Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Life Woke Me Up With A Slap

To sum up what I am feeling right now it has to be that one word again : 'shitty' but somehow I can't seem to find the words to just express myself I have been looking at this blank post for quite some time and I can only come up with one sentence that sort of shows how my day went : Seems like today has started off well and ended badly. To top it off, sis is currently playing some emo (actually it's just this melody that sounds emo) piano piece and I've just watched my old band's promotional video for this Saturday's concert which if I were still there it'd have been my last concert. So, yeah I'm feeling pretty shitty right now.

Anyway enough with the doom and gloom I should start being my usual weird self again and not that PATHETIC and EMO person I was up there in that 1st paragraph.

So moving on, today the TKS lecturer came in with our graded papers and I realised something that increased my 'am dui-ness' or 'pek chek-ness' I have changed 3 originally right answers to 3 wrong answers during the exam, thus resulting in my grade now, just goes to show that sometimes we must trust our gut instincts for I recall that time I was hesitating. To change or not to change was my dilemma that day and after checking the paper countless times I decided to change those answers. WHY DID I MAKE THOSE DECISIONS??!!!! WHY???!!! From now on I'm putting faith in my gut instincts! 

Anyway I'm ending this post right here I can see that it's going nowhere. Alas, words seem to fail me today.



Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Force Over a Small Area

There is such an unbelievable thing as being inspired by the movie 'Confessions of a Shopaholic' ...Yes I am inspired after watching that movie for the 2nd time.  Yesterday I was up late because of I dunno 'pre class jitters?' Anyway I just couldn't sleep and was surfing Astro and channel 413 (is it Star movies? ) was playing 'Confesions' and it was nearly ending where the main character Rebecca or Becky finally has her life under control by selling ALL her clothings and accessories to pay off her credit card debt.

And you ask why am I so inspired by this? ( I can hear your scoffs ok)

It's because the fact that she could just let go of everything she once held dear, she let go of everything she once thought were important, in order to make her life better, and in order to get back on her feet again and even though it's fictional I still can relate with it, for you see there are some things which I think I value a lot right now or more like I think are really important and I think it's time I put my life back in order by letting go of these things.

For example there is no need for me to extensively refresh my Facebook home page reading updates all the time. There is no need for me to hang around people's profile commenting on their status. There is also no need for me to read a gazillion articles of Cracked. com even though I love reading the wacky articles there. There is absolutely no need for me to keep clicking next on the graphjam website although it's admittedly hard not to be tempted to. Lastly, I don't need to constantly be online on msn just waiting to talk to people, it's not like I can't see them in classes or anywhere else.

So saying I should do a Becky (referring to how she put her life in order again) and put a stop to all of my activities so I will have more time for myself and my own REAL non virtual life and of course my studies. This sudden decision is probably hasten by the fact the lecturers were all mentioning how difficult the forthcoming semesters will be AND just looking at the amount of money being pumped into my studies sickens me to the stomach.

So it's time to take a deep breath and cut all ties with those above soul sucking time wasting websites and really focus on what's important right now.  Even though it's going to be hard but I will persevere for I will not disappoint anyone who is important to me again!

So saying I'm leaving with a heart filled with determination!!!

Signing off,



Just to show you guys my henna has completely faded but it has left this mark on my chio..actually what happened was the dye was covering my skin so while I was happily roasting in the sun it has turned the surrounding exposed skin darker thus creating this tan pattern..X)

Oh well..even though I still like this mark on my hand but the henna was way cooler..all good things always come to an end *sigh*

Monday, June 28, 2010

Hugs and Kisses!!!

So What If I'm Solipsistic?!! or what I call 'List-Enne' has reached its 100th post!!!! I'm in a mini happy fest right's like a landmark..the 100th post of my blog!! I should get a cake or something to commemorate this event like how television sitcoms (Friends for example) do it...A cake shaped like the number 100..*dreaming*

Anyway..the 100th post should be about something that I am in love with..It seems that I'm in love with a lot of things..if this goes on then the word 'love' is not going to mean much in my dictionary soon...but whatever get ready for it people * drumrolllllll*

Yeap! I now love HARIBO candies! Here's a little info about it from Haribo is founded in 1920 in Germany by Hans Riegel Sr and the product name is actually an acronym of the founder's name Hans Riegel, Bonn. You can actually link to this CANDY BLOG ( someone has a candy blog!!!!!) to see more of Haribo's products.

My brother was the one who introduced this sweet to me while we were in Phuket. He went to the Carrefour there and came back with a packet of it and at 1st I thought how great can they be? It's just gummies. Hoo boy was I wrong! It's the texture and the flavour that really got me addicted (Non-sense it was the brightly coloured candies in cute shapes~Imma kid so sue me). The texture was slightly harder than normal gummies, surprisingly nice to chew and the flavour..  well you have to take my word for it that it's nice..there's no such cases where the strawberry flavour will taste like cough medicine X)

I preferred the other gummy I had while in Phuket but for now I have only gummy bears at home and I can understand why people love gummy bears so much..their cute colourful and YUMMY!


So classes are resuming tomorrow and as you all know I have a new timetable (boo cause it's weird)..Anyway I guess I'll have to cut my blogging time in half and maybe *gasp* stop going on Facebook for awhile until I have my studies under control..since the parents have pulled the 'it's your future' lecture on me just now while I was chomping on my Sak Keh Ma..Oh well it's like a wise person once said to me "It's always between 3 things, good grades, good social life and enough sleep, you can only choose 2." Well screw sleep then I'm choosing good grades and good social life. (Wise person AKA J and she asked me to edit it so beh hiao ba)

So that's it for now..and hope you all have had a wonderful holiday like I did 

Hugs and Kisses once again 


I do not own any pictures posted up here

When It's Late I Tend to Post Weird Things Up Here~

I have just realised that Dr Seuss (yes that weird cat but actually he's this German writer ) has the most thought provoking quotes ever..After reading something somewhere while doing something online waiting for someone..I had this convo with my sis and she said 'go google the top 10 quotes by Dr. Seuss lar' 

And I found this

Favorite Dr. Seuss Quotes #1
You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself, any direction you choose.
Dr. Seuss
Favorite Dr. Seuss Quotes #2
Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you.
Dr. Seuss
Favorite Dr. Seuss Quotes #3
From there to here, and here to there, funny things are everywhere.
Dr. Seuss
Favorite Dr. Seuss Quotes #4
Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened.
Dr. Seuss
Favorite Dr. Seuss Quotes #5
Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting. So... get on your way.
Dr. Seuss
Favorite Dr. Seuss Quotes #6
If you never did, you should. These things are fun, and fun is good.
Dr. Seuss
Favorite Dr. Seuss Quotes #7
I meant what I said, and I said what I meant. An elephant's faithful, one hundred percent.
Dr. Seuss
Favorite Dr. Seuss Quotes #8
So the writer who breeds more words than he needs, is making a chore for the reader who reads.
Dr. Seuss
Favorite Dr. Seuss Quotes #9
And will you succeed? Yes indeed, yes indeed! Ninety-eight and three-quarters percent guaranteed.
Dr. Seuss
Favorite Dr. Seuss Quotes #10
Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.
Dr. Seuss

I personally like # 10!!! Isn't it amazing how he can string simple words to create something..just so thought provoking..*sighs* to have literary skills such as his..what wouldn't I give..

Anyway..just here to share this with you all 

Hope you all can find simple pleasures no matter what you do



Sunday, June 27, 2010

Random Post to Show How Random I Can Be

I think that I have been officially nerdified..



It's like being a nerd cept you are modified hence the term nerdified ( I don't dress like a stereotypical nerd and I don't have bookish glasses and I don't have an IQ of er 600 probably..hence I'm a modified nerd)..Why do I say so?

Cause today my lecturer sent me a message on FB (yes I add lecturers on FB ) and told me to check my new timetable..and believe it or not I was actually excited to see my new timetable..and was excited to see that we have changed is that not nerdified I ask you...

So reasons why I am nerdified

1) I love getting new timetables...

2) I have lecturers as FB friends

3) I am excited about classes resuming on Tuesday

4) I love organising my notes and my stationery

This is truly a most shocking revelation yet.....after 18 years of knowing myself I have finally found out that I am a nerd...


Ending it here now..but one thing that puzzles me..if I am such a nerd-ish person..why can't I ever draw STRAIGHT lines with a ruler????

White houses 


Hmm mini update here since it's already the end of the far I have accomplished......


today..I lazed about all day and seriously think that you can really gain weight by eating nothing but peanuts...hmmmm

Anyway...recently I'm into a new craze which is reading people's blog..and I know that sometimes these things that I'm about to say are just not my business..but they really irritate me while I'm browsing their blogs...Here we go with our little hate fest..

You know what? I VEHEMENTLY hate blogs with music that instantly plays when you're reading the blog! This incident happens many many times and I'm sure whoever is close to me will see this scene acted out 100 times

Me (silently browsing while some song from youtube is blaring out) " .... ...."

Person : .... ....

Then suddenly another music plays along with my own music hereby clashing with the chords and creating disturbance..

Me : " WTH?? Where is that music COMING from????'

Person " I dunno I'm not playing anything!!!"

Then there will be frantic clicking until I finally traced it down to some music player on someone else's blog and knowing me there will be a GAZILLION tabs on my browser's header so needless to say I will close every tab until I get to the one that's disrupting my perfectly tuned life...囧

Another thing that I don't like about other people's blog (OPB) is that they have this weird black background colour..I mean I know black is  a symbol of mysteriousness and allure and all those weird emo stuff but have you ever tried reading a blog with black background and differently coloured fonts? Have you? Then later try looking around your room..major eye pain fest coming your way.

Moving on..blogs with fonts so small you have to copy paste the contents into ANOTHER programme like Microsoft Word or Notepad just so you can read what they heck they are trying to say..

Blogs that are so emofied that it physically hurts you to continue reading it...

Blogs that are so LOVELY DOVEY it makes you wanna puke while reading it..and on this subject blogs that are written solely for the other half to read..

and etc

While I admit that my blog isn't exactly the most perfect blog in the universe but at least it's not something that it's sooo difficult to read that people just give up at times..and I know that I may have written a few emo entries or even *gasp* a few really random and silly entries but at least it's not ALL filled with posts of the same least I blog about people not washing their hands after using public toilets... X)

Anyway..this is just solely what I think about blogs..and it's not meant to lash out or criticize anyone in any way...just one girl with her own thinking about what people do..

With that I leave you all once again with White Houses


Saturday, June 26, 2010

It Days Like These That Make All Problems Melt Away~

Spent a really enjoyable day together with a really great person..Hmm..sadly no pictures to commemorate the day but at least it's all stored up in my wonderful mind..However things would have been better if my advice was listened to and taken to consideration and would be nice for things to work out just like how I envisioned it..but then again...the future is not set in stone...but I hope this time it will work out like how I envisioned it..X) 

If you can spend the whole day reminiscing about the times you all have spent together then surely deep down inside your heart you must have kept this special place for her..and no matter how badly she may have treated you I still think that she has her own reasons for doing that and I think all she had was you on her mind while she did those things..and you may scoff and you may brush away what I said..but there's an inkling of truth that you just can't bring yourself to accept yet..and I'm really saying this without any ulterior motive without any malice..but if this is love..please hold on to it and don't let it walk out from your give it another go..and this time you can't say no cause you lost the bet anyway..

Hope tomorrow will be a great day like today in spite of me having to endure that horrible driving lesson~ It's funny how that one year ago I couldn't wait to learn how to drive..I remember being downright annoying with my demands to learn..but now I have the opportunity I suddenly find that what my parents say is true 'you think driving is fun ah?'..actually it's not at all..and since I'm such a co-ordinate fail..I think you can pretty much guess why I am NOT looking forward to another driving lesson...=(

Anyway..don't let this cloud of doom darken my is supposed to be a great day.....I'm going to refresh everyone's memories with another 'Dengkil' post ..( this person once went to Dengkil 龙溪for a seafood lunch..Dengkil is actually en route to Putrajaya and the food's really good)

So today since we brought my bro along we decided to try one more dish of theirs which is pig trotters cooked in sweet and sour sauce 

I find it to be a bit of a disappointment..firstly the skin was not crispy but tough and as you bite down on it you can practically feel the fats oozing out with every bite (needless to say I stopped eating the skin after the 1st bite) ..and the bottom of the trotter was in terms of a 'Dengkil' standard dish..this one bites the dust in my disappointing..

SO DISAPPOINTING!!! short this is all that happened here are some pictures of random stuff in my life that I am going to post up here to suck up all your bandwidth X)

My sister suddenly was in the mood to take pictures...could my habits be rubbing off her????

This is really solving J3 math..Imma FAILURE!

Wtf was written by me X)

With lots of hugs and kisses


Sun + Sand = Heaven On Earth (Part 3)

Hello hello again..This is the last post about my trip..I'm sure I have dragged it out long enough and you all are probably sick and tired of seeing pics with my identical smile and identical shades with different backgrounds =)

Forgive me for I love to take pictures of myself..actually the main reason why I choose to split the post into 3 parts because there were SO many pictures and SO many things to say.. Forgive this worthless one...X)

Anyway moving on..the last leg of our trip was actually the delayed trip I mentioned in Part 2 the trip to Phi Phi Island..since we woke up on the last day to clear blue skies..we knew for certain that we were able to make the trip there and according to tourists we befriended since we lived in the same hotel as them it was really nice..and 'nicer than James Bond Island' 

High anticipations!!

This time we sat at the stern of the boat where we could see the scenery as the speedboat made its way to the Phi Phi Islands..there are actually 2 parts of the island one is Kho Phi Phi Don which is the largest island and the other is Kho Phi Phi Leh which is the second largest island..

This is the beginning of the trip to Phi Phi Islands but the picture is a little blur cause the camera lens were all fogged up due to it being in the cold hotel room for one night

I think I am the only person that is able to camwhore while the speedboat is bumping up and down and get non-blurry photos as a result...even though you all have seen it a hundred times but I shall still post pics of myself and my favourite shades here X)

The sights when we were on the speedboat I really love the water here..nice and clear and the tourists were is nicer than James Bond Island

The process of getting baked

In all those pics you can see that we have stopped by many beaches around the Phi Phi Island..there we were allowed to snorkel and it was sorta fun except the snorkeling mask I got was really foggy at the at the 2nd stop for snorkeling I got fed up and struggled to get to shore while walking on the sea bed with my flippers..then I finally waddled to shore and removed all my gear and gingerly picked my way to some God forsaken toilet they had at the beach..and here I was happily washing all my gear and my face (my eyes were stinging everytime I went snorkeling) with what I thought was fresh water..until some of it got to my mouth and I realise with utmost horror and dread that I have been washing everything with SEAWATER they had in a tub beside the toilet...All my effort for NAUGHT!

So with no choice I went back to the sea and put on all my snorkeling gear again..and this time I had a brainwave..I walked barefooted while holding unto my flippers till I can't reach the sea bed with my feet anymore and tried to put my flippers on underwater(NOT EASY!)...Needless to say my 2nd snorkeling experience was fraught with peril..and walking on the sea bed in any beach in Phuket was torture on my soles..since it was all dotted with rocks and shells

This is actually how hot it was at the stern of the boat..if you put your slippers face up towards the sun when you re-wear them you can actually feel the skin of your soles in his heroic efforts to hide from all the UV bro didn't care about his image anymore and spent a long part of the ride under this yellow towel...

Here is where we stopped by a lagoon which is 10 metres deep!!

I had to constantly move my arms and feet about just so I won't sink and this is a really really ugly pic of me..but I shall just heck care and post it here to show you all..just how deep the water is..

These 4 pictures are all showing the Viking Cave where people harvest bird's nest and business is booming! Bird's nest is in really high demand and so far the supply cannot meet with the big market demand and so I think if I'm not mistaken the guide did mention something like 100,000THB for X amount of bird's nest..but all I remembered was the feeling of awe when he mention the amount..

Here is where we were given bread to feed the fishes while looking at the Viking Caves..and the guide said something funny to which I can still remember..

"I would not recommend you go swimming you can see the fishes are very hungry"

Once the bread pieces were thrown into the sea the fishes all swarmed towards it..finishing the bread in a matter of seconds.

Here we were allowed to feed the wild monkeys but the guide warned us against petting them the reason being sort of like why we don't pet stray dogs on the streets right? You might get bitten and who knows what sort of diseases you could contract from that one the trick was to put the peanuts at the tip of your palm and extend the hand at the general direction of the monkey and wait for it to take some interest in you and let it grab the nuts out of your palm then just trickle the nuts unto the sand for it..

Pic 3 you can see a monkey SNUBBING me with my outstretched hand!

Pic 4 you can see the beginnings of a sunburn on my back and yes I do have a 2nd swimsuit FOC right now..X)

As we were leaving my bro decided to show off how well he could take photos..


By the time we got to the airport I was so tired I really couldn't be bothered with I zipped myself up in the jacket and went to sleep on the benches like those guai lohs who were waiting for their flights also..I slept until boarding time and in the plane I just directly fastened my seatbelt and didn't wake up again until landing time..

Here I was lucky enough to remember snippets of the captain's speech..he said that our landing was delayed as we were given landing number number 11..and for some reason we were delayed for 15 minutes..I sort of have the sensation that the plane was stationary(stationary airborne you know ) for that whole 15 minutes or was it my imagination?

Then when we collected our baggage it was delayed in short I was really grumpy + tired when we reached home at 2 am!!!!!

Overall I really enjoyed my holiday trip to Phuket and in a way the trip gave me many opportunities to reflect about my life now and the problems that I face..also it gave me time to enjoy the presence of my family and just the comfort of knowing that no matter least they are still the rock for me to lean on (in spite of numerous scoldings I seem to get)

It really was a happy holiday for me..

However all good things must come to an it's time to pack up the memories and prepare myself for a new semester..

Once again....signing off as


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sun + Sand =Heaven On Earth (Part 2)

After a whirlwind Day 1..we woke up to a rainy Day 2...apparently we came to Phuket during their monsoon season ( it only rained one day when we were there..phew.. and even if when it's monsoon season it's so HOT at Phuket) when it started raining we were all silently thinking in our hearts 'shit man..the trip to Phi Phi Island how? ' So we just went on ahead with it hoping the weather will clear up on the way to Phi Phi Island which is located 48km away from Phuket...

While waiting for our briefing about the trip we rented these flippers..and boy are they hard to put on..even harder underwater..I'll tell you more about that later...

See the gloomy sky

Dark..and more dark..

I was sooo sleepy

Anyway in the end we had to cancel the trip to Phi Phi Island as the sea was too rough and was really dangerous..on the way to the island the small speedboat has to combat rough waves and each time they cleared a wave the sea water splashes in and boy was it COLD! So in the end for safety reasons..the guide had to cancel the trip..let me tell you how bad it was..while the boat was stationary on the sea..the waves were strong enough to send it bobbing up and down really hard..and not to mention swaying side to side..I had to misfortune of watching someone lose their breakfast in front of me..FYI..not a pleasant sight AT ALL!...So we dejectedly made our way back to mainland..and after several complications..our trip was finally pushed to the last day which was Saturday or Day 4..

So it was cloudy on main to do what tourist do to fill up the gap between the performance we were supposed to see later at night called the 'ah gua show' or Simon Cabaret...and the additional spare time we suddenly had..

So under the recommendation of my "kai mah" we decided to give the street food a try..and boy was it good..we actually ate 'ayam panggang' (BBQ chicken) and papaya salad ( a spicy salad made out of raw papayas) ..take my word for'll just want to keep eating and eating..the wonders of street food!

Saw this at the bar we sat down to at our street food..cute no?

We proceeded to a restaurant to continue eating and saw this..Coca cola in Thai~

While we are on this subject..let me obsess about something...I ate this marvelous dish known as Phad Thai..actually it's more like just a normal dish of something akin to char koey tiow here but the noodles are totally different..I think the noodles is made out of rice flour and the texture is similar to kuey tiao..but the size of the noodles are so much thinner and definitely more springy so when it was fried ala Singapore mee hoon style it just tasted wonderful! (different flour different noodles X) )

So having no real destination in mind we wandered back to Jungceylon to do some shopping..we wound up in the basement where apparently it's a shopper's paradise..there were certainly a lot of things to see..but you have to be loaded to shop not worth it~Curse my poor bargaining skills...zzz..I'll get eaten alive at markets..anyway..after that we proceeded outside where I wanted to get Henna done..Henna is actually dye on your skin in shape of a chosen pattern..and I really love I absolutely had to get it done..I even convinced my mom..*smug*..if my sis didn't have to go back to school on Monday she would have gotten one too..

So here's me and my Henna~~

The guy 1st traced the pattern I chose on the piece of paper..then he rubs some sort of glue stick all over the area where I wanted the Henna to be and puts the paper on the mark will be imprinted on my skin..then he takes out a packet of Henna dye and starts filling in the pattern..

Yeah note my skin colour now

The purple lines are the tracing lines

TADAAAAH! `Tis done!!!!

Look at my happy face..I have to wait one hour for the Henna dye to dry then I could peel it off...

My mom then wanted to have some coffee and we were actually 'spoiled for choice ' *sarcasm* and we headed off to the only available place to have coffee that we know is probably not bad..though overpriced a little..STARBUCKS~I go all the way to Phuket to drink Starbucks when there's on barely 500m from my college...*claps* but..I AM LOVING EVERY MINUTE OF IT!

Couldn't resist a pic of my Henna!!

Caramel Macchiato 

I am seriously addicted to this drink already..I dunno why but I was hooked when my college mate got me to try Ice Blended..and now every time I go Starbucks I tend to just look for this..X)

This is actually the dried Henna dye..while I was sipping my drink I noticed it already peeling off so I decided to peel it while we're in Starbucks~


(but after island hopping I shortened its was supposed to last 2 weeks..but I don't think it can make it past one week's really faded)

After that we whizzed (walked) back to our hotel to prepare for the show we had at night..the 'ah gua' show..actually I'm not too sure what to expect when I heard that I was going for this show..but it was actually really really fun! The show is a bunch of transvestites dancing and lip syncing to popular songs..and they even parody popular groups also..and it's actually enjoyable and it's marvelous to see how the change was really well rehearsed and nothing went wrong with the show at glitches nothing..amazing...and plus..they are all soooo pretty (with a few exceptions damn demoralizing that a guy can be prettier than us girls ) and there's even one gay who looked sooo HANDSOME! Impossible to believe right? but it's true...too bad he's not eligible X)

They put up performances as mentioned above by lip syncing and parodying for example..Dreams Girls ( the lead really looked like Beyonce..)..You're Gonna Love Me...Wondergirls Nobody..Sally Yeh..Theresa Theng...and countless definitely have to go and see it..but the ultimate show stopper was the comical renditions of Aqua's Barbie Girl and Gloria Gaynor's I Will Survive..the transvestites who perform these 2 numbers were more set on amusing the audience..and they really stole the whole show away...but unfortunately photography is  not prohibited..the fine is USD 50,000...@@!!!! so I couldn't share the night's performance with you all...  D=

Taken while waiting for transport

The Hotel Lobby (throughout the duration of my stay I actually managed to get to know some of the personnel there...and there was this bell boy which my bro nicknamed 'Superman' for he seems to have a 24 hour shift )

Sometimes she cracks me up...haha

The ticket!

When we got there I was actually happy to see the place all deco-ed in purple..even their TOILETS are purple..

I just noticed the handsome gay is the one on the right in the middle of the poster..X)

Before the show I chanced this picture....X)

Day 3 brings about SUNSHINE with CLEAR BLUE SKIES and we could head of the explore again! So thus begins island hopping day one!!!!! Our destination is Phang Nga Bay which is somewhere on the Andaman Sea and apparently part of the island is a National Park..but I couldn't remember the name..remembering Phang Nga is hard anyway..we were here to see the national park and the famous 'James Bond' Island which according to the guide..Hollywood once filmed a JB film at that tell the truth it was nothing much but good for photography since there were so many places to climb and see the scenic view..I enjoyed the national park more..

Heading off to the boat!

Before the captain takes over~

Tee Hee..Pretending to be someone in 'The Gem of Life'

Goodbye Mainland


So this is the bat cave the 1st stop of the day..we have to get into canoes which were rowed by our friendly guides and boy were they skillful in maneuvering through all those tiny spaces..they also provide you with info about the places you are visiting..and since we were in the National Park we could actually admire the scenery around us and take a look at all the wildlife..

The entrance 

Couldn't resist..back there is our friendly guide

The bats that were inside the cave..there were SO MANY of them..and the smell was smelled WEIRD


We exited to this lagoon where we were surrounded by lush greenery and limestone mountains that reach up to the skies above us..we could see mangrove trees all around you can probably guess hows the bottom of that one metre lagoon like...yeap..muddy

The scenery

The guide said if we were lucky we can see monkeys..I guess we were pretty lucky

Mangrove trees~

The roots


Love the scenery

This rock is shaped like an ELEPHANT..only in Thailand baby!!

Apparently the Thais believe that elephants bring good luck but I don't know tour guide didn't say why during the 1st day..

This is what is known as the 2nd James Bond Island..I don't know what's the Thai canoe guide didn't say anything about it..

Can you believe people sit here and snap your pictures as you go past? Then sell it to you for 200THB..


This is the exit of the narrow and low

This is what I mean when I say narrow

Behind me is Ko Tapu or more famously James Bond Island X)

The scenic spots around the island you can see Ko Tapu behind me

There were many rocky places to climb and it was really nice..if you like climbing this is really a place for you..and it's safe except you need better footwear than slippers as some places are really rocky and slippery

After visiting the islands we stopped at a lagoon near the Andaman Sea where we were given leisure time and we could do activities such as swimming canoe-ing and just lazing about on the boat....

So the guide said if we want we could jump off the upper deck of the boat..and when I was standing there I seriously chickened out for a few's...just..SO FREAKING the end I did it..and it was exhilarating..but a tip..remember to breathe out when you hit the water or else sea water will rush up and trust hurts like nobody's business..then after that I tried canoe-ing's me paddling with all my might (my face looks determined here)..since I was the last few to hop on a boat they didn't have those lightweight paddles I was given a wooden may feel light when I took it from the crew but as I paddled it became apparent that it was really heavy for an oar/ arm muscles were burning from over exerting them..but if you can get past that it's actually pretty fun (also if you get the hang of it then it's fun)..since I was teamed up with an experienced oarsmen ( AKA my dad) it was really easy to just 'tou lan' sometimes when paddling was just too hard..hehehehehe..( but to be fair I did pull my weight)'s all about synchronizing with your partner..and just row..X)

After all these activities we headed back to mainland..and to go for a famous show in Phuket known as Phuket FantaSea and till today I can still remember the song that they keep playing while you are there...

Phuket FantaSea is like a carnival..there's stalls with games and stalls selling trinkets all around the area ..the actual performance is inside a place known as the 'Palace of Elephants' and it's actually a theater fitted with pyrotechnics and amazing lighting effects and a stage sturdy enough to (get this) hold the weight of several elephants!!!! Amazing right? and once again photography was prohibited..D= so no sharing pictures of the performance..but just walking around the carnival was fun! Oh yeah! I forgot to mention they even have an animal exhibition..they have animals in all these glass cages for us to view inside an to sum it up it was like a zoo + carnival +  performance all rolled into one place..X)

This is the map of the whole's pretty huge

The decorations mounted on the rocks

Standing in front of the huge rock they had proclaiming the name of the place

Some of the sights 

Doesn't this place make you feel excited?  It's like being a child again


The ticket as you can see you can do lots of things here..the box on the farthest left is the buffet time then right next to it is our seat number for the buffet 'F62'..then the adjacent box is the details for the show and the box on the right to it is the place where we should enter for the show..

On the bottom row left hand side is the mini zoo and on the right is the seat number for the performance..

great huh?

Some sights

This is actually a souvenir shop...and look at those decos!

The venue for the performance later at night..'Palace of the Elephants'


It's more impressive with lights~

Here's where we had a buffet styled dinner and this is just the entrance..this place so really huge..imagine this space all around you..if this is one seating times it by 3..and I mentioned 'F62' up there? That was our seat..

When you walk in there are sign boards directing you to your seats.

Tee hee so cute~

Walking about the area after dinner

If it wasn't for my brother we would not have discovered the mini zoo and here's the upper floor where it was more brightly lit than the ground we walked up we were greeted with this HUGE white statue of a unidentified bird (any guesses?) and it will light up and make bird like noises at a high volume at random intervals scaring the crap out of people

Prior to the bird lighting up the place will dim down...

This is a WHITE raven @@

Makes me think of teen titans..the episode when Cyborg goes to the future and the character Raven is all decked in white..back then I thought white ravens were a myth or something..and now I'm seeing it with my own 2 eyes~

Ok this is the cutest thing ever..mice in a cage designed to look like a candy processing factory!

It's so cute watching them scurry about in the brightly coloured cage..of course one must ignore the fact that they poop and piss for this 'cute' image to remain forever...

So CUTE! The udders of the cow right next to the wheel is actually where the mice drink water from X)


White tigers! My fav!

Look waaaay inside you can see its poop (haha..randoming!)

You don't know how hard it was to take this picture..the tiger kept pacing up and down and you had to stand there with your pose until it comes and get someone who is amazing at capturing photos and with great reflexes to hold the camera so the moment the tiger comes you have to IMMEDIATELY without a moment of hesitation press the camera's button to activate the shutter and hereby taking the pic..

So needless I stood there with that same smile plastered on until my brother could capture me and part of the tiger together..X)

Thank you in various languages

The balloon that floated down after the performance I managed to grab this (hehehe..allow me a few moments to gloat to myself )

The performance was amazing..they have managed to incorporate animals and pyrotechnics together on one stage..I was a bit amazed that the animals do not react to the loud sounds or the bright flashes of favourite part of the performance was when they had acrobats in mid air suspended with wires ....but I did also feel abit sad for those animals that have to be in the performance...imagine going through all those training to do unnatural stunts (unnatural for them..have you seen elephants in the wild standing up their hind legs? )....who knows what goes on behind stage?

Stay tuned for Part 3