Thursday, April 29, 2010

Just Whatever~

So tomorrow's actually the day for the musical theater performance..and I was supposed to be part of the backstage crew doing the props...but unfortunately for me I couldn't make the 1st 2 rehearsal's so by the time I actually hauled my ass there..they had already delegated all the jobs and I'm left with yeah...I actually already bought the ticket and looks like I'm not being able to not being able to be involved in it..

To top that off....Everyone's gonna see Iron Man 2..which is THE MOST anticipated movie of the year..and I can't go...because I don't want to lie to parents about being in college then sneaking out to watch the movie..admittedly last time I used to do that when I was in HH (esp for Transformers 2 where I even sneaked out of my band's concert rehearsal...lolz..chairperson abusing her power XD)..but all those times I felt really uncomfortable when I was hanging out with my friends..cause I have a conscience that's probably the size of the earth itself....and I know that I'm doing something wrong..must be why I hesitated sooo long while giving my answer to my classmate...cause inside my head the questions were running like...'should I? should I not? should I and etc...'

On top of THAT....S3ST's having this class party and they invited me...and I thought that now I can merrily join in the fun as I have no musical theater...but I WAS WRONG!! turns out my dad was in this crappy he forbade me to go saying that I should focus on the present and not keep thinking about the past..and HH is exactly the past I should let go off...Just whatever lar dad....Just whatever....

Crap lar today....just crap lar...and some more the lecturers are giving test here and there cause sem exams are coming and the FREAKING moral finals are on the 11th then Msian Studies is beginning on the's just crap lar...



Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Snip Snip...Slice Slice~~

Today in Bio we did our 1st dissection experiment.....though I did do one before during secondary school..this time it was much more extreme...because my group's goat's heart...(try saying that 10 ten times fast) has it's lungs and what not still attached to it...which makes up to this big lump of bloody icky my group had to hack our way to the heart...since I was kinda worried about my WHITE lab coat..I held the heart really really gingerly..but all my care was wasted when one of my classmates turned on the tap full blast and splashed water all over me...water with flecks of goat's blood I might add...><...

Then there was the question of identifying the parts of the heart...I failed during Junior 3...and again this time..all those animals are waiting for me in animal hell....but I did see valves..and erm..pulmonary artery? I'm a bad bad person...><...the poor animals...I shall work harder next time at identifying..I got no trouble in the slicing up department..hahahaha

Talk to the hand..hahaha

Spastic face!!

Trying to get all the unwanted parts out

Me& Wei Wen & Yew Fung

MR B!!! though he was actually disgusted he came over to watch us mutilate the heart

Douglas & Me & Mr B & Yew Fung~

So today we had a presentation on animal abuse..this topic really brings back memories..especially the part I was presenting..which was on circus animal abuse...I remember that time we were debating on home ground ( In HHHS lar) and I was the whip for my team.. the opponents (from XXX school..can't really remember) brought this supporter/fan club to the auditorium while on our side was the english club members who didn't know who in the world we on one side of the was full of cheering and clapping...punctuated with cries of "Go Jos****(the 2nd speaker)!!!" and on our side it was like "*insert sounds of cricket chirping*" was kinda demoralizing then especially watching the 2nd speaker have his bunch of adoring fans hanging on his every word..sickening..I can still remember the pompous way his opening statement for his speech sounded..and the high affected voice he used and the accent he had felt really really satisfying to rebutt his points that time... and oh ho ho ho ho..we won that round in the end...and the funniest part of JOS***'s more zealous fans asked a question about how using animal as cartoons not a form of abuse...her exact words were..and I quote "so Nemo's a fish?"...good times good times..needless to say the presentation today was a breeze..except for the part in which I stumbled over a few words due to stage fright..gotta get that cured!

Snip Snip Slice Slice..


Monday, April 26, 2010



就是有种感觉..好像自己已经被耍了...当初...还能当做没一回事...今天..就感到...很极度的....不爽...如果要用一句代表我现在这种Pekcek的心情...那么就恕我粗俗..抛下女人的形象...直话直说.....那句话就是...'他妈的.....' '他妈的他妈的他妈的他妈的他妈的...!!!!!!!!!!!' 

俺现在很火滚哪!!!!!!!! 俺很想杀人!!! 

也许..是自己疑心过度重吧? 哪里知道....


Right...that's that then!

Just let it be

Anyway... we were at Snowflakes today during our lesser half of the 2 hour break...and there was this guy sitting at the table next to us...for those of you who've just got out of prison or had been living in a cave (gotta love Glee for this quote) and who don't know what Snowflakes's actually a small eatery selling shaved ice desserts and the concept of the shaved ice is like..having ice with grass jelly flavour...soya bean flavour..literally it's grass jelly made into ice...or soya bean for the's not about the food they have the limited seating capacity of snowflakes makes it hard to navigate around the tables especially if you're having a big group and your table is like against the wall..thus today so happened that it was crowded and we were squashed against the wall..when it came to leaving..Chennie left 1st..and bumped into the guy behind her and apologised..and then as I was leaving..I brushed against him by I apologised also...then as we were leaving S heard him say 'sorry sorry sorry for what..just watch where you are going lar...' (or something to that effect)

Even though I can't stop people from saying what they want to say at times...but this irritated feeling does not go's like....So yeah I bumped into you really need to be such a 'bitch' about it? Normally I would have retaliated..but this time I just let it be and let him talk whatever crap he least then it'll be less stress to myself...

Seeing things in different lights...


Sunday, April 25, 2010


I need to talk to somebody...

But where is everybody?

Why Do I Even Have A Blog Anyway~

I can still remember during senior class teacher led a discussion about the internet following the recent case of someone undergoing an identitiy theft after posting personal information online in a website/chatroom (can't really remember which)..the point is...she said something which I think it's really meaningful right up until now...'写blog就是决定要把自己某部分的隐私公开给别人看'..which is really really true..

Now that I think of it...why am I so embarrassed when people read my blog? After all it's already public...and no one is forcing me to write about my daily lives and the people in since I've already chosen to give up my rights to privacy..I guess it should not really bother me that people can read my blog anytime right? and the fact is the when I write about other people..I'm also in a way giving up THEIR rights for privacy aren't I?

So which brings me to the question...Why do I even want to have a blog anyway?

I need it because...

When there's no one to listen to me..I can sign in here and write about what I feel

It doesn't judge me even if I'm in the wrong

and most importantly...

I can be perfectly random here...and it doesn't get pissed off

So I guess that's why I really wanted a blog in a 1st place..cause I wanted somewhere to rant when I'm upset....act hyper when I'm happy and etc....more importantly maybe I just need myself to read what I'm going through so I can really understand how I am supposed to tackle the problem...I guess...

*this has been said so many times that I'm not sure if it matters!!*

Gosh FOB really rocks..*heart* that song..

What I can't put into words..can be translated into writing...and this is the perfect outlet for whatever emo-ness that is running through me..=)

Thank god for the invention of blogs...



Bats in the Belfry








Saturday, April 24, 2010

525,000 moments so dear

Today was a Mom and daughter outing for me...

Since the chinese doctor I was supposed to go to was too busy, so my Mom has decided to change plans and take me go gallivanting in Subang Parade...(she claims she needs to use up vouchers)...For the sake of shopping nothing will hurt my back! So off we two went, merrily spending Dad's hard earned money..oh ho ho

Unfortunately the camera died during our trip to Petaling Street..if not there'll be pics here to show you guys...

So we did spend an enjoyable afternoon in Parade right about until the time when I stepped into Carrefour....

The most irritating thing was....the has changed into this mayhem! I couldn't even get my seemed that every time I turned a corner this whole avalanche of god knows what will be directly in my field of vision, it's like trying to maneuver through a maze of perishable goods....It was impossible to scout out for stuff to get for the class party...Furthermore, it didn't help that the weekend shopping throng were in there also getting their groceries done, so it was utter chaos everywhere with trolleys at every aisle...and screaming kids every corner, asking their parents to buy them god knows wat!..........Then the was the question of the would think they bloody own the place with the attitude they treat their wrong info, labeling the wrong goods, adopting a 'better than you' face when they serve you etc... all these things combined was pushing my tolerance level to the max...oh well....I hope that once they've really settled in with the new management, things will be better...

Other that that nothing really happened today.....Hnmm...*racking brains for something*

Oh yeah! Just heard from Fat Goat that the one and only MTFK was spreading rumours about Leona and FG being bitches or something akin to that...I think the only possible solution for this stupid problem is to trash it out with her...One day they all should grab hold of her and give her this talking to...maybe along the lines of..."eh mtfk..we 井水不犯河水~" or something more drastic than that....Cause anyhow, this problem has been going on long enough, and I don't know about FG and co but I'm really really tired of listening to this problem...and sometimes I feel that....this type of friendship is just pointless..there's nothing left to save...nothing left to cherish..gosh even typing this problem out makes me think it's waste of time..shows how much people change throughout the years and it shows how flimsy our friendship really was...Come to think of it..I guess that truthfully I am really really thankful she was my least she motivated me to be better all the time..cause I hated to lose to least that could be THE only redeeming factor of our friendship...

Ok then! Enough with the doom and gloom~Don't feel like wasting space talking about this stupid old problem...冷饭重炒....

So recently I have been receiving really shocking news throughout the's all epic news....and it's all...not really good news...and sometimes...I feel like helping them..but all I can do is just listen to them....which really sucks..but then again...Im always worried that whatever I tell people might backfire and I'll the cause of their problems getting is a series of contradicting events....maybe I'll just stick to my listening role..that way it's safer...><

Emo post pulak!

Oh well...



P/S : LMAO! I just found my old blog...( eh! TING!! you go read lar..I was so damn entertaining last time weh!! Some more I'm so emo..those were the days man~

Friday, April 23, 2010

Red Hawt and Tempting~

Today after I came back from my grueling 20 min session in the gym..I walked up my see..a PORSCHE BOXSTER! parked right there! under the porch lights! woooot~

It belonged to my dad's hifi 'kaki' and ok even though some  people will say that it's not a nice car yada yada..but still! under those looks amazing..hahah..must be my marvelous house lights..

Anyway being me..I ran in to take the camera I could take pics!! and here they are

Me despite being sweaty and sticky~

Right aside from that...the only reason why my 20 minute workout was so grueling was the fact that I had aggravated my back during my latest badminton outing with friends...I mean it did kinda hurt a little before I went..but that overhead shot I did threw it...So everytime my left foot landed on the treadmill..this jolting pain runs up my back..Mom's taking me to see the chinese doctor tomorrow...sigh..more lecturing again on the way...><



Thursday, April 22, 2010

Doggone tired~

Finally after many many weeks of hiatus.. today was the 1st day I went for my ECA..which is  the badminton club..=)

So my classmates and I merrily headed off to jaya square to play badminton =) We taylorians get to play for free =) NICE~

For me, I haven't even touched badminton since I've quit the school team in like year 2007, other than simple stroking in PE classes, I never really played badminton, so holding my racket I felt as though it was kinda unfamiliar in a familiar sort of way! (weird I know)Fortunately I didn't make a fool out of myself and actually enjoyed playing...cept for the fact my back is killing me..I so need a chiropractor~!

No questions as to where this pic came from, it was taken by the lovely Ms. Chennie..who has even taken a video of us playing...><

I think I'm gonna feel the ache in muscles the next day..haha..but all's good for badminton!

Can't wait to go again

Side topic : Congrats to those that made it into the E-challenge finals! You guys ROCK!

Monday, April 19, 2010

And we're back! was the 1st day back to classes after the 10 day break and as usual no one was functioning well at all...=)
The hols actually broke us all as most of us spent our days lazing and slacking and watching life pass by in a series of uninspiring events .....
Brush the cobwebs off our dusty brains!! To face the sem exams during June!!



Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Ending and Once Upon A Time~

For me my 10 days of freedom is slowly grinding to a halt...

*BABY!! I never seen someone with your body* 

Lolz..couldn't resist..It's blaring out of my speakers right now~


Before I knew it the hols have come to an end..oh's true that all good things must come to an end =)

I supposed that Im sort of recharged and ready to face the new semester and our semester exams..but somehow this big fear is clamping unto me....if I fail A levels....I seriously won't have anything left for my future...scary thought...><

Oh I had a pretty normal day..went back to HH to take sis's report card..and met up with YX..had a fun time talking about all sorts of things...=) She and her Muffin is really too cute for words..kudos to the CC...

Anyway..Ting and I just had this BIATCH fest about a certain someone...Sometimes I find that this is getting a bit old..for god's sake just give up already..gosh stop trying to one up the ones who are already better than you..if you cannot meet the standards of us just stop trying...Can't you just get it? We are not. I repeat NOT. friends anymore..gosh..! It's not like I am trying to be mean or's just many chances..and so many mistakes later..if we were ever to settle this huge gaping mistake..there would actually be nothing to salvage out of out friendship anymore you know? It has already come to this point of no go back to the beginning would bring us more why don't we just go our respective ways? Furthermore you guys are facing SUEC this why spend time trying to fight this losing battle? Even if you do win and we are all friends'll just be a pyrrhic please don't bother...let it be that..I've known you once upon a time..and you knew me...once upon a time...and during that time..we were really good friends..Have you ever heard of fixing broken glass and having it be whole again?...I guess it's true that when they say..sometimes you just fall out of being friends with a be it then..=)

Hmm..I guess this is all that happened today...Well...we'll see if anything major happens later..=)


Ok..this is a blast from the past...Green Forest My Home! It's been so long since I've watched that drama..I remember it was one of the few Taiwanese dramas that were really good...with nice plotlines and music..but the main character Sophie was a bit whiny at times =) I remembered that my mom rented this amazing show really really close to my finals trials..(bi ye kao) and I love the show soo much..that I even watched it in secret (i.e when no one was around)...All those times in the afternoon I spent whole up with the DVD player..and silently sniffing cause it was touching at some places.....sigh..good times good times....

*heart* OWEN!



Friday, April 16, 2010

Dens Sapientiae.

Today.......I just discovered this....

I think I'm growing an additional tooth!!!

Ok I can feel this tiny bump way back on my upper behind the back molars...

When I freaked out to my mom..all she said was..'so? It could be Wisdom tooth mar~"

MOM!!! Do you even know what you are saying to your daughter?? (who by the way had only turned 18 for like 4 months and cannot handle this development of having wisdom tooth)...HOW CAN YOU BE SO CALM?!

I could be those rare cases that have wisdom tooth coming out like....horizontally!!! Then I'll to surgically remove it!! Even though it only occurs 3% of the time..but still!! there might be a possibility of it happening~If it is so...(growing horizontally) it'll be growing towards the roots of my MOLAR!!.... People can have like NERVE INJURY in the extraction of wisdom teeth!!

*takes DEEEEEEP breathes*

Ok..I should stop freaking out now...Ok..think of it rationally...So far it's early stages and I won't let it affect my daily routine..I'll just go for a check up when the tooth gets bigger..and though I won't say..a rough self examination reveals that I may have 3 growing....oh gosh!!!!!!!!3!!!!!!!!!


Time now it 8.59PM I just saw this on my FB

Omigosh..the set design people are amazing!!!!!!

Felt really bad that I couldn't be there today to help out..oh well....><

Still going crazy..


Thursday, April 15, 2010

Nine In The Afternoon

Don't ask about the title it's just that this song is blasting out of my headphones right now....*cause it's nine in the afternoon...your eyes are the size of the moooon*
Anyway, am currently sitting in Taylors Main Campus library at 7.10am in the morning BLOGGING! and feeling horribly aware of those people passing behind me looking at this weirdo that's hogging up the computers so early in the morning..*glaces around* "Hmm..still many empty seats..write a little while longer"
How was I supposed to know they are all coming at 12 noon?? many hours SO LITTLE to do before then...sigh...should I maybe develop a new cure for the common cold? or maybe try to bungee jump from the D floor of Taylors...It's like watching life being wasted!! I should've just screw it all and slept till 10 or something..
So what's there to do sooo early in the morning? I could you know start studying Physics as we are having an exam next week..or maybe even crack open Bio to catch up on all those things that I've naffed throught during the 1st few months..or maybe I could just finish up on the Maths homework that's been bugging me recently...but if I did all that..I'm not JEAN!

There is an alternative however...that Stephen King novel is calling out my name.."jean jean~ read me read me"~ to which I'm answering "Not before I got my cuppa caffeine you 593 page of hardback horror~" ><>

SEE THE SHORTFORM!!!subliminal messaging man~

Okay it's now like 6.39pm and I'm in my nice little cosy study room blogging again...ok it's not's just FREAKING HOT!! but I'm so not motivated to climb all the way up to change into shorts yet..wait till I nearly pass out from the heat 1st.. Spent the whoooole day at college again....and as usual we were working on those props for the's what they did yesterday~~

They drowned little durian skins into Dettol solution....kesian~

So anyway..we were there again and we worked on more stuff..and we kinda went a little crazy..If the pics are up I shall post them here so you guys can see how random we all are...=)

Anyway..looking forward to the show! Hope our props turn out okay~

Too tired to blog..



And here we go again~

Am currently looking at the Msn Screen..and looking at Mr T's name on my contact list..
Sometimes I wonder if Fat Goat is being overly optimistic? She seems to think that it's all working out well..but I seem to be less inclined to follow in her way of thinking...It's just that I don't seem to think that life will hand over everything you want in this big sliver platter..ripe for the picking...and same goes to this..I just don't think it's possible..
So yes I know there has been some positive signs but I still don't think it's really what I am hoping it to be...
Is this the curse of Singles Day or something??! I also don't even know what made me opened up my blog to type this post...Why am I even Sooooooo obsessed about this anyway?
I guess I shall chant my mantra over and over again to combat this kind of thinkings
>< "If it happens it happens..If it happens it happens...if it doesn't then too bad..if it doesn't then too bad" Sometimes I need Fat Goat to be online more often...haha..but she'll kill me if she sees her name being mentioned everywhere...oh where oh where is my lil' Fat Goat...? She'll drag me out of this stupid mood in no time..but since she's not here I'll just scour Facebook for pictures of her to put in my blog then....=)

Haha Sports Day rocks

My besties!

Fat Goat and Mee...=)

One day I'll steal that tie also...><

Hmm okay back to my problem at hand..
If I could understand the workings of a guy's mind I would probably make millions..I mean how does anyone even know whether or not they are just being nice just for the sake of being nice (应酬) or are they genuinely nice to you just because you're you??
How do you even know they are interested?
Oh gosh..even physics is easier to understand than those with the XY chromosomes..
Am resolving to going back to my life before the existence of Mr T. That way things will be much easier and I will not be in such a state of mind...

See ya Mr.T


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Happy Singles Day~

Today I went back to HH again to fetch my sis..then my mom told me to help her pay my sis's school fees..
As I was walking into the school I saw this bunch of people milling about the open space in front of the school with the blue backdrop normally used for taking head shots in school...and as I approached heart was all my secondary school friends>

I mean admittedly Ting did tell me about it yesterday but it completely slipped my mind…seeing them all fussing about the pictures…it was like a slap to my face…and to top it off…my old classmates walked by holding the results of their dissection of frogs..THE MOST highly anticipated experiment of the school year…
To sum it up I guess I feel pretty horrible right now...all those things that I'm missing in school just makes my holidays a little least in college there's plenty of distractions and wonderful people but during the holidays it's just me and the computer..sometimes this emoness just creeps up especially after viewing school life through the eyes of all my friends...ah some lose some...there are some things in life that you'll have to just let go of to gain new experiences I guess..
I just hope they remember to give me a copy of the yearbook..Haha

Anyway..enough with the doom and is SINGLES DAY~~ in the world unite!! (heard this from One.FM the news about singles day I mean)
Hmm..nothing I can say about this day except that I'm really really putting faith in Fat Goat and hoping that whatever she says come true..=)


Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Today I went back to college to help out with set design for musical theater...did the lockers and stuff..halfway through I left with Michelle from CPU to go Carrefour on our mission to collect the shells of durians for one of the musical THAT was the most interesting experience ever!

We were walking around Carrefour with our empty boxes asking the personnel if we could have the durian skins! The guy selling the durians gave us a weird look...understandable as people usually want the fruit not the in the end we had to walked all the way to the DUMPSTER! behind Carrefour to get the skins..there the cleaner helped us to get the skins..(thx!!)...and all this have to  be completed before it rained..harrowing but fun experience..haha....My heartfelt thanks to the cleaner who jumped into the dumpster to get the durian skins for us...and so sorry to all CPU lecturers for the smell of the durian clogging up D27...but we all sacrifice for the sake of art~~

Now set design is actually building props for musical numbers and performance that the college is going to host during 30th of April and the 1st of May...and it's really fun and you get to meet loads and loads of fun people...

Here are some pics I stole again from Facebook..><

This was taken during the 1st few meetings of set you all can see Im again my usual weird and hyper self which will explain the weird pics...oh well

Anyway..this isn't what Im in lurve with..I AM in LURVE with what Chen Ai brought to college today...which is spray on hair colour!!!! I know these things existed but I never got to experience just how GREAT these things are!! Now I can say anyone wants to go PURPLE PINK BLUE GREEN with me????!!! It just washes off in contact with water...nice nice~ (as soon as the pics are uploaded I will of course steal them and place it in my lovely blog =) )

Those were the few pics me and Chen Ai took during the short break in designing props..lolz I must say the colour didn't stand out in the lights..but I still have a kick from spraying my hair..and the colour rocks!! IN LURVE!!

Also, I've been thinking of investing my money in a company called Monavie which markets a health drink made out of Acai berry ( A-sigh-ee berry). It's an anti-oxidant fruit that will improve your health which is essentially what people want nowadays...Monavie is a relatively new company which is having it's launch in Malaysia soon and it's listed under Ernts and Young which does boost it's credibility and it's using MLM to promote it's products..which brings me to the biggest factor restraining me from joining which is the binary factor of the whole project...and the other being the time and effort I need to spend on this job...oh well..more thinking and discussions required...

Life update done!


Monday, April 12, 2010

Blowing Away the Dust in My Life

It's been so long since I've typed anything here..and I guess I'm a little guilty for not posting up any updates...everytime when I try to upload photos of my life the upload always fails!!! So I'm taking the advice of my wise friend who told me...'aiya no need photos lar!! for you just words enough' =) (but how can photos!!)

So here's my post after many months of hiatus

As you can see this is me now...nothing changed much except my hair colour is probably one or two shades lighter than the original..and horribly dry (beauty gripe!!!)  Oh well..I really 'oi leng moi meng' (meaning to value beauty over life) so I shall ignore the hair and continue killing it with my non ammonia based hair dyes...=) Am thinking of going purple..anyone wanna join me?

All joking far this is my 4th month doing A levels in Taylors..and I suddenly am overwhelm with all those things that a college student is expected do give...not just academically but also many others miscellaneous stuff such as..building soft skills..cognitive skills...selling oneself to the public....learning how to polish one's image...etc etc. In a way it's just a whole new ball game where the rules are just out of your reach and you have to learn the game through one of the worst lessons in the world: EXPERIENCE...which makes me really grateful that my mom and dad are really supportive and have loads of wisdom to pass unto their blur case daughter! In terms of is where I go down to my knees and thank my parents for putting me in HH to torture me for 5 years because at least right about now I'm so used to the hours and the loads of crushing info that my brain just adapts and absorbs whatever crap the lecturers hurl my way...not to mention being able to operate on like 2hours or less of sleep...sigh..On a happier note..nothing can be as bad as all my senior 3 friends..GOOD LUCK IN UEC GUYS!!!!!! (call me back for prom also you heartless people)

But there are also many happy moments when studying in Taylors such as meeting new people and hanging out with them as you all can see in these ugly pics of me below...(I stole them from FB but to be fair it's pics with ME in them XD)

The most recent outing I had with my classmates..which involved me being grounded..oh well...anything is possible for singing K =) Wish I wasn't grounded though..cause I really wanted to go ice skating with them..oh well..there's always next time...and for the record..once we really got to know each other..we are a really high bunch man~~ =) 

*Chen Ai and Crystal...we take so little pics meh?*

Some more moments in you all can see... I also dunno what the heck was I doing with my mouth open..must be doing what I do best..TALKING~

Lecturers on the other hand..hmm..I kinda have to get used to not automatically bowing everytime I pass a lecturer in the corridors or anywhere else...I am so used to doing that in school that I automatically go in this half crouch everytime I see someone of authority walking pass me...(FYI really embarrassing) I really enjoy the new type of interactions we can get from lecturers...and they let you have many chances to express yourself in's sooo cooooolllll....*ignore me being a teenager please*

So far this is what's been happening with me I guess...not to mention the countless number of hours I spend waiting around in msn for J to sign in..haha I guess I haven't really changed much from secondary school....=) oh well...If it happens it happens then....

Toodles you all....


Epic moments in class..XD

Btw as a side note...thank you for all those who came to my party on the 16th of sry I didn't write anything about it..but it's been so long now..I feel kinda weird to post it up again..oh well..check out FB then..=)