Sunday, May 30, 2010

Meep meep meep!

I know I have childish sleepwear..bite me!

So today I was supposed to meet my classmate for breakfast at 8.00 am..but due to my really really late night..I woke up at around 9.40..that's a whole one hour and 40 minutes late..but thankfully and surprisingly he wasn't angry..and he even said.."ok go wash up..I'll be at your house in another 15 minutes time.."

He actually waited for nearly 2 hours..I feel so guilty!! I should not press DOZE button on my radio clock anymore!! Thanks for waiting for me NJD!! 

We had this really huge breakfast for just 2 people..I think the staff must be surprised that we can eat so much..between the 2 of us we ate 2 roti telur, 1 paper tosai, and 1 roti tissue...I can still feel all those rotis sitting in my stomach right now...I even had to resort to eating yoghurt to sort of increase the activity within my stomach..(it works by the way) 

So after that was kinda free and easy for me..the whole family excluding me left to go shopping..but I had to stay home cause those freaking semester exams are upon me..they are pressing down on me...(haha got that line from Queen!) So right now I vow to finish bio by today..if not I shall..I SHALL....continue tomorrow..hahaha

Things you do when you're night.

Haha..chemistry was boring

Preparing for EXAMS!


Saturday, May 29, 2010

Cracks me up!

Hello again my lovely are you? you know today I had to go through the last of my theory classes for driving before being certified to hold an "L" license.. which is a permit for me to learn today I was there sitting through this torturous 6 hour seminar and would have been bored out of my skull..if it wasn't for this girl...

On the 1st glance I'd say she's really pretty..she's dressed in a polo tee that says "Great Britain" with some jeans...with mustard coloured converse carrying a shoulder bag and wearing Gucci sunglasses on top of her head... Her skin was quite fair and she's kinda hot..

Until she opened her mouth...The 1st thing she said that caught my interest was..

"So how many engines does a car have?"

This is unforgivable..even if you're a can you ask this sort of air headed question!! Where have you been living all your life? Under a rock or something? Plus...she's not like a kid you learn driving one must be 17 years old or does she survive in this world one wonders......

As the day progressed there were more stupid comments coming out of her mouth..and knowing me..I will record them diligently and put them up here..

Scene 1

Speaker: "......Tukar filternya. Ini filter Proton Wira, kalau Kancil sama seperti ini tapi bawah kecil sikit.."

*I'd like to mention all the while he's been holding up the filter and talking*

Dumb Girl: So what's that arh?

Scene 2

Speaker  : " So any questions?"

* We were outside learning how to change tires*

Dumb Girl: " So where's Padang Jawa?"

Speaker: " Padang Jawa is not's further know JPJ?"

DG: " You mean here's not JPJ??!!"

Speaker: " No this is a driving school.."

As you all can guess..I'm a mean everytime she opens her mouth my pen and paper were poised ready to act and jot down every word that comes out of her mouth...and I have to fight down my laughter when she talks for fear of looking like a can some people be so...dumb??!

This is really the wonders of some people...wake up're 17/18 can't be dumb forever..and not to mention she was holding 3 phones..a Sony  Ericsson walkman phone..A Blackberry and an Iphone whilst wearing an Esprit watch...I really have NOTHING TO SAY!!

Zzz..heading off to enjoy the thundery weather..


Thursday, May 27, 2010


As usual..I stumbled into classes existing on a bare minimum of 2 hours of sleep..which accounts for my weird behaviour during chemistry..

If I sleep late I tend to act all weird and high..and..I can't stop giggling..I don't know why..ever since in high school when I started this habit of being nocturnal..I will develop a bad case of giggles the next day..

So during chem..I just kept laughing and laughing for no apparent reason...I think this is one of the many factors contributing to the inevitable conclusion that I must be loosing my mind...or it could be the after effects of all the caffeine I ingested the night before..who knows..but like my classmate said 'People who don't know you might think you're retarded..' which is really true...

The main reason for all the laughter is probably because my classmate has made up this wonderful joke about 'Johnny' see the classroom we  were in has this faulty door..I think it's because it's just too old and the door catch is probably worn off so when the wind blows outside the difference in pressure is sufficient to open and close the being students we always joke that something supernatural was afoot...thus my classmate announced one time when the door was doing its usual opening and closing that her good friend AKA Johnny was coming back..not to mention there was a spare desk at the end of our classroom..nicknamed 'Johnny's Desk'...It was really amusing at that time XD

But laughing is really good for the feels WONDERFUL after letting all the stress drain out with laughter..

Downside? One feels sleepy and sleeps through the wonderfully interesting Physics lesson today...


Ok so up there was the extent of what I have managed to squeeze out before falling asleep yesterday night...I was doggone tired..

But today is a WHOLE NEW DAY!

Heading out to LUNCH..OM NOM NOM!

So sunny outside!

We were on the way to the restaurant in Dengkil..since it was a long journey and we had nothing better to do..we took many many pictures of ourselves...this is one with the both of us in shades..

We swapped...

I wear these shoes even though it hurts my feet..go figure

See see see!

Sinki in Dengkil

Anyway..Many many things happened parents were on holiday as it's Wesak Day today..and they decided to go lunch at a place called Dengkil...(I also didn't know this place existed until today)'s somewhere on the way to KLIA and it serves really really good food..We ordered most of their famous dishes and it didn't disappoint us at all..We had fish..."big head" prawns...toufu with fishballs..ordinary vegetables and chicken... Here are the pics of the food

1st to come was their famous was cooked in dark sauce with chillies and chilli padi..the fish was deep fried and the sauce was poured generously over it..the spiciness of the sauce complemented the fresh fish..perfection!

Then came the ordinary vegetable called 'ho gu' (not too sure about it) we had it in 2 styles one as you can see above..just stir fried the other was with belacan..and both of them were nice though I prefer the original stir fried version

This was the toufu and fishball..The light soy sauce complemented the toufu really well..the fishballs were springy and had this nice texture as you chew on them..overall it was light and easy..a great dish with rice!

Now this chicken is to die for..It's actually kampung chicken in "bak zham" style..even though it's an ordinary dish....the taste and the texture of the chicken makes you want to keep eating this dish..the soy sauce of the dish was completely immersed in the chicken and the complementary sauce (ginger+onion + oil) made the flavour of the chicken stand out..the texture was springy and it doesn't stick in between your teeth despite the meat being slightly tougher than normal chicken..

Now this was my favourite's 'big head prawns'..Not sure what's the cooking style but they put dark sauce and sugar on it as a seasoning..The meat of the prawns is tender and springy and the head, which is the best part, was crunchy and the roe was just oozing out in this wonderful orange puddle..this is probably the best prawn dish I'd ever let you know the size of one prawn it's as big as this 


While you're there I would recommend you to go and buy their 'pau' (chinese buns)..The paus are all homemade and it's all hundred percent man made without the help of any machine...apparently according to my mom it's pretty good but I haven't tried it yet..but I will later...OM NOM NOMMMIE! But here's a snippet of a convo we overheard as proof that it's really good...

Lady: " Give me 10 char siew pau..20 dao sar pau...etc etc"

As we were leaving the seller came out with 3 more of these wood steamers..look at those cute paus!

Only 2 steamers but the amount of paus inside..mind boggling..

Doesn't it look nice? Like paus in Sepang..
See the amount of pau steamers????!!
If one can fit like 20 it's about 20*32=640!!!!
640 man made paus!!!

This is sort of random..the parking space we got was on a slope and my dad managed to reverse park his Camry into an empty spot...ZOMG...I salute him!

My parents' cute moments..Mom went and put a ring on him..=)

After that heavy lunch (thank god I didn't eat breakfast) my parents headed off to Summit..and there I saw A Do performing! He was there to promote his latest album and he had this mini concert plus autograph session...apparently this will be his last autograph session in Msia..oh well..he IS quite old...=)

Right when he was looking at me..hahaha!

PHEW~ what a day eh?


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I don't know what to name this post

I feel like crap now...I think it's too little water and too much sleep in the stupidly thick Taylor's shirt that was probably meant to combat the cold AC in classes and not the normal fan in houses...

Note To Self: Change out of Taylor's shirt before sleeping...

But my dad..he's damn great..he saw me sleeping in the family hall..he turned on the AC for me..took out the Astro card from the decoder and went downstairs to watch TV...It's things like these that make all the bad days seem okay again..Thanks dad!

*and I wonder if I ever crossed your mind? For me it happens all the time~* what's new...

I've just watched the top 2 perform in AI just now..

and to tell the truth I was kinda disappointed with Lee DeWyze's finals seemed as though his voice was drowned out by all the background music and vocal backups...I really thought he could have blown us away again...but sadly it was Crystal Bowersox that made my jaw drop tonight! Her voice was really nice..clear and melodious...Looks like this season's gonna be a tight run..

So moving on to some of my disappointments in life...

Sometimes it's hard to understand what's going on in her mind you's like I'm her friend and yet I'm not...sure we talk on msn..have a good laugh..she rants to me..I rant to her..and we can sms from 6 am to like 11 pm non stop..but sometimes...I feel like I'm not important to her....Can't I be selfish and expect her to go all out for me? Can't I be selfish and expect her to visit me sometimes after her exams? Can't I expect her to leave aside one day..and by hook or by crook meet up with me and other friends just to talk and catch up?

Can't I?

Guess I can't...Did I expect too much..or was it just that I didn't get the big picture sometimes? and if it's the latter...why can't someone tell me everything?

And for the other disappointment...Let's just say I choose to ignore it until it was right in front of me..and now that it's here..I just choose not to care's easier this way...=)

Constantly reading GMH and LGMH stories~



Sometimes you feel like a kid again..

My mom noticed I wore 2 plasters for my blisters..she told me to put some tea tree oil on them..This is like her remedy for any aches and I got the bottle out and I can't open it..cause it has this stupid safety catch on to prevent kids from accidentally opening the bottle and drinking it I guess..

So I handed it to her and asked her to help me...At this moment..I felt like I'm 5 years old again..

Then she twists it twice..and hands it back to me..and that feeling passes....


Monday, May 24, 2010

This is a stick up stick up~

You know how sometimes..when you're reading and stuff you'll come across  quotes like..'a smile is a curve that set things straight?' or maybe some sayings such as 'the world always looks brighter from behind a smile' 'A smile can brighten the darkest day'...well let me tell you straight up..this are all CRAP! There is no way that a simple smile can make everything better when there is nothing good can be concluded that a smile is merely a disguise to the inner turmoil one is facing and doesn't want this sort of turmoil to show in their everyday lives so it won't bring about any trouble....That's what a freaking smile is all about...

Because ( I know you can't start a sentence with 'because' but heck care!) there's this sort of matter how you steel yourself against it..when it hits're still going to feel the effects of matter how you convince yourself that you can handle it..when it hits're still going to go matter what resolve you make..when it hits're still going to crumble underneath it all...

In other words...there's this sort of pain..that's so effing damn hard to deal matter what age what maturity you's still gonna hit you like the SOAB that it is...

So maybe I'm a bloody masochist...I asked and so now I got my answer...and I don't like it one bit..but as I've been saying all day..'life goes on...' It really does..and I guess I have to try to follow its sweeping tide of change...or get lost in nothingness...

Sometimes...the truth is better left unsaid...and some things are better left unearth it all in its glory will only be a cruel thing to do and in the end..the person that's going to get hurt will be the one digging for the truth that's buried beneath all that secrecy..

In the end..ignorance I think will be the best solution for's like when the going gets tough..just shove all those problems into a part of your brain that says "never dealing with this in this lifetime" and move on with life....

So my ultimate way of dealing with this problem and moving on watch the person you really can't tolerate being happy..THEN laugh and be happy with that person..even though inside you feel like crap and feel like punching something..preferably that person's face...all the while chanting inside my head 'OHM OHM OHM!' and not to mention have that amazing filing system as mention above so I'll never have to come across this file again in this lifetime...

Saying  that a smile is just plastered unto my face to keep up a sense of normalcy~


P/s here's something er...kinda offensive to share..but it's just so useful you know..

So you all will know if people are scolding you

* 為愛飛行     脫離地心引力的熱情*

Gaga great trepidation I walked into college..with my new hairstyle...During 6 am in the morning I was looking at my reflection critically and having changed twice..decided that my favourite purple dress wasn't going to go wrong on this I donned it on and bravely faced the music..
Surprisingly it wasn't all that bad..cept for the HELMET part..but it's ok..I did kinda think it looked like a helmet myself..hahaha...anyway..having a helmet on my head is an extra protection when I sit in cars you know..that way I know my head is protected..
Anyway enough with the crap..the main reason why I'm blogging is classmates have liken my hairstyle to....LADY GAGA...cue in the laughter please....Babymonkey even lent me her really really really si beh expensive shades to wear to mimic Lady Gaga's style...but I can tell you it's a world of a can they be so...'bat zhu go sai'? ( hokkien for eye got shit)



Me and my shades~

World of a the sky and the ground..chalk and cheese.....=)

Short post..cause I'm nom nom..I am really craving for some sak keh ma and I know my mom BOUGHT some!! weeeeee!!!.....there goes all my plans to stay healthy....><

*Oh hot damn..this is my jam..keep me partying till the AM....*

Anyway....funny lines from Bio
Mr B : Chh chh chh chh chh soo fast..(talking about bunnies propagating...)
Aarti: No wonder it's called 'Happy Farm' (in reference to the rabbit farm's name)
G: "I want to be reincarnated as a male bunny!"

That's all folks.....
Searching for things to nom nom

Sunday, May 23, 2010


So here we night..blogging...


Now that brings about a feeling of intense relief...(exams sucks!)

So.....what's new in my life the past 7 hours since my last post...'s a secret...

I. Am. A. Little. Nervous. About. Class. Tomorrow.

Why? Because of my hair style...

Why? Cause it makes my cheeks look fatter..hahaha!

AIYA! Heck more important things to worry about now other than my hair...

*You can't make up your mind mind mind mind mind..please don't waste my time time time time time*

Short post..short glimpse to my insanity..


Sunday sunday...and I'm not a mushroom

Hello again peeps~ this is the 3rd time we've been dumped at home..not that I'm complaining mind you...this time Jean the maestro in leftovers strikes again! accompanied by her faithful sister..J the Wizard in Juices..hahaha

Anyway..all the crapping aside as usual..I get to cook again...So since the camera's all fixed and all..there are PICTURES!! (love them) to help with my verbal diarrhea..

So the menu for the day was spaghetti with a side dish of lamb and mushroom..and this juice was a specialty of my lovely was some orange and grapefruit yoghurt drink...the thing about this blender know that my family has turn into health my mom invested in this SUPER powerful blender..apparently the torque is 5 you can see how powerful it is..if you STILL can't grasp the concept..let's say that it can make soya bean drink in about 3 minutes....So my sister blended the oranges with the skin (apparently it's better this way..) and the juice turned out...really funky tasting...cause it's like tangy...overly tangy tasting..and it has a curious aftertaste on the tongue..oh well...too much ZEST..hahahahahaha! 

Drink up me hearties..yo ho yo ho~

This is the beginning where I am detoxifying the meat to mention as we all know..the meat and vegetables and fruits nowadays contain lots of toxin from various my parents bought an OKAMIZU..which is supposed to use the technology of ionization to clean the food products...such as put in the negative ions to the food and unleash the positive ions in from of some slimy layer as you can see in the's....DAMN disgusting to clean!

I have been CANDID-ED while cutting the meat... 

Would you believe I detoxify this too?

Ok this is damn cool...the ring where there is no blue flame was actually wet so it caused this half ring to form..

Voilà! Lunch is served..the spaghetti was prepared with the help of my maid though =)


Not bad for an amateur cook eh? Thank goodness my maid was there to put up with my moments of panic when the spaghetti wasn't mixed properly..phew...but the part where the meat was cooked was EASY-PEASY! 

Extremely smug+sastified



Saturday, May 22, 2010


Ok be fair lar..this is the only picture I got after I got back from the hairdresser's 
So it's kinda cacat-ed..but nevermind..I wanna show off my new hairstyle..
For the last freaking's not a jellyfish and neither did I cut it using a bowl and no I am not going back to the farm...

Anyway..after cutting our hair and getting the decided to take us to the carnival near our place..actually the carnival opened at the Carrefour in KK (it's a new landmark now) and so for the first time..we set foot in a carnival..

At the beginning I was actually do these people earn money? As the night progressed on I got my answer...the things were cheap yet the cost a bomb...meaning= the prizes were cheap but the games cost a bomb...

So sis and I had a fun time riding the rides and generally soaking up the atmosphere of the carnival..too bad mom didn't want to ride those rides with she kinda missed out...BIG BIG thanks to her for FINALLY letting me go to the carnival...the downside is I've got rashes all over my arm..due to some allergic reaction...oh some lose some...

Anyway..enough of words..let the pictures do the guys can go FB to see also...if you're lazy to scroll all the way down..(though since you're here..might as well finish reading the post right???)

Heading off to the carnival..this is what happens when you try to force your eyes to open to the flash of the camera....
Put me in a kimono and whiten my face and I can pass off as Madame Butterfly..=)
Kidding..Madame Butterfly so to compete with her??
So this is the Ferris wheel signifying the you can see in later pictures..there's this big freaking huge Carrefour logo all lit up at the side of the building..I'd say Carrefour really did good on this marketing many people...
Sis and me at the start..note the hair as the night progresses
1st ride we rode..It was awesome..but my sis..aduih...
Sis..she's chronically afraid of she's all calm cause we're not off the ground yet
Still got time to take pics..actually I took pics throughout the ride...=)
This made me just a little apprehensive..this is the sort of ride where you're pushed outwards by centrifugal force as there is this big metal pole spinning you around while you're strapped in as it gains momentum & velocity you'd get pushed higher and higher due to greater repulsion force from the centre...So seeing this support made my swallow hard twice!
and this is me by the way in case you don't know..
Chronic photo takers..
Sis was going..'Jie..what are you doing..??!! sit back in your place!!"
Measuring the ride using my sneakers
OO..we're spinning
SEE?? Cam whore during the ride!!
While my sis....clutching on for dear life..

When I got back to the 'tempat asal' this wasn't even my shoes..hahaha!
I took a pic of this teddy bear cause it looks so pitiful all strung up like's like a) some prisoner having death sentence by hanging or b) Some kind of meat hanging from a chain
The next thing we did was visit the ghost was a COMPLETE and UTTER rip OFF!!!
Since I didn't explain the monetary value of the tokens beforehand I shall take the opportunity to enlighten you all cause one RINGGIT MALAYSIA to get ONE token..each ride costs 4 tokens per person..same goes to the ghost do the math and sis = 2 people = 8 tokens = we paid hoping to get a goood scare worth 8 tokens...Sis as usual clung on tightly to me which was totally unnecessary cause the ghost house was lamer than lame..shitter than shit it was ' a pile of shit flowing in a river of shit leading to a sea of shit'...the only good thing about it is probably that it is dark enough...the distance of the Ghost house was too short for one thing..and the supposedly 'scary' props were just too lame + didn't shock anyone AT ALL! (maybe wee liddle kiddies who don't know any one year olds)
Then we progress to this 'tea cup' ride..but I didn't get to sit in the 'Pink' teacup...
We had fun spinning round..and talked a lot during the ride
This is some sort of 'take advantage' ride as you keep sliding all over the place..nice tactic for guys to press up against their WAG..hahaha!
Seriously I admire myself..spinning cup can still take pics of myself!!
Spotted someone with a trolley in the carnival..
This game is damn difficult..I wanted that Hamtaro sooo bad!
Next time get someone who can toss well to win it for me..I supply him/her the rings!
In the end this is what we got..but it's from a different game
like I prizes expensive games...
Anyway..we were queuing for the ferris wheel here..and there we met this cute little boy..the mom asked if he could join us as she's not riding..since he's sooo cute..we welcomed him with open arms..

Nothing to do while waiting so snap more pics of myself..see my hair start to part by itself in CLUMPS!
I know it's dark and all but I don't wanna use the flash cause my face damn sticky and I know it'll turn out like crap..
Scene from the top of the Ferris wheel...
Remember when I said my sis was CHRONICALLY afraid of heights?
She was clutching my knee THE WHOLE RIDE..until I batted her hand away..
Damn those eye bags...
We spotted this cool couple holding baby monkeys!! Goodness so cute+unusual..they kindly allowed me to take their photo...Thanks guys!
Before we left we just had to ride this ride ONE MORE TIME!
But seriously felt a bit nauseous after that..too much spinning I think

Thus ends the adventure of the carnival...I even met my old classmate..small world...Next time I vow to visit more carnivals..I love the rides and the atmosphere..though for now Cosmos is the best substitute..=) Saving up for it!! aforementioned in the post "what did I say?' ...I was reading If You Could See Me Now....and here is one LONG paragraph that I find it's really meaningful and true..Anyway for
the disclaimer please go to said post to view can't miss's in red it's in the biggest font size and it's underlined..if you can't see it I suggest going for Lasik..nothing else can save your eye at that rate...=)

And here  we go as usual..Ivan and Elizabeth
 When you drop a glass or a plate to the ground it makes a loud crashing sound. When a window shatters, a table leg breaks, or when a picture falls off the wall it makes a noise. But as for your heart, when that breaks, it's completely silent. You would think as it's so important it would make the loudest noise in the whole world, or even have some sort of ceremonious sound like the gong of a cymbal or the ringing of the bell. But it's silent and you almost wish there was a noise to distract you from the pain...
If there's a noise, it's internal. It screams and no one can hear it but you. It screams so loud your ears ring and your head aches. ( a lot of adjectives and comparisons later) but when it breaks it's actually silent..
But Elizabeth, she saw the heartbreak in me and I saw it in her, and without having to talk about it we both knew. It was time to stop walking with our heads in the clouds, and instead, keep our feet on the harder soil of ground level we should always have been rooted to.

CAN YOU SAY 'AWWWWWW???!" Cecelia Ahern you put the beautiful in life!!

Ok ending here..