Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Where Did All The Time Go?

Right, I had actually started this post a million years ago, but couldn't finish it due to me being stressed and hormonal, likely to cry everytime I type SLR, so yeah , here it is again, edited and hopefully a true recollection of the best 6 months in college.

As I am typing this, I will be sitting for my last paper for finals on Wednesday (Biology 42), very soon in the very foreseeable future, I am going to finish my college education and head off the university, it sounds really scary, but it's just another part of life.

The few weeks leading up to the finals have been quite uneventful except that I have now became part of a group known as Study Lounge Regulars and have been camping out in the Study Lounge, (they have a group on facebook). I've realised the PITIFUL amount of past years I did last year, so now I'm making up for that. Given a chance I would've have started earlier, one of my many regrets.

Just like how I regretted WASTING ALL MY BLOODY TIME OVER SOME IDIOT, but that is old news now, and my blood still boils when I think about the last encounter I had with him, MY BLOOD BOILS SERIOUSLY! I've never ever felt so much anger and hatred for a person before. Now it's not the time for a full blown rant, but let's just say I've categorised whatever he said to me before the encounter as 'lies' and 'bullshit' now, because of the single sentence he told me, 'you were the one who was thinking too much and reading too much into my actions.' Regretted not doing anything more drastic in that restaurant, PRIDE , I'm sorry you had to reach rock bottom!

GIRLS- If a guy tells you that everything is due to your own misunderstanding, SLAP HIM LIKE NO TOMORROW!

GUYS- Don't ever say that. You wouldn't be with a girl or even spend time with her if you had no feelings for her.

So anyway, enough about that, haters got to hate and all,back to ranting about college.

I find it weird and oddly sad that I meet the most amazing people during the last few weeks of my semester. I wouldn't have thought that the study lounge is filled with the most eccentric, wonderful, kind hearted, cheerful, funny, people. I'm constantly thinking, wtf have I been doing all these while? then I realised that I've wasted it ALL on a douchebag, which gets me back into feeling oddly sad that I've met the most amazing etc etc people in the study lounge during the last few weeks of my semester, vicious cycle really now that I think about it, makes my heart die a little inside.

College was the place that I really learned a lot from , not just in term of academic stuff, but in terms of social relations and how to interact. My only wish was being able to meet those wonderful people before. Sometimes when they echo my feelings, I will jauntily say there is always facebook, truth to be told I feel a bit down when I know that after this few weeks and when college ends we really won't be seeing each other anymore, no matter how far technology has advanced, no matter how many social networking sites there are, nothing beats good old fashion face to face conversations and just generally being in each other's company. What is facebook compared to the times we spent mugging over a subject together? What is facebook compared to the times we did random stuff in the lounge? What is facebook compared to the endless conversations we have about our lives?

Facebook is nothing.

I'm am so emotional nao, I could just krai.

Sadly to say, I'll miss that stupid room and all the people in it, I'll miss bursting in the glass doors with my arms laden with books, hair all over the place, and whacking everyone with my super huge bag announcing my arrival with my zombie look. If there's a rewind button for college, I'll rewind it back to the beginning so I can meet these wonderful people earlier, and not fuckers like him.

This is probably not the time to be emo, but I most certainly am.

Hence, I'll end this saddening post now, before the water works start for real. Study Lounge you have thought me a lot, and I know that nothing can replace that wonderful group of people.

A levels, you're not so bad after all with the right company.


Jean :')

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Happy Mother's Day.

Hello hello again, as I'm typing this at a ghastly hour, it is another 6 days till my finals, which is A2, probably THE most important exam of my life as it determines whether I'll spend my days living a life of luxury or scrapping mud off ditches. So life has been spent in the college's 24 hour study lounge, revising and being frustrated over past year papers. However since bro came back, we decided to celebrate Mother's day one week in advance, welcome break indeed for me.

So off we went to try out Elcerdo @ Changkat Bukit Bintang. If you've already clicked the link there, you'll know this place specialises in pork. That night I ate so much pork I have successfully curb my craving for pork for the next 6 months or so.

Let some pictures do the talking here.

Upon walking into the restaurant, we were immediately struck by how popular the place was, nearly every table was occupied by patrons waiting to sample the succulent dishes they had to offer, the low warm lighting and soothing beats as background music really made dining experience enjoyable, while the restaurant teemed with lively chatter and bustling waiters/waitresses. We were placed next to a mounted displayed cabinets filled with all sorts of trinkets in the shape of pigs, while the walls were decorated with cute pig pictures, makes eating pork a bit of a guilty act, but I'd chose to ignore those accusing stares as I chomped and munched my way through heart attack platter.

Before I go on I'd like to apologise for the crappy pics as I did not master the camera function well enough to show super mouthwatering pictures. *guilty face* *after exams I promise*

Within minutes of us placing our order, the starter came which is a basket of bread and a whitish spread in a porcelain bowl. Being super hungry I immediately devoured the bread with a generous helping of the savory spread until the kind waiter informed us that is was Elcedor's speciality, LARD (he said it not me) with minced pork patties. Upon hearing that, me and (I suspect) my brother stopped eating, and every bite after that made me feel so guilty, to quote my brother "I'd prefer he didn't tell us".

After the artery clogging starter, here's the first dish which is assorted sausages/mixed sausage platter, I am not really sure of the names as I was busy camwhoring in the toilet (guilty, but the pics were awesome in the lighting there). This is definitely a 2 thumbs up! If you're ever there ORDER THIS! LADY JEAN COMMANDS YOU! The sausages are flavourful and the mustard the serve is superb, so worth the calories!

Another must try dish over there is the marinated shoulder meat. The meat is tender and juicy, each bite filled with flavours from the herbs and sauces they used to marinate the meat, and the meat is grilled to give you the perfect combination of charred bits and juicy meat.

This is the highlight of the night, which is the suckling pig. There is a ritual Elcerdo performs which is cutting the meat with a plate then breaking it, according to the waitress, it is a Spanish tradition, the cook is supposedly famous for his suckling pig dish and in order to prove that the meat is so tender, he took a plate and started to cut the meat with it. The waitress then said we should break the plate while wishing for Money OR Happiness, (she stressed the word OR really loudly). There were a few contradictions about this, apparently some spanish dude commented that he never heard of this tradition, but anyway it was an interesting experience, especially when being brought up it was ingrained in me not to break a dish, watching and hearing the sounds of breaking dishes all night was, interesting to say the least.

So here's my sis and the waitress, you first have to knock the plate on the wooden serving platter the dish was on and then chop the meat like a butcher at the morning market cutting up the poultry, then after that wish for money or happiness and drop the ceramic plate into the specially prepared bucket so that it smashes and your wish will come true, the waitress wished for happiness for us all. COME ON WISH DON'T FAIL ME NOW!

I suppose the only downside to the night was this unpleasant incident, one of their staff cleared our table and in the midst of doing it, knocked over the paper bag resting on a stool beside my sister and promptly broke the mug inside it, which was our Mother's Day gift to my mom. So we of course raise this incident to the manager and he compensated us with 2 gifts from Royal Selangor, and by decorating our cake for mom with this silver platter and miniature pig. Even though they were courteous enough, I would have prefer the waitress who broke the mug to come forward and apologise. Oh well, little disappointments in life.

After dinner they served us this drink which is supposedly to 'help digestion'. It's margarita by the way. *winks* The marked improvement to the photo quality is because my brother had fiddled with the camera settings. Yeah, I'm a techno dino, BUT I WILL IMPROVE!

People, go try it out, definitely worth it to treat someone special here. Though after those sinful dishes you might want to try some cleansing diets. I felt like a beached whale after the dishes.

Time now to start dieting.



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