Saturday, January 30, 2010

Weekend Project~

Since it was the weekends..and I kinda have nth to do except study so I decided to change myself


I did this thing once..before my Bday Bash (the post hasn't made it's way here yet..lolz) and I kept it to the bare minimum since I don't want to look weird for pictures during my big day..


now I've really vamped up the volume..went crazy..unleashed the inner me..and voila~ here's what I am talking about

I am now the proud* owner of a new hair colour..ok partly new..but mostly..since I've dyed it in streaks...At 1st I only did one both sides are with colour..and oh yeah~ I took this in me bro's bathroom since there was more 'natural light' flooding his bathroom then ANYWHERE else in the natural light makes the colour stand out~ =D

*well..not really too sure bout it yet..cause I've never had my hair in such a light colour before...*


Friday, January 29, 2010


sigh..there was supposed to be another blog post before this..but since the pics take FOREVER to upload..I've decided to go on and post this emo thingy before I am not emo anymore..

Wee~ been adding up all my classmates from Taylor's into my FB account..and everytime I view their pictures..I get slightly depressed..They all had this wonderful graduation and prom thingy(even though they say it's lame..still...)they all have this like dear friends please keep in touch photos and stuff...and I just get depressed seeing it..

I mean I am like taking the road not taken or something..leaving school without graduation..and boy oh are some things that I will definitely miss: not having my photos taken for yearbook..and what makes it worse is that people ask me for suggestions on what to write in the yearbook...missing out on all the S3 events..missing out on classroom daily activities..teasing teachers...bossing students...lording over all the kiddies and newbies...hanging out in school...taking part in badminton comp/bb comp/watever comp the school has organised generally and most of GANG! POSSE or whatever you name it...sigh..I feel like I am in this whole different plane when talking to them..thr's no longer the 默契that existed between us wise words of Ting...bluetooth sudah rusty.......(however,one thing i won't miss...UEC =D)

Sometimes I rue the day that I listened to that speaker frm Sunway college...He was that weirdo who keep prattling on about the reasons as to why we should stay in the chinese independent schools..while the reasons he cited were pretty mediocre..I can't help but really going through everything he said..lolz..(look at the 2nd para for more info)..if he didn't plant these ideas in my head..I wouldn't be so emo about it..

Oh well..stop looking at people's FB pics then...since it makes me so...erm...emo..haha (count how many times this word showed up)

After all, what's the use of making a decision only to regret it later?


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

College kills

Ever wonder why the students in Taylor's do so well in their A-levels?

Yeah they're probably like super smart..with amazing memory...and probably can hit the books for 24 hours non-stop..


The other very important factor is probably the way how the classes are arranged and conducted...

unlike certain of my really lucky friends..who shall remain unnamed but doing the ADP program..

we poor A levels students..have only like an hour's break..and the classes commence at 8 everyday and ends at 3/4 pm except Friday...

*cheers!!* *celebrates*

and the fact there's like homework for every subject for the 1st day..


note to self: college kills....

Just a short post..whiny one at that too...

May college life be better as it continues...

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Beginings

Of course I didn't wear this for the orientation

Today was the orientation day at Taylor's...
At first the night before I was uber nervous!! I couldn't help thinking what if people don't like me at all? 
What if I committed a faux pas...and erm..unknowingly ostracize myself??? I got my answer..I think overall I did ok...
My class is PM1 which means pre medical class number 1 and boy was the class quiet...I hope in time that it would liven up..'s orientation was really tiring..but thankfully I didn't make a fool out of myself..and I did managed to get some yay me

Just a short post anyway..
2mrw's the 1st day of I am all geared up..and fighting fit!!!

Welcome 2010

Friday, January 1, 2010

1st post of 2010...HOT MALAYSIA

Wee~ am back from my vacation trip to CHINA~

Since my mom has a relative in China..we had a really free and easy trip around Zhu Hai...Guang Zhou..and Macau..

We (family) certainly had LOTS of R&R during this trip as it wasn't as fast-paced and hectic as one of those 团体旅游trips...(haha, spent too much time in China that I can't really convert back into my English mode)....

We basically just go wherever our fancy takes us and we ATE a oh man..I think my arteries are clogged up with oil...since the food there was super nice and SUPER OILY...

I'll let the pics tell you the story now...

1st Day

Looking at the foreign currency before leaving~


At airport McD...behind me is a freaking dustbin =.=

Wee...on the plane to Macau..

frm Macau we walked across the immigration to 珠海..

sort of like Singapore and Malaysia

Nice sight rite?

Never fails to amaze~

This gila bottle of water cost me RM4...and it's not even half a litre..

but what to do...3 hours weh~

1st Taxi ride in Macau..I feared for my LIFE!

They drive like crazy cutting so close to the cars in front..

Nearly gave me a heart attack...

Have you ever tried sitting in a car when the driver don't slow down during turns???!


Sis Bro and me in 珠海

we were going to the hotel..

Look at the wonky spelling of KL!


Me and bro in hotel room

Me and sis...same place

Since the camera is under my care

most of the pics turn out like this..

with me 'zi pai'-ing

The view outside the hotel..don't know if you guys can see it

but it looks not bad before I took a pic of it~

Basically during the 1st day we sort of rushed through the immigration and stuff since there were a lot of PEOPLE there..seriously..if everyone in the immigration spat on'll be like half flooded! (hyperbole for awhile lar)

I was really excited..Basically it's my 1st trip to a country with four seasons and stuff..So I was pretty hyper..and cam whored a lot~ =)

2nd Day

We are going off to explore Zhu Hai~~~~ damn excited weh....

This is me before leaving the warm hotel my opinion there's no need

to dress up because you'll just look like this in the end...(look below)

same weird expression..but all bundled up...figures

Anyway..while we were waiting for my uncle to come pick us up, I spent some time taking the nice deco of the place..while it has a relatively nice atmosphere...but the people there smoke A LOT! so it kinda spoiled the place for me...

Jingle bells, Batman smells, Robin laid an egg~


Having breakkie

Sis looks too chinese...she blends in well

Imagine eating like that every meal..

my poor arteries

This is a 娃娃鱼

only found in's like some magical cure-all fish..

serious..they breed it in the restaurant itself

Look at this huge ass 龙丹

my god...if it's back here it'll cost like an arm and a leg and probably the rest of the torso

On the way to the park we saw this method of fishing...


In the park I saw this guy playing my instrument...


Also it was my 1st time on a tandem bike!


Climbing the hill...

Nice and windy

After the bike ride around the park and the nice invigorating climb up the hill it was time to eat lunch...yum our uncle took us to this private tea parlour that only serves food to people whom they I was like honored...

Tea making equipments

Chim boh?

There's me!


our cup of tea

This place has nice decos!



The private tea parlour

Nice calligraphy


Naturally after the delicious was time for sight seeing we went to the most iconic place in 珠海...apparently it's the 鱼女figure on top of a is said that this is the symbolic figure of 珠海..well...when we got there it was FREEZING..not so much bout the temperature (14 Celcius...but it was the WIND and RAIN that made the surroundings so cold)..we only managed a couple of pics..cause my poor brother was feeling the too bad

The 渔女behind me..

can you all see my breath man~


Poor bro..nvm the car is warm...XD

upon stepping out of the plane..he even said the weather was like Genting..

He thought wrong~

After that we went more shopping (duh~best bargains) then we had dinner at this Muslim restaurant...the people there are from a place in China called 新疆...and the lamb and beef were served up in this steamboat style with an unusual sauce..but it's really yummy..then again...what food in China isn't?

The beef is on the left

Thus ends another day in China..we were stuffed full of food and shopped and saw some pretty scenic places~yay

3rd Day

We went to 广州 today..but it was pretty boring cause the main purpose of going here is so that my Dad could talk to some business people...ho hum~so we pretty much spent our whole time in the car traveling..but on the bright side..I did managed to visit more of my relatives from my mom's side since we had an opportunity to visit the village..we had a fun time there despite the language barrier...( I must not learn canto through TVB shows...the whole 音was off and it sounded pretty funny to all my relatives)

I so can't beanie

Finally he got some protection..

"bring on the cold"

bro and me and sis

In the car..I got some new winter wear too

Too cold

On the way to the village we saw this guy playing the 葫芦笙

but he didn't like getting his pic taken

The well...something we can't see everyday..

A super old motorbike!

The village people were super hospitable! They stuffed us full of food (though we were quite stuffed to begin with) and kept serving us matter which house we went to they still served us tea...I kept going to the toilet...haha

Local speciality

Owned by relatives

鸡斯藤is actually some 糕点made out of some leaves..

funny taste..but it's a speciality~

Just look at the amount of food...there's a pot of porridge at the back too


Hmm...the 4th day was basically more of an R&R time for us..we walked around the 珠海地下广场..looking for souves...but let me tell's all like stuff back home..sigh...a bit pointless to give anyone..I mean if you want to buy souvenirs it has to be of something special from the local scene right? the end it's perishable items again...

The Last Day~

FINALLY...Macau here we come!

But strangely without all those casinos there's pretty very little about Macau that can attract tourists...

So we visited an old fort left by the Portuguese when they invaded Macau...and we also walked down this street..the merchants there give out free samples of food so freely...Even without money you can't starve in Macau~then we also visited 2 to 3 casinos...and the short day time flies when one is having fun..

Imagine the suprise when I say roti canai in China (during dinner in 珠海)

I didn't order can it beat the local flavour back home?

The casino my bro nicknamed Transformers...

but actually it's more like a sword..

the positioning of the casino is really strategic..right in the middle of the city area

so it's visible everywhere

One of the futuristic decos in the casino's/hotel's lobby

Just look at the intricate craving of ivory


All those pics of the nice decos were taken by my sis and mom...since my sis couldn't go into the casino, my mom stayed back and accompanied her...I managed to sneak in though..*proud look of self satisfaction*...after the casino visit..we went and ate this lovely dish called 双皮奶 yummy!!


The MOST yummy 猪扒包..

We are at the Ruínas de São Paulo

or Ruins of St. Paul's 

A famous landmark in Macau

Me again~

The side view of the 城门

of the Ruins of St. Paul's 

Scenery on the way up..

I love this place so much

I forgotten why I wanted my pic taken here..

oh well..

am clutching the famous Portuguese egg tarts frm Macau..

go Egg tarts!!

Wee..nice trees..

one thing I really like about the place here that it's so quiet

and the scenery is so nice...

and weather is so good..

yeah you guys get what I mean

obviously me again

this was taken on the wall on top of the hill

where there was this rest house with the nice deco and this statue outside


ugh..I hate wearing jackets...

see what I mean by strategic location?

you can see it frm every angle on top of the hill..

Me bro and sis squashed in this place where they put warning bells

Nice windows..even nicer and quaint decos inside

too bad the pic doesn't show it

enough said

Fisherman's wharf on the way to The Venetian

Same place different spot

Took the pic at the stop sign =)

Fake colosseum

The Sands.. (a casino)

At last...we finally set foot in the Venetian

The roof is made to be like an evening sky

There was a performance the moment we came

Some guys were performing drums using boxes..and pails?

I think

Man-U shop there

huge ass Christmas tree

Picture taken with people in fancy dress..

There's a person on stilts behind..

the pic is so dark...==

wat can I say..nice deco~

love my new shoes

The deco at the last restaurant we visited

Eventhough we didn't really have time for Macau..but it was a really lovely place..

Traveling in China was fun and suprisingly the toilets were okay throughout...

Guess they have really improved..anyway..can't wait to go traveling again..maybe we can visit Macau again..only this time at a slower pace..

Oh well..goodbye hols and hello college~