Saturday, July 31, 2010

Medley of Events~

This blog post is going to condense events happening on last Wednesday. 

I for one took my driving test on that day. Driving test is split into 2 parts, 1st is the test in the course itself and 2nd is the road test. I FAILED  the last part of the course test which is the 3 point turn, and passed the road test. So on this coming Wednesday I have to go back to retake the whole course test again. Yesterday I had an extra lesson from the instructor and it didn't go well at all, it could be because I didn't sleep much before the lesson, or it could be cause I suck, now I'm not too sure if I can pass the test. To quote my instructor 'don't think the 1st time you could do it, means the 2nd time you also can do it'. So yeah~ I just hope I can perform well the 2nd time.

Then, after the test I headed off to KL with my whole family to take photos with my brother.  A lot of people would have already known that my brother has graduated ( what with me camwhoring with the mortarboard and all) so this photo shoot session is his graduation photo shots, instead of taking it in a stuffy studio with a package price, mom wanted to do something different as this is a 'once in a lifetime thing', so she contacted Jim Liaw (who took our family pictures and my cousin's wedding pictures) and off we went.The studio was  located in KL. So we jetted off as soon as we were ready, and boy was the photography session fun. After that we even had supper at a mamak called Murni. I must go back there as soon as possible to rave about the FOOOOOOD! It looks amazing!

My outfit for the shoot.

"Formal," my mom says, woe betide me. My wardrobe doesn't have anything 'formal'.

Camwhoring at the studio X)

Camwhoring at home X)

Brother at his convocation last Thursday.

So now it's crunch time again for exams. Oh well.

Shout out! 

Fat Goat, Mee and Leona : GOOD LUCK AND WORK HARD! 

CA , S and Babymonkey : FIGHT FOR OUR DREAMS!!!

It used to be so natural, to talk about forever,  but "used to be's" don't count anymore, they just lay on the floor, 'til we sweep them away.

Lots of Lurve 




Friday, July 30, 2010

Lost and Found.

There should be a lost and found for hearts, but I think that if we ever got to a place like that, it would be so filled with hearts that we can never find which one truly belongs to us. So we choose a heart to be returned, and hope that someone will do the same for us. Eventually everyone's hearts will have a chance to be returned to them, and hopefully no one loses it again. 

Okay, this is what happens when 'Blue Eyes', by Mika, is on repeat. Addictive song, but makes you think that you can burst out something really profound.

Credits to .la douleur exquise. for the pictures. 

I felt today I've let the class down, it was photo shoot for the yearbook today, and I really just ran and hid, cause I just didn't want to do anything. I was kinda hoping that all the picture taking was going on in class, and I could just sneak in later, but it didn't amount to that. I don't know, I'm just...not motivated/not in the mood to do anything in class anymore. It's really childish but I feel like it has a lot to do with all the things that have happened recently, I am trying to not bother about it, but every time when I want to announce something or initiate something I just don't feel...自在 anymore. Awkward, yeah that's the word awkward. If I had a chance to go back, I wouldn't have done it, but then again, I wouldn't want to give up on those memories either. That's life for you. X)

So anyway, I just hope that I get my groove back soon and go back to that phrase I always fall back on " HECK CARE! what people think cause I'm living life the way I want it. I just couldn't give a **** what you think."

Your day breaks your mind aches,

p/s My friend's FB status...quite 'chun' 



It was one of those times, when you have nothing to do and are the only one awake in the household, you tend to find pretty random stuff online, so here's a analysis of my name, I found this webpage from a blog of my friend's friend who used to be my school mate. So like I said..random.

The analysis of my name :

You Are Fortunate and Blessed (aye, I agree)

You are a very lucky person. Things just always seem to go your way.
And because you're so lucky, you don't really have a lot of worries. You just hope for the best in life. (*nods enthusiastically*)
You're sometimes a little guilty of being greedy. Spread your luck around a little to people who need it.

You are very intuitive and wise. You understand the world better than most people. 
You also have a very active imagination. You often get carried away with your thoughts.
You are prone to a little paranoia and jealousy. You sometimes go overboard in interpreting signals. (SO TRUE!)

You are deeply philosophical and thoughtful. You tend to analyze every aspect of your life.
You are intuitive, brilliant, and quite introverted. (Yeah, I'm introverted at times) You value your time alone. (Yesh! I love my alone time!!)
Often times, you are grumpy with other people. You don't appreciate them trying to interfere in your affairs. (SO TRUE!)

You are very open. You communicate well, and you connect with other people easily.
You are a naturally creative person. Ideas just flow from your mind.
A true chameleon, you are many things at different points in your life. You are very adaptable. 

You are truly an original person. You have amazing ideas, and the power to carry them out.
Success comes rather easily for you... especially in business and academia.
Some people find you to be selfish and a bit overbearing. You're a strong person.

You tend to be pretty tightly wound. It's easy to get you excited... which can be a good or bad thing.
You have a lot of enthusiasm, but it fades rather quickly. You don't stick with any one thing for very long.
You have the drive to accomplish a lot in a short amount of time. Your biggest problem is making sure you finish the projects you start. (I have a gazillion pending projects. D=)

You are fair, honest, and logical. You are a natural leader, and people respect you.
You never give up, and you will succeed... even if it takes you a hundred tries.
You are rational enough to see every part of a problem. You are great at giving other people advice.

You are friendly, charming, and warm. You get along with almost everyone.
You work hard not to rock the boat. Your easy going attitude brings people together.
At times, you can be a little flaky and irresponsible. (Yeah! ) But for the important things, you pull it together. (MOST of the time, sometimes I just go 'heck care laaaar')

You are usually the best at everything ... you strive for perfection.
You are confident, authoritative, and aggressive.
You have the classic "Type A" personality.

This is freakishly accurate, I know I know I shouldn't listen to all these sort of things, but I can't help nodding to a few sentences in this analysis. However there was one really confusing part, so I'm an introvert, but yet I communicate well? Doesn't jell right? 

Just a quick post.
Ciao guys.


[And hold on to your words Cause talk is cheap ]

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Fast Forward..Pause..Rewind

A picture of me 10 years into the future. My future self uploaded it on a website that's only available on the 100th minute of the 100th hour of the 100th day of the year 2010.
(The time line doesn't even add up)

YEAH RIGHT!!!!!!!!

The story was my brother brought back his graduation gown 2 days ago, so he came back quite late around 1 am I think. However it's not everyday that your only brother graduates, so I threw the books aside to watch him put on his graduation gown ( yes at one am in the morning) and ooh-ed and aahhh-ed over it. After that I snuck a quick picture of myself with his mortarboard. So it explains why I'm wearing my childish sleepwear again. X) This is a preview for me..what not to when the mortarboard is officially on my head (hopefully) in ten years time. For starters, I should not have such a fat face, and secondly, I should get more sleep before taking pics for I can see too DEEEEEEP lines on my face.

*sniff* So proud of my bro. *SNIFFFF*

Anyway, today in Malaysian Studies we were learning about elections. Our lecturer decided to have a mini sketch involving 2 guys and a girl, the whole point was the guys were to give 5 promises to the girl in order to win her heart, she has to chose who she wants as her boyfriend after they have each made an attempt to woo her.

Analogies used : 5 promises = Manifestos given by the political party
                             2 guys = Different political parties
                             girl= Voters

Anyway, the whole point of this is not about the election process, (it's boring) the whole point is how the 2nd guy could sweet talk his way through the sketch. He starts of with ' XX, I promise to love you with all my heart.' Awwwwwww! Girls are suckers for sweet talk, this I will admit freely, I bet that every girl in the class probably went 'awww' mentally. No matter how fake it is, we still fall for it, damn our genetic make up for making us susceptible to sweet talk.  He then continues on to promise her alot of materialistic stuff, but who cares, love is what matters. X)

With that, adiós [ especially to all those sweet talkers out there X) ]


Sunday, July 25, 2010

You Know You're Blessed When....

Question question...why did all the Fullhouse pictures suddenly made it's way into my blog again?'s because suddenly I'm really grateful and I feel blessed that my friends are thinking of me all the time. In and out of college, there are people looking out for me all the time. If I have had pictures of my friends in college, I will share them here. However, those pictures will come waaay later. So it's back to digging through the only recent pictures of my secondary school friends, i.e. Fullhouse day. (sad lar that we don't go out)

It's nice to know that when you're not yourself, people will ask you 'what's wrong', and when you are being moody it's nice to know that if you need companionship, all you need to do is ask them and they will drop everything to be with you. Like how today CA and S were asking me if I were ok, actually just asking me that question made me feel ok, you don't have to do anything to cheer me up, you guys just have to be there.


It's funny that just when I was feeling down and stuff, Leona sms-ed me and talks to me about my life recently. It really made my day, for that I would like to say a great big 'Thank You!!!" to her, out of nowhere this sms comes in and that cheered me up to no end. Somewhere out there, it's nice to know that people are thinking of you and worried about you, and generally just caring for you. Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Thank you all for being such great friends.

Thank you for giving me a place to fall back on, a safety net that doesn't break under me.

You guys truly rock!

Written on 22nd July 2010


Friday, July 23, 2010

Bzzz Bzzzz...

I just came back from my 2nd dental appointment with my new dentist, I had some qualms about switching from an old family dentist to this new one, but I guess it is more convenient to go to a clinic nearby rather than somewhere in KL. Added on by the fact they are the best (apparently) clinic in KK. 

So they took an X ray of my teeth today to check if my wisdom tooth was growing in the normal way, if it's horizontal ( which happens like 3% of the time) then extraction is necessary. This is my 1st time getting an X ray. Let me just talk you through what happened. I was told to bite unto this Styrofoam rubber like mouth piece and this heavy vest was strapped onto me by the nurses. Then I was to rest my chin unto the machine whilst grabbing unto the handle bars, then the nurses adjusted it so that the light was aligned with my face at particular position and the laser beam was focused in the center of the mouth piece I was biting on.

Then comes the weird part.



I was going 'wth' in my mind thinking which idiot didn't mute their phone in the clinic and chose such an old fashioned song as their ring tone. Until I realised that electronic annoying dido dido dit of the fur elise song was coming from the X ray machine! I kid you not, as the machine was operating, zapping rays unto my face hereby killing all cells there, it plays FUR ELISE! Imagine two swiveling panels going round and round your face with that annoying music.  Speechless. 

Dido Dido dit!!!!

Anyway the results were my wisdom tooth were in normal position so there is no need for extraction, however there is an undetermined growth found at the bottom row of my teeth. So it's more X rays to monitor the growth to see if it's malignant or benign. More X rays = more electronic Dido dido dits!!!

So signing off here as that's the only thing I wanted to share

Hugs and Kisses


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I'm On My Way to Believing.

Recently I've been out of sorts.. Yeap that's the best way to put it...out of sorts. It's probably cause I'm so accustomed to a particular thing and now that it's not there anymore I sort of gotten a little disorientated and couldn't seem to fall back to my normal routine. However, since right now I've grown to not expect it to happen, so my life is slowly but surely getting back on track again. 

*Pleased grin*

Anyway, dear Malaysians, it's that time again....I don't mean the Mega Sales that's happening nowadays....hey you know what?!!!! When they say sales they actually mean selling you goods with marked up prices then reducing it to its normal price so you will psychologically think that it's cheap and splurge on it probably using reasons like 'sales mar..once a year' and then end up with huge debts you spend the remaining time of your year paying off and even though we all know sales are BS sadly to say I and you and everyone else out there...still FALL FOR IT! Ok, got sidetracked there for awhile, I mean it's THAT TIME AGAIN PEOPLE! 


Can you believe these are actually real fruits now sitting in my house's refrigerator and not something stolen off net??

IMBA pic by me...*sniff* so proud of me

*pats myself on the back*

Anyway, continuing with my thread of thought before I became all random and weird again, it's durian season again! X) I once read somewhere this sentence that's kind of true 'durian season in Asia is about as highly anticipated as a Western kid waiting for Christmas. ' It is highly anticipated, and people love eating durians (with a few exceptions).  Personally I'm just weird, I love eating durians, but I hate anything durian flavoured, but than again it's me, so it's to be expected anyway.

What's there not to like about durians anyway? They have creamy smooth flesh and a distinctive sharp and bitter taste followed by a full bodied flavour just bursting in your mouth. If it's chilled it's even better. What's there not to like?

So here's a little incident I want to share with you guys, one day when my mom and I were on our way home we passed by Carrefour and so happened we were stuck at the traffic light there, with nothing to do my mom did her favourite sport, people watching. She saw this couple who were sitting on the bench outside Carrefour eating durians, and the girl was just..weird. She wanted to eat durians but didn't want her hands to smell of it, so her boyfriend had to feed her the durians, then later on, she produced a plastic bag from dunno where and proceeded to wrap her hands with it so she could hold the durian to eat. If it were me : Eat 1st care later.

Be careful about durians people, they are super high in calories and extremely 'heaty'. So drink plenty of water and eat them in moderation. 

Lastly before signing off...

I WANNA WATCH DESPICABLE ME!!! I WANNA I WANNA *stamps foot like a kid*

-It's so fluffy I'm gonna die-


Monday, July 19, 2010

Random Post About Nothing Actually~

You know something totally weird, when I am in my WIC ( walk in cupboard) and its all quiet and stuff I can hear this high pitched ringing in my ears. So feeling a bit disturbed by that fact I went and google this symptom and hey you know what? It has a name for it : Tinnitus. Cool right? So apparently it's caused by a number of things, and the 1st website I went to was pretty scary but Wikipedia laid all my fears to rest. If you guys are really interested follow the links.

So anyway, I almost died today and went on to achieve Nirvana for my God grants me ultimate heaven and sanctuary if I had perish due to the utter moronic actions of other drivers on the road, to all those people that bully L drivers, may you rot in the 7 levels of fiery hell. ( I don't really mean that but a girl has to let of some steam right? )

Basically, today I was not in the right frame of mind to drive and I had been shocked once by my instructor who told me that I was taking my QTI driving test the moment I entered the car ( nice heads up eh? ) . So I guessed that the 1st incident was partly my fault. I had turned into a busy industrial road ( for people who live around Shah Alam, it's Jalan Bukit Kemuning I am talking about, the one where all the 20 feet lorries run rampant) while on my way to the institution, so here I was happily cruising along in my little Kancil and minding my own business when suddenly this FREAKING RED WAJA WITH NO NUMBER PLATES cut in FRONT of me when he turned out from one of the exits along the road. So imagine this noob driver cruising along the road at a steady 60 mph then suddenly you pull out right in front of said noob driver, what will be their 1st NATURAL response?


So I panicked and hit the brakes hard and failed to notice LOOMING up behind me like how Bruce did to poor Nemo and Dory in Finding Nemo was this HUGE lorry, I mean huge as in you're a bacteria and I'm the sun kind of huge, even my instructor panicked at that moment and screamed at me to ' MOI YAI BRAKE !!!!!! ( release the brake) ' repeatedly. After that scare I was not allowed to drive above 40 mph anymore and it followed with many repeated naggings on how I don't press the brake properly and how I fail to see the situation and hence forth.

Then after that it was the QTI test, I really am unlucky to have my QTI during 5.00pm but I was really lucky to have passed to QTI (BARELY!). I shall not rant about what happened during QTI as I need energy to diss one stupid van that nearly crashed into me when I was driving home. When I am turning on the roundabout I don't appreciate vehicles coming from the right side of me squeezing me into the kerb and proceed to slither its way through the gap left between me and front vehicle then have it's passengers all LOOK SCATHINGLY at me while they speed away leaving me behind. My instructor was going " look at this people driving nowadays.." and I was happy because he's technically supporting me and implying that it wasn't my fault until the rest of the sentence came out of his mouth " THAT'S WHY I say you lar girl, never see the road properly before you turn , how come everytime uncle say already arh, you never listen ........*more nagging* *Even more nagging* "

FORK driving! May all road bullies rot in the fiery pits of hell in big oil vats!

Other than that , for the rest of the events happening in my life I just have to say one thing, I have no bloody energy to deal with it, so I am going to adopt my favourite means of solving the problem : ignoring it until it goes away. X)

Love from the bottom of my heart and may all road bullies rot


Sunday, July 18, 2010

Loving It

So as you all know I've volunteered to help out in the IV that my college was hosting. Hoo boy, these 2 days were certainly tiring BUT it was so worth it as you get to have such a great time and meet so many wonderful people. *hearts*

During the 1st day we were kinda unsure on what we were supposed to do, but I do have a little inclination of what our delegated jobs were going to be like as I've seen it being performed during my high school days when I was kinda sorta maybe active in a number of debates, however I was not prepared to experience the quality that these debaters brought into the competition. Bear in mind that we are talking about people who are around my age or maybe slightly older than I am, and the impromptu speeches that they could produce were just phenomenal...P.H.E.N.O.M.E.N.A.L.! I'm guessing that they have been debaters for quite awhile. Another thing was I learnt was that the debate world is so small, that everyone knows each other, so going for competitions is like a big reunion for most of them. Amazing no? 

So for the 1st day it was actually really tiring as we had to sit through 4 preliminary rounds of debate, each speech is 7 minutes long, plus an additional reply speech which is 4 minutes long, if we don't take into account of those that exceed the time limit, one debate is about [(7*3)+4)]*2=50 minutes long, so it's one day it's about 50*4 = 200. 200 MINUTES of listening to people talk. Wait! I can almost hear the questions in your head, ' CHEH, listen only wert, not like you debating, what's so tiring about that?'. Well, I guess you just have to experience it to understand just how taxing it is. Our jobs were between either being the chairperson or the timekeeper of the debate and the runner for the team designated to us. Essentially we have to show the teams where is their debating room, quarantine room, Lecture Theater, make sure they are fed and so on. My team was actually a composite team and they were so cute, they made a song for me X). So cute. Unluckily they didn't break (meaning making it pass the prelims and into the finals), but they were good. Thus, by the end of the 1st day I was SO thankful that the chief adjudicator for the last round was my Bio Lecturer so I need not stay and take the results for tabulation (cause he did it for me) and could directly go home. SO EXHAUSTED!

2nd day was slightly better as it was not jam-packed with matches. I was chosen to be the chairperson for the finals so Day 2 was pretty much relaxing for me as I was kinda exempted from the Quarter and Semi. I was so proud and thankful to be given the opportunity to chair the finals as it was a really interesting and heated debate between 2 powerhouses of debate in Msia (apparently)  with the motion '*THBT Malaysia should legalise abortion. I am also extremely humbled in the presence of so many great debaters, I now sort of vow to really brush up on my vocabulary and GK as to not appear dumb and bimbo like anymore. X)

Chairing with the wonderful Stephanie as timekeeper


* This House Believes That also another abbreviation goes like this THW meaning This House Would*

In case anyone was wondering, we had an Asian Parliamentary Style of debate, in this style of debating the 2 opposing teams are known as 

1. Government side
2. Opposition side

each side contains 3 members. The order of speaking and roles inside the teams are as follows

1. Prime Minister
2. Leader of the opposition
3. Deputy Prime Minister
4. Deputy Leader of the Opposition
5. Government Whip
6. Opposition whip
7. Opposition Reply
8. Government Reply

So there you have it APS debate. Also the interesting element of this debate is the POIs or known as Points of Information, which are given out while you're making the speech so it's more like a question to interrupt other people's speeches, but normally these POIs are all attacking the cases or the speech made by well, whoever is speaking at that point, similar to Chinese debate's 自由辩 because it's all one liners, (free debate) but less intense. 

Lastly, during the closing ceremony we were all called onto the stage to be given a round of applause, nice to feel appreciated at times. X)

At the end of the day I feel as though this is weekend well spent, I met GREAT people, made wonderful new friends and laughed so much that I swear tears start streaming down my face, if given a chance I would do it all over again.

Hugs and Kisses 


Thursday, July 15, 2010

Moments of Insanity + Randomness

People say I look horrible wearing my glasses..

I tend to agree with them..........

Ok enough with those horrible pics..I happen to think when I'm serious my glasses make me look intellectual and well read.

Anyway, moving on...

I have the most wonderful brother in the world. This picture is of him hard at work building a computer for my sister. Remember last post when I said we were at Law Yat? He was actually buying computer components to build this com.

My brother is wonderful. X) (He's the one in brown over there..nyek nyek nyek)

Siblings are wonderful, it has taken me 18 years to learn this lesson. For all you people out there, don't take too long to realise this fact. Where else can you get away with manipulating people to do stuff for you? Just kidding, seriously, siblings are wonderful. 

I am serious.

Dead serious.

I've always been serious.

So there is not much time now to another major exam in college, I feel like some Pan Mee dough now going through the rollers before they are thrown into boiling hot soup. You know, when they turn all paper thin and transparent and stuff, then meeting their inevitable doom in terms of hot water. Well, I am the pan mee dough being stretch to its limits, and the hot water is my exams. X)

Not only that, I am waiting to see if I made it through auditions for acoustic night along with my classmate, we are now in the process of choosing a second song to prepare for any eventuality that we just MIGHT get chosen. Though I feel like going for Acoustic night, it's just that singing solo has never been my forte.

Aside from that, I volunteered to help out TUCDC ( Taylor's University College's Debate Club) with their IV this weekend. Now for the 1st time I get to be the person behind the scenes instead of the nervous one sitting there and wincing everytime the chairperson butchers my name when she/he pronounces it. So I hope that I don't screw up and neither do I mispronounce someone's name..X)

Either that all these above, my life is pretty much the same.

Update done and off to kill more brain cells,


Tuesday, July 13, 2010


There was a drug awareness campaign in college today. In the morning I still did not know that there was going to be this campaign, and I overhead this conversation between 2 security guards of the college.

Guard 1 : Apa kereta itu buat situ? ( What is that car doing over there)

Guard 2 : Itu..hantar dadah punya. (That car is here sending drugs over)

I was literally anyone who was insouciantly passing by..that phrase could have been misinterpreted in hundreds of ways...and none of them in a good way.

There was more interesting convos that I've overheard and this one is between the speaker and one student of our college.

Student 1 : ( pointing to a plastic case containing heroin inside) "Yang ini benar ke?' (Is this real?)

Speaker : Ini dadah semua benar. (All the drugs here are real)

Student 1 : Boleh cuba ah? (Can try ah?)

Highly amusing X)

Anyway, don't take drugs. Love thyself and love life.

[The blood cells pixelate and the eyes dilate Kiss away all these thrills and kills On the mouths of all my friends]

Anyway, below here is some of my emofied ramblings...just ignore it if it annoys you.

Just so tired recently, so tired and oh so sorry, for all the wrongs that I have done. 

I never wanted to build my happiness on someone else's sorrow. Never.

I so sorry.


I'm not letting go either.


Sunday, July 11, 2010

We Live to Eat

So this is a post about JOGOYA again. I can introduce you all to another Jogoya crazy person and that is my babe Leona (Hugs and Kisses babe!). The reason why we are so crazy about this restaurant is because they serve a range of high quality food for a price that is reasonable considering the set up of the place, the location, and even the spread of food they offer. There is Japanese, Asian and Western cuisine offered in Jogoya and it's all of top notch quality. The Japanese spread alone is enough to fill you up. Walking around the restaurant you can get to sample various food in different cooking styles which are sectioned off into areas named 'steam' 'roast' and just to name a few. However the main attraction there (to me) still has to be the Japanese spread and the desserts. All you have to do is go there with an empty stomach cause for the price of RM70++ you get to enjoy an ALL YOU CAN EAT buffet! Imagine a free flow of various sushi, drinks, Japanese cuisine, Western cuisine, Asian cuisine. It's really worth it!

Taking my customary picture before leaving X)

While I was in the jam I had nothing to do so I decided to admire my beautiful ring..It was all thanks to Babymonkey that I can get it X)

While we were passing by Pudu which is also another red light district, we saw this signboard and immediately came to a really perverted connection.

You guys can figure it out yourselves X)

The funny thing about Starhill is that they don't label floors in the gallery with numbers, they use words.

Since the last time we registered to be a VIP member they have given us a booklet of gift coupons to use. 

While we were paying at the counter besides us was a Chinese man who I presume has to be a tourist for when the receptionist stated the price of his meal which was a whopping RM 825, he pulled out a STACK of RM50 notes and started to count right in front of the lady, his friend or relative also pulled out a WAD of RM50 notes when asked if he had any note smaller that a 50.

VIP tickets! In Jogoya itself, if you're a VIP member you can get to eat some special dishes specially prepared for members, and all you need to do is put this ticket into the bowl provided for you at the venue of order.

This clips are use for ordering food you have to drop this clip into a bowl in front of the counter where you order food and the staff will cook it and send it to your table.

This area inside the cage like structure is a dining area if you have a big number of guests dining together, they also provide rooms for those who want more privacy. Sort of like dining rooms.

Like I said it was sectioned off into many parts so this is the 'Steam' section where they serve a variety of steamed food such as Dim Sum, Pao and etc.

Japanese Spread.

This is the one half of it, the staff are enclosed in a N like structure preparing the food inside while the cuisine are placed on plates outside. 

I could only snap this part as the other side of it has a sign proclaiming that there is no photography allowed.

Just imagine. 


So it literally means free flow of SUSHI!

Escargot Satay!

My sister has a chronic fear of snails, but everytime when she goes to Jogoya she will want to eat Escargot and she does agree that it's nice, but after one bite it will hit her that she's eating snails and her fear will kick in, so she passes it on to any member of the family and this time I'm the lucky chosen one.



From the Asian cuisine side, this is egg with sharkfin and prawns.

So sinful but oh so yummy.

This is a Japanese cuisine. 

You have to put the special soup they have into the bowl and come back to your own table where they are mini gas cookers for you to cook your soup.

In this particular dish the soup is like some sweet soy sauce and when it's done cooking, mix the egg evenly and dip the hot beef into the raw egg and eat it.

I don't know if I did it wrong but all I did was make the beef smoother.

Didn't help with the taste at all.

VIP dish number one!

Lobster with onion and garlic.

This was a extreme let down, for those of you who want to try it don't waste your coupons.

The meat was scarce and overcooked, not to mention the egg they cook with the special onion and garlic sauce was interesting but not in a good way.

While you're at it, don't try the lamb shank either.

VIP dish number 2!

Lobster again but done in what style I don't know.

This one is WORTH the 3 coupons you have to exchange!

This time the lobster meat is tender and juicy and the outer part of it which is the roe is cooked in a salty and sweet sauce complimenting the succulent meat inside.


Also a never ending supply of coconuts to drink.

The one at the bottom is much nicer, more fragrant.

For beverages you can chose to drink the fruit juice that they have or they complimentary alcoholic they provide. If all those don't strike your fancy then you can brew individual pots of tea or even have coffee from their coffee machine which brews a variety of drinks from Espressos to Lattes.

Below here are some of the desserts we sampled.

The two types of bread pudding offered there.

I love bread pudding!

The top one is rum and raisin bread pudding while the bottom is just normal bread pudding.

For the rum and raisin there wasn't any rum taste and the bread is slightly tougher than the normal bread pudding which in comparism has a slightly spongy texture.

But they were both yummy.

Free flow of Haagen-Dazs

This is what I took from the Haagen-Dazs ice cream.

Caramel with biscuit.

It so smooth and yummy and though it's caramel it's not overly sweet so that it's sickening.

And the new ice cream they had.

New Zealand Natural's Butterscotch with Walnuts.

Actually it's pretty ok, but compared to HD it's just..flat.

The ice cream is slightly rougher if compared to the smooth consistency of the HD ice cream.

They even have chocolate fondue fountain. and that's only PART of what their dessert sections offers. They have cakes, puddings, jellies, cookies and so much more yummy stuff!

Meringues, 2 Types of Mochi, Chocolate Pear Tart and Fondue.

The meringues was described by my sister as bigger versions of iced gems (those biscuits with coloured icing on top that I loved as a child) but when I tried it I didn't really like it. Meringues are made out of egg white and sugar so it's soft and light, but when I bit into it, the feeling I get is like biting into edible Styrofoam if Styrofoam were edible. 

I skipped the Mochi but let me tell you don't try all of them. Only the chocolate flavoured ones are worth using your limited stomach capacity for.

Chocolate Pear Tart looked nice and chocolatety, but I didn't try it. 

Fondue- 2 THUMBS UP!


My absolute favourite!! This Tiramisu is soft and light and the cream is rich without being overly sickening. A wonderful dessert!

On the right, Coconut Pudding.

It's actually not bad and methinks it's real coconut water made into jelly.



After stuffing our faces full of good food, we had to proceed to Low Yat Plaza as my brother was going to search for computer components to build my sister a brand new CPU, however as my mom knew that I have zero interest in this IT thingy and my sister won't be much help to my brother anyway, she suggested taking us girls to Pavillion.

The street that sucks your money out of your pocket!


(Street of Branded Goods)

While I was there, I finally came across a brand of perfume that I have always wanted to try out. 


I had originally read about this perfume in CLEO magazine and I was really interested in it, the founder of this perfume is  Romano Ricci. Romano Ricci is none other than the grandson of NINA RICCI!  He's considered to be quite the trendsetter and at a young age of 28 he's well known for his style of sharp well dressed classic young man and a fedora. His  love for Shakespeare has lead him to create this fragrance, and there is 5 scents, Calamity J, Citizen Queen, Lady Vengeance, Midnight Oud and Miss Charming.

Romano Ricci..

He's HAWT!

So while I was at the perfume counter I tried one of his scents in the Juliette Has a Gun range and I absolutely LOVE IT! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE thousand HEARTS LOVE it!

It's none other than Miss Charming. 

I think I even love it over Anna Sui's 'Live Your Dream'

Though it was a close fight.

Can it please fall out from the sky??

Another lovely day has ended..