Thursday, March 31, 2011


Hello all, this is officially the 4th day of my examinations counting tomorrow Friday (friday friday, fun fun fun fun) actually, and so far, I've no comment as to how my performance was, I walk in the hall everyday for my exams with 'Ohmigoshimsodead' running on a looped track in my head. Oh well, minor consolation that it's trials and it shows me how much I still need to study.

So in the weeks leading up to the trials, I've been pretty hermit like, my social life is spent mostly in the Study Lounge in college, where I've been dating my books, I have to admit I'm one faithful lover to them. Occasionally when I DO take a break, I jet off to Singapore. (Real purpose : visit brother and celebrate joint birthdays there).

The trip to Singapore was pretty uneventful, we were reaching Nilai when the car had some problems, so we had to turn back, I was already asleep when we entered the highway, so I was pretty surprised when I woke up to see myself back in Selangor, anyway, we eventually did managed to get ourselves safely to Singapore.

Let me assure you that I did take my books there to study, but it's really really difficult to study in a car as I'm prone to motion-sickness, and even harder to do so in a hotel room. Needless to say my attempts were utter rubbish.

So let some pictures do the talking here :

The long and winding road, that leads to an island.

The supposedly largest moon according to my sister.


You know I love you till the moon's upside down.

Chillaxing at my bro's pad, in his chair while everyone is busy with fixing something in the bathroom.

Went Vivocity mall to drink some milk tea with bubbles at Gong Cha (贡茶) which is another express drinks counter, where customers order their drinks on the go.

Recommended by my brother. (Gong cha and not what I ordered. )

It's tea with a layer of fresh milk topped with green tea powder.


And as usual we camwhored in the middle of the shopping mall, paying no heed to busy shoppers scurrying around us.

See my nails =) 15 seconds per nail, it's a stick on nail, but so difficult to go about my daily routine with them on.

Cumbersome but pretty nails.

And here I would like to call this moments in Study Lounge, hereby referred to as SL from now on.

Bought this at Take Away, (think Gong Cha ) and brought it back to the SL where my friend poke my straw through the lion's eh hem, private area, so classy.

Though technically not SL but still moments when I study there, here's me eating the supposed broth in a restaurant near college, but it's actually rice AND soup. SEAWEED SOUP.

Worst RM5 ever spent.

Lastly, I went to Pyramid today for a quick catch up with my senior again, and he introduced me to a MOF (ministry of food) drink which is Macha shake.

Green tea ice blended with milk plus green tea ice cream.

It's so yummy I proceeded to cam whore with it twice.

That's all for today folks, me is now going back to Biology and the wonderful ways plants, humans and all other living creature function in this place called Earth.

Love, Hugs and Kisses,


If I stay here I'd only make you cry.

I'm sorry. =')

Thursday, March 17, 2011

I Don't Know.

I don't know anymore, how to deal with people in my life.

There are people who I'd like to think were my closest friends, but they've proved me wrong.

There are people who I'd like to think will be there for me even when circumstances have changed, but they've proved me wrong also.

So how do you cling unto the shreds of what used to be friendship when it's all spiraling away? How do you salvage the ashes of a friendship bond when the other parties aren't even interested anymore?

I don't know.

Some people will say 'let it be', alright then, I shall let it be.

I shall let all those happy times, happy conversations, happy everything be. Just because you've changed, I've changed and we've changed, I'm only sorry our friendship couldn't stand the test of the ever changing world, and I'm sorry that I am not significant in your life enough for you to care.

10 more days to go, goodbye petty problems. I fudge you, just like how I fudge trials.

College is the worst time of my life.

The day's just moving too fast for me.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

My Life in Bits and Pieces.

As I said in the previous post, I will update soon, and this is as 'soon' as I can manage.

So quick question, how did everyone celebrate Valentine's Day? The only day where couples can moon and act lovely-dovey without anyone shooting them dead on sight, and where bitter single people mutter darkly when they pass said couples on the street and shoot them death glares, then proceed to proclaim loudly that VALENTINE'S DAY IS FOR IDIOTS, if you truly loved someone everyday is VALENTINE'S DAY yada yada yada doo da etc, secretly they're just bitter cause there's no one to go home to, har har har.

So anyway, cynical laughter and mini rant aside, how did you guys spend valentine's day?

Here's how I spent mine. Technically it's Valentine's eve, but it's close enough.

With roses and swans.

My friend who is currently in TAYLOR'S LAKESIDE CAMPUS , ain't that just fine and dandy, sacrificed her whole weekend to get this Styrofoam cut out swans decorated in time for their fund raiser project in university, which happens to be a valentine themed fund raiser, no prizes for guessing why. So the swans are actually for couples to take pictures with.

Exhibit A.

`cept we are not a couple.

Well, during Valentine's eve, which technically still was part of the 15 day Chinese New Year celebration, I spent the night with my friends and chit chatting with them and of course collecting red packets from the people we visited. So in a nutshell, Vday was spent chatting and cam whoring as you can see below.


I especially like the picture of me with my face scrunched up and my fists raised.

Camwhoring ish what we do the bestest.

Fun with friends and red packets, who needs Valentine's day?

Below are going to be random bits and pieces accompanied with pictures I found stored in my phone's memory.

Bought a really really cute Elmo hairband

Abused the 'negative' function of my phone's camera with sister dearest.


Normally they give totally unglam colours like green, white, but this time HOLYCRAPPURPLESOCHIO!

Cam whored in college again, but I like my smile so I shall post it up here.

Mom and I saw this on our way to SS15's Carrefour, what is the dress doing on the tree I don't know.

Point to be noted, mom slowed down for me to take a picture, super mom.

Last but not least, the most recent event in my life, which happened yesterday or technically 13 hours ago using 1am as an indicator.

I met up with my high school band senior for lunch, we used to be really good friends and somehow or rather we got caught up in each other's respective lives and obligations so today's actually the first time we're meeting up since he graduated. He even offered to buy me lunch since he forgot to wish me happy birthday, so I guess I got a super late celebration from a really thoughtful person.

Even though we have stopped talking for a year, when we met there was no awkwardness and topics just came up one after another, I guess it's true that when you're comfortable with someone you tend to be more talkative in their presence. In the raging tide of change swirling all around me, it's nice to talk to someone so familiar, like a rock against all those changes, though we may be different people from our high school days, I guess our change is linear, so after so many years, we still remain the same people in each other's eyes in spite of our changes. Am I even making sense at this point?

Well in conclusion, it's nice to have a familiar face from the past reminding you that not everything is so bad. Furthermore, since he is my senior and has seen more of the world then I have, it was nice to hear pretty insightful advice from him. Enjoyed my lunch tremendously.

Spotted at Empire's Chili's!

Love the tiled table top.

Don't worry, fries were not consumed by me.

Guess where I am?

At the LONGEST INDOOR SLIDE at Empire Shopping Gallery.

IT WAS OHSOFUN! and since it was my 'birthday treat' makes it FUN-ER!

RM12 per entry, tickets valid for one month but one use only.

Imagine sitting on a giant slide so long that you actually hope it'll end soon, how nice is that?!

Side effects include : euphoria and slight dizziness.

The back of this ticket is actually rainbow coloured to show how fun it is!

Had this traditional malay dessert today.

Unfortunately I can't find the name on and I've forgotten it, but I CAN tell you that it is made out of fermented glutinous rice and wrapped up in rubber tree leaves.

The taste is a bit strong at first and it's really sweet, but the texture is indescribably nice.

Who knew that such om nom nomific dessert existed?

Yam leaves, banana leaves or rubber plant leaves are used to wrap "tapai". Tapai is fermented glutinous rice or tapioca which takes some acquired taste to enjoy. Old ways of fermenting is used to make tapai and tuak. Tuak is a mild alcoholic drink made by "strengthening" the juice resulted when making the tapai. (I FOUND IT!)

So, here's my life in bits and pieces, will write more after exams.



I want to give you something
I've been wanting to give to you for years
My heart.

So sorry missed this uber funny part of what happened to me before meeting my senior, I gave him a call to see where he was and what car he will be driving so I would be prepared and stuff, I hate looking blur, and he replied, something *insert colour of car* MYVI. So as you can see only one word registered in my mind, MYVI car. Thus, after rushing through all my errands, I walked out of college to see a SLIVER MYVI parked conveniently in front of college, without thinking I yanked the passenger door open and plonked myself in the seat with a huge smile and bright greetings, only to see a startled face of


So in other words, I ENETERED A STRANGER'S CAR! OMG!! So dangerous, but actually kind of funny at the same time, the poor guy was so confused with me, after apologising profusely, I got out and shot this parting remark, 'why was your car door even unlocked anyway?' I think I can never live through the embarrassment, after that encounter, I see him moving down the street and park himself further away from me, I think he thinks I'm psychotic.

Later, way later, my senior comes in a GREEN MYVI. WTF.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Long Hiatus.

So, what's up?

Recently I haven't been here updating, mainly because I have been too busy *cough* STUDYING *cough*, life has taken on this routine, which involves me going to sleep 3 hours before I leave for college then frantically downing Vit B like some junkie in hopes it can give me an energy boost equivalent to a good night's sleep.

Anyway, in spite of that, `tis time to talk about something that I love.

MUN! (which I've joined like aeons ago)

For those of you that don't know what is MUN (see here, particularly the paragraph after the super dark photo kthxbai). The first time I participated I was actually quite quiet, this time I was kinda quiet, I guess that's what they call slight improvement. However this time, I totally lost my wit and was talking at the speed of light, and it was so serious that the chair had to be called upon to intervene to get me to talk slower. It had become such a normality that if anyone raises their placard during my speech the chair automatically turns to me and says 'could the delegate of Brazil please slow down.' I am actually speechless, as to why am I so NERVOUS up there. *pensive face*, I guess it's my lack of research? Oh well, many more MUNs to join and refine my technique. During that short but intense 3 days, I've met really fun people, and I was the oldest there, which made me even more conscious of the fact that I can't be really an air headed teenage girl anymore, and my dreams should be more realistic instead of idealistic and also, naivety is so passe. Also, it made me realized that we shouldn't stereotype teenagers as lazy and unmotivated beings, I mean those 'kiddies' I've mixed with the past 3 days were really in tune with what's happening in the world, and they had really good ideologies on how to change things, furthermore, the questions they raised during the debate on resolutions sounded really knowledgeable. Ahh, bright minds, I sure hoped some of their intellect rubbed of me.

By the way, I actually joined the HRC, which is the Human Rights Council, and I think I'll stick to this from now on, this is actually something I love debating about.

Side note, GIS is such a wonderful school, in terms of the building layout, I'm not sure about the syllabus, but judging from the amount of activity I can see during the weekend I was there, I guess classes must be pretty stellar too.

Anyhow, anyhoo, here are some pictures, no blog post is complete without one.

Total random shot, was at the waiting room in the school's foyer (yes they have a foyer with tiles that look like marble) and I realised that my super chio nails matched the BLUE and ORANGE seats in the room, so I just had to take a picture.

The Delegate of Brazil at your service.


Will update soon,



Like a shoebox of photographs with sepia-toned loving