation and so? I didn't think it was a problem but since she threatened not to let me go...I kinda had to compromised just in case she really did what she said...2nd on the morning of the trip me parents got into this argument concerning the visa application...and for no reason my dad took his bad temper out on me? Innocently I was packing my handbag when he suddenly rounded upon me saying why couldn't I help mom fill the forms up? but in the 1st place mom didn't ask me to do anything...then he went on about me not taking the initiative and stuff like that...watever lar...I feel like he's being crabby and uses anyone closest to him to kinda vent his irritation on...shit...Then he went on to criticize my footwear and THEN he did the unforgivable thing! HE CUT SHORT MY SHOPPING TRIP WITH MY FRIENDS...

He called and just said 'my appointment's over and I don't want to hang around..come home', then during the WHOLE TRIP home he kept on and on and on and on and on and on and on harping bout the jam  saying things like " I'm glad you've made the decision to come home early you see the jam?' " look at that, jam already, what's the time now? imagine if you wanted to come home later' , "hah! you see? jam d...somemore say no jam~" whatever dad, next time don't expect me to ask you to fetch me again since you want to be so cranky about it...Can't wait for my driving test...

But today..I found out he missed his medical appointment just to fetch me....WAT WAT WAT~

Parents you can't live with them you can't live without them~


p/s If I made any grammatical errors..forgive in crappy mood now

Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Memorial of Mr.Lim Lian Geok

So some of you may have already known that today's the day of my performance..
The purpose of this performance is to commemorate the passing of the chinese community's ethnic soul Mr.Lim Lian Geok or 族魂-林连玉
For those of you who don't know much about him here's a short article lifted from the Dong Jiao Zhong's website

Mr Lim was an ordinary teacher. After the Second World War, he took on the mission to defend ethnic rights of the Chinese. During his eight-year tenure as Jiao Zong’s Chairman, Mr Lim faced with blow after blow made on Chinese education in this country, never gave way, even in the face of death threat, bribery and temptation. With Mr Lim at the helm, the Chinese community stood firm to reject all unreasonable policies, saving Malaysian Chinese schools from the fate of extinction.

Mr Lim will always be remembered for his integrity, courage and righteousness. He is identified as the Ethnic Soul, because of the examples he has set for the Chinese community in Malaysia.

Anyway I am not going to bore you with the details of Malaysia's Chinese Independant School History, but if you're really interested go check it out...type in some keywords like operation lalang (矛草行动), Chinese Independent Schools (独立中学) and even Lim Lian Geok (林连玉) then you will get a helicopter's view of what had happened during the Malaysian Education History, and hopefully you all will understand that the government is really hushing a lot of things up.

So,at some god forsaken hour in the morning (let me say it's so early that Federal Highway wasn't even jammed....) my parents drove me all the way to Bellamy Road to the memorial of Lim Lian Geok, it's near the istana and right next to Alice-Smith School (at the Fujian Cemetery at Jalan Sg Besi).
All in all I performed 3 songs with the choir on the behalf of my friend, though I think I had sung off key one or two times...overall it wasn't a bad experiece...I saw many many students from chinese independent schools all over Malaysia come and pay respects to Lim Lian Geok, some even came from as far as Sabah and Penang just for this day, there were also many VIPs present for this event for ex...Klang assemblyman Ronnie Liu Tian Khiew, DAP CEC member and NGO bureau chief..just one of the many

We as chinese should understand and read up about all these people who had sacrificed everything to perserve education in our own mother let this event be an inspiration to all you people out there...learn your mother tongue and speak it with pride!

Below are the pics for this day =)

It was like 6.20 am when I took this picture

Look at me and my sis...Our eyes aren't even opened yet

I stayed up late studying, she got back late from band practice 

The things we do for the school~~~

The memorial, I don't know whether I managed to capture it but it



It's a little dark considering I reached there at 6.50++am 

HAH! and the teacher said the bus was reliable

The others reached at 7++++++am

That's the ethnic soul

His image is 3-D

He and his wife were buried together

This is the cemetery I was at this morning

Me and my sis in front of the cemetery

She plays the French Horn for the school band

The writing at the side of his grave

The other side of it

This is the English translation of Lim Lian Geok's vision

WAY back in 1956 he already had a '1 Malaysia' vision 

He proposed that all races in Malaysia to share equal rights

But how come we're only hearing about it now?

Why is this  1 Malaysia concept suddenly introduced and made as if it's the idea of the BN

government??? why?

Wake up people...and see the true colours of the BN government!

The side of his grave showing his life's history

My attempt at showing you guys it's 3-D

'Apple' how to photoshop it to become 3-D? 


The mural on the wall 


Drawn by this school


Lalalala..the choir and their uber hot overcoats..

seriously..I nearly fainted what with the heat and lack of wind...

There's me sandwiched between Xiao En and Xing Zhu..

haha~can you spot our other classmates?

Mic test 1.2.3

Me sis...don't tell her but the uniform looks cool in a group

Saturday, December 12, 2009


I can't believe what my friend just posted on her facebook wall!!!

It was so..........damning that I just had to blog about what she said!!


WTH??! what's with this thinking?

It irks me so much...I can't believe she would have this all these years of being her friend is like SHIT to her or something? All those times she kept moaning about hurting her friends and feeling all emo about her friendship problems is for show?? for SHIT?? for gaining pity or something??? Whatever events we did together...whatever major class activity we agonized over was all for NAUGHT? 

To quote Cindy Lauper...I see your true colours shining through cept we are not so lovey-dovey as her!

Anyway, my mom thinks she has the right to say what she me this is blasphemy...she has got to be breaking some friendship rules here! Even if you have this thinking writing this makes me think you don't care about us...i.e. your friends!

Sayonara you money grubbing person!

Good news and frustrating moments

Yesterday...I was sitting in front of the com doing my usual surfing when my mom came in....

Took the cordless up and dialed and had THE most MEANINGFUL conversations of the year

"Hello...Mr.Chan..." goes my mom

"ngo gei liu oi hok zha che...oi dim yong zou arh?"

(my daughter wants to learn driving, how to go about it?)


Mom and Dad have already 看破红城...seen the light!!! They have agreed to let me drive....*GOD (and the other deities) has answered my prayers* 

So on the 19th I'll be happily going through the 6 hours of watever thingy 

Anyway..the instructor is supposedly really strict so I hope I don't do stupid mistakes~~

On the same day...later on at night...while I was showering I might add...

Power failure happened...which is really frustrating...I don't know how many of you have already seen Namwee's youtube post about him going to TNB to "complain" but I really feel he's got a point there though he's actions are really erm..unorthodox....How can a power failure happen when TNB has so much capacity? A breakdown is not acceptable!! What happened to all the power they get from all those independent generators of electricity?? (YTL) HUH??!! what happened?? All the power is wasted! To top it off we have to pay so much money too!! So frustrated with the Government....It's thanks to 4th prime minister that these things happened...

It's not that I am anti-government or something...they do have good improvements like the passport procedures..gone were the days when you had to queue up for the whole day to get it renewed...they have instant renewal machines now...but these kind of things like power failure is really unacceptable...not to mention the C-word doings...I hope one day Msia can finally improve...So I shall VOTE WISELY when the time comes...

Recently I have been like really forgetful and blur blur..don't know what's happening to me...must be old age...sigh..I shall end this post lamenting about lost youth...XD


P/s because everyone's like saying my blog gives them headache during viewing I've played with the HTML code...but now the left side's screwy...sigh....long way to edit...hope you all have a better time reading now

Monday, December 7, 2009

Random~and moaning

woah...I opened my blog and this post of NOTHING came out?

So I decided to just type under this title...

Just came back from Taylor's where I handed in my application form..and to be expected the Bio was giving me a hard time so did add maths...where I didn't score well on my I got in just barely under a conditional acceptance...and my entire future depends on the performance of the 1st term....sigh

It's not that I don't deserve this happening to me..but reality really sucks sometimes...Now I am like so worked up over my SPM....I keep reviewing what I did in my head and asking myself...'Did I do well enough' 'Was that the BEST answer' and stuff like that...despite the wild stories flying about marking schemes for SPM...I keep having this recurring thought that maybe I might not get A's and stuff like that....( feel sick just typing)

This really sucks as I have no contingency plan whatsoever in case I can't continue doing I had better work my arse off if I am hoping to stay unto that program..

Growing up sucks

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Welcome back bro~

As the title clearly states: My bro's back from Singapore~


So the big plan today was the family go down to One Utama and meet the same time, to make 'productive' use of the hours, we would shop around One Utama...

However, as they say about the well laid plans of mice and men, some unexpected events happened which delayed our trip to the mall, to top that off I was having this uber-big wardrobe malfunction! None of my carefully planned outfits seemed to work and I was so frustrated and annoyed.

I guessed I've must have sounded miffed to be deprived of the chance to shop, so Dear Mom suggested going to Pyramid as a compromise...

All's well ends well, in the end I still managed to go shopping~~ thanks mom~

Yesterday, I was at summit browsing through the Popular bookstore's clearance sale....despite the somewhat rundown appearance of the place, I still managed to get some books at a killer deal...Can't wait till the end of exams to sink my teeth into them, plus Mom has been keeping all my additional novels purchased throughout the year under lock and key, so when everything's over I'll have 13 new books to read....Can't wait (spoken like a true nerd)

So the point of that was, during the Popular sales I kinda gotten myself a job!! Can you believe it?I was talking to this lady who was managing a booth selling toys like rubix cubes and 'lassie', she was talking about the branching plan for the main store, and on a whim I just asked her if she would consider hiring me( as a part time sales promoter) and she actually gave an impromptu on the spot Q&A, and finished with ' if you're interested here's my card, call me'....I was so psyched!! I mean my very 1st job I've gotten through my own means!!! But, sadly I had to decline, cause the working place is at Pavillion, so not economical not to mention far...

My parents are always against me taking jobs as a sales promoter or something similar, cause in their opinion I don't need jobs like that (on the account I can help out in their work place) but I like to challenge myself doing jobs like that, for one thing, I would like to test my persuasion skills in getting people to believe in and purchase the product I am helping to sell, another thing is I think it's good training for me, in the sense on how I conduct myself and phrase my wordings not to mention to slow down my speed of talking. Lastly, not wanting to sound arrogant, I think I can really excel in this kind of job because I am confident in meeting new people and have no problem in talking to them..

So, if all goes well, hopefully I can get a job working as a part time sales person..who knows? I may even curb my temper a bit~~=)

Lastly, pictures of the day~~

Me with my wardrobe malfunction going on, also the 1st time I took pictures with my

new glasses....

In the car, still malfunctioning, worse still, can't smile with glasses *grr*

One more

Cheered up when seeing the coolio decos Pyramid pulled for CHRISTMAS

Nice leh~~

Stopped at Old Town White Coffee to eat a snack

Here's my OT Cham

still think the authentic 'kopitiam' at Ipoh is better

The thick toast

Too commercialised if you asked me, cause it's not nice at all

See?? Threw most of the toppings away

My 'Shi Lin' XXL chicken chop..

Not so nice as the 1st time I ate it

More coolio decos

Cute store which I like browsing in~

Lastly as a passing mention, I was watching Super Junior M's Supergirl MV that day, and it featured Girls Generations' Jessica or something, and the storyline was so unfair to all girls out there. One of the SJM members was dressed as a stereotypical nerd and entered a hip and happening party, when meeting the girl she of course didn't 'choi' him, then when he changed into the cool guy she immediately warm up to him and stuff...While wiping drool from my mouth seeing all those cool dance moves, I was thinking, hey! that's like SOOO unfair!!! How come girls are portrayed like only liking the superficial aspects of a guy??? Anyway, the video's link is  hopefully down here, watch it and see what you think~


p/s if you all are wondering why Super Junior are singing in Mandarin, this 7 person group is a sub group from Super Junior, and they are called Super Junior M, with the M for Mandarin, and the target marketing group is...China...give yourselves a cheer if you managed to guess that..But, the Korean Version is better~