Saturday, February 5, 2011

Chinese New Year

I guess the title's pretty much self explanatory. To everyone out there : GONG HEI FATT CHOI! I hope everyone of you had a wonderful Chinese New Year with friends and family.

As I'm writing this, it's going to be the end of the 15 day celebrations! So right now, I have to grab as many 'red packets' I can before CNY ends.

A little post about my CNY from the beginning to the (almost) end.

Had a class party with a 'yee sang/lou sang' dish, it is believed that when everyone mixes the ingredients on the dish, the higher you go( by this I mean lifting the ingredients with chopsticks and dropping it back on the plate) the more luck you will have for the year, but it can be quite messy. This year our class had KAYA lou sang, it's surprisingly not as cringe-worthy than I had imagined.

Kaya I kid you not.

Yee sang is sold almost everywhere during CNY, and it normally comes in packets as shown above. So it's quite convenient actually.

Since it was a yee sang party, there were other food of course, and we even had Fries from McDonalds, truly an east meets west party. Here I will show you the staggering amount of fried mee hoon my classmate brought. Looking at it now, I wonder how much was leftover.

Then it was college break, and of course my family and I went back to Dad's hometown for reunion dinner and to celebrate the new year. And surprise surprise, we had yee sang again, only this time, it was home made yee sang, where the ingredients are not deep fried unidentified coloured strips of flour, but vegetables. (It wasn't kaya flavoured either)

My job is to arrange the thinly sliced vegetables.

Clockwise from bottom

White : Turnip

Green: Kaffir leaves

Orange: Carrots

Red : Chili.

Later, pamelo will be added, along with pounded groundnuts, sesame seeds and green chili, and some deep fried new year delicacy, the honeycomb biscuits.

Decked out in new year gear, arranging edibles.

And there you have it, Yee Sang round 2. My artistic (or so I think so) presentation was ruined when my mom poured the biscuits all over it, we were rushing for time.


We had raw fish in it. Super yummy.

Every year I will always go back and hope that someone will make this Chinese Delicacy, so I can SCARF AND SCARF bowls of this!!!!! Guess what it is then everybody.

And my favourite.

Sticky year cakes with yam deep fried to yummyness.

After a short visit, we drove back home and spent a Saturday at Overtime( near Bukit Tinggi), in the last post I visited Stadt, well Overtime has the same concept but their pork knuckles were not so nice, and the beer wasn't as good also.

Uber disappointing.

The bathroom is cool though.

Consolation was we went home and pigged out on choccies.


Then it was college again, and all celebrations came to a standstill for us kiddies. *heaves big sigh*

EXCEPT FOR THIS EVENT: ECA( Extra Curricular Activities) Orientation Party.

Generally is where majority of the clubs around college set up booths to recruit new members, and I volunteered at my club TAYMUN, Taylors Model of United Nations. For that day, girls have to dress up in traditional wear while guys can either have the option of wearing traditional, or formal wear i.e. suiting up like Barney Stintson.

So I wore this :

A Malay traditional attire : The Baju Melayu.

My mouth looks weird cause I was in the midst of explaining the club's interesting activities when this photo was taken, and the sleeves were pushed up because it was SO HOT!

On the bright side, I've managed to recruit 5 people. YES!

Anyhooo, that's all I can say about now.

Love, Hugs and Kisses.


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