Sunday, April 17, 2011

Must Have Grown Up Along The Way.

Yes, I have been home under house arrest for nearly a week now, it's the end of my one week study leave from college, so during the wonderful week I went out (once) and hung out in the college's study lounge (we so happening).

Trial results came out. Let's not talk about that so I shall change the subject to something else.

Watched only one drama serial this holidays, I have come a long way since my high school days. ONE DRAMA SERIAL in one week, 16 episodes, but I used about 5 days to finish it, ah my glory days are behind me.

So I watched....

Playful Kiss AKA Mischievous Kiss

KYAAHH, Kim Hyun Joong looks so handsome here despite eye bags and red eyes.

I think my brain cells died a little from the stupidity of the plot, here I was brimming full with anticipation of a plot jam packed with fluff and angst and oh so carefully I slideeee the DVD in and pressed play. and just 5 minutes into episode 1, I want to shoot somebody. Preferably the main character in the show Oh-Ha-Ni (Jung So-min).

So breakdown of the show is, not so bright but kinda cute girl Oh Ha Ni, falls for the superbly amazing all rounder guy Baek Seung-Jo. Follow her antics as she tries to win the heart of the ice prince, and her journey to university. Followed by the usual things you normally can see in a Korean drama etc etc etc.


*hemhem* The girl in the series, is a total airhead, she and her gang of friends normally are the last placing in the school, hence they are looked upon as the failures in life, their grades are so bad that they even pull the average results of the school down with them, while Baek Seung Jo gets full marks in every exam (seriously??). So girl confesses to guy, guy rejects girl in the worst way possible, even correcting the wrong words in her love letter and grading it like an essay (D-), girl gets sad and angry, in some twisted way ends up in guy's house, girl changes everything about herself, guy realises he's wrong, chases girl, and they all lived happily ever after.

However, it was not so.

First thing that irked me was the drama started out with a 10 plus minute of so fairytale like scene, complete with a horse sparkling ala Edward Cullen in the sunlight, which somehow transforms to Seung- Jo, I mean no matter how handsome I am, I certainly wouldn't want to be compared to a white horse, seriously have you seen how the mouth part of a horse looks like? If my features have to be compared to a horse, think Aunt Petunia, I would just get some plastic surgeon to correct it at once.

Second thing that irked me was THE STUPIDITY OF THE MAIN CHARACTER! Hello for god's sake grow a spine, as the series progressed on, I find myself hitting the fast forward button more than once, sometimes to even 4X the speed so I can just get the show over with, the main characters clingy attitude really makes me want to slap her. Plus, the guy's wooden acting did not do anything to help the series in any way. I must say gone were the days where I used to be hooked to this sort of fluffy drama serials, now I want some SUBSTANCE and some GOOD acting in the drama.

Thirdly, who gets married right after graduating from high school, seriously.

Also, many loose ends in the drama, like what happened to the creepy flasher cum homeless man that keeps reappearing in the show? How come Seung-jo mysteriously likes the girl when he was so aloof? What is going to happen to the dad's business once the couple got married?

So in conclusion I must have grown up along the way, can't tolerate this sort of fluffy dramas no more, bring on the action scenes. and popcorn. TQVM.



So don't cry my love, the skies above will cry for you.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Full Day Out.

Had a really busy day yesterday.

Went to Grand Seasons Hotel for an event, which is the introductory event of Dutch Lady's new improved milk formula, with 5 TIMES MORE DHA. This phrase has been drummed into my mind for the whole 4 hours I was there.

DHA is classified as an omega 3 fatty acid due to the fact that the first double bond is located at the the 3rd carbon, and it helps stimulate cognitive growth in a child, (it starts to get hazy at this point), it has something to do with increasing the myelin sheaths around the axon of the neuron forcing the impulses to travel in saltatory conduction or so I think, because I wasn't really paying attention.

Most of the time was spent in ways such as these.

Super huge chair


Ok I lied, this was taken outside the conference room, here is REALLY what we did when the talk was going on.

Being hypnotised by the pen.

See the 5X DHA

They had this huge hands for photography purposes. So sis and I took them for our own photography purposes

Then we just gave up and did really random stuff.

High 5!

Attempt at being artistic pic No 1

Attempt at being artistic pic No 2

By 'we' in the above text I do mean my partner in crime in white here

Then we went off to explore Tropicana City Mall. It must be quite new because a lot of shops weren't open yet when we were there, and this is a Saturday afternoon we're talking about. Though they do have quite a lot of shops selling Korean fashions. Definitely worth another trip back.

And while I was there, the staff at Hang Ten actually brought his pet to work, which is his Sugar Glider.

How can anyone resist, so I took a picture with it, but the poor thing was trembling I can't tell if it's due to the presence of a stranger's hand or his heart which according to sis beats extraordinarily fast. Now that I think about it, it's probably stress.

That was what I did the whole day, came home and unfortunately ran a fever, Mom was totally unsympathetic saying I brought in all on myself for sleeping so late all the time. So I crawled into bed feeling superbly sorry for myself. Sniff.

Thankfully I'm alright today. TeeHee, without the help of paracetamol. HA! TAKE THAT PANADOL!

Nooooo!! JOHN~

Random moments in my life.



He's always laughing in the midst of power.

Friday, April 8, 2011


This rant has actually been sitting in my drafts for quite awhile now, I never really gotten round to finishing it because I was swamped with a lot of studying (lazy) and have a bunch of questions to attempt (lazy) not to mention feverishly revising for trials (lazy) , so since it's the holidays, actually it's a study leave, but whatever, since it's HOLIDAYS, I've dug it out to finish it, with a few updates. ( she decided to not be so lazy)

I'm sure everyone is pretty familiar with Rebecca Black.


Let me refresh your memory.


Jogged your memory enough?

One day, the world was sitting around having finally and grudgingly come to terms with Justin Bieber, and to be fair that kid is growing up and has a decent hair cut and a slightly deeper voice, so maybe he will turn out to be one of those child stars who will fade into anonymity when the time comes. When suddenly out of nowhere, REBECCA BLACK bursts out unto the stage with her horrendous auto tuned song 'Friday', with very meaningless lyrics, let me copy some verses down here as proof.

Seven a.m., waking up in the morning
Gotta be fresh, gotta go downstairs
Gotta have my bowl, gotta have cereal
Seein' everything, the time is goin'
Tickin' on and on, everybody's rushin'
Gotta get down to the bus stop
Gotta catch my bus, I see my friends (My friends)

I don't exaggerate.

First of all, I don't see how monotonous auto tunes can be considered good music , and secondly, her lyrics make me want to commit suicide. Is this the best she could come up with? Even nursery rhymes have better wording, and way cooler context than her song. (think Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary)

To add fuel to the already blazing inferno, there was a video where she talks about her song 'Friday' and how it was layered to actually mean something.

Here are some of here exact sayings on that video clip.

'People don't get it, they really don't get the song' ( WHAT SONG???!! More like your auto tuned bullshit!)

'I'm surprised when people hear my song they think it's some breezy pop song' (*points gun at head and pulls trigger*)

She continues on saying how the song comes from a deep place inside her? And states that it has many hidden meanings, I might as well show you guys.

Here :

Click on the 'enjoy' text :3

Then I did some minor sleuthing in the dead of the night, and I found that she plans to release a new single called 'LOL' and has hopes of singing a duet with Justin Bieber, has this girl not tortured us enough?

I can just imagine the LOL lyrics now.....

Today in class someone cracked a huge joke

It was fun it was funny it was humorous,

it made me burst out in laughter and everyone was going



A bit more digging and I find another song called prom night. Here we go. A little snippet of the lyrics, for I can't bear to post the whole thing up here.

Walking down the road, my friends at the mall
Everybody is looking at my new dress is blue
My hair is perm and my perfume smells good
I like a boy, he's nice
Gotta get good with Vitamin C
Gotta wear heels so I look good
Waiting at my teacher, time for the dance
I see that boy and his new haircut
Is he gonna ask me?
Is he gonna ask me?
Time for us to dance

Wonder what hidden meanings are in store for us this time?

Could it be that the dress and perm are us craving for materialistic goods? Walking down the street with her friends could be her way of saying we don't need cars to fetch us to prom and so she's going green. Maybe BOY is a metaphor for her growing sexual awareness perhaps? and how the teens of today fornicate without giving it second thought, leading to the problems of unwanted babies?


Just stop Rebecca Black, we are not 'Negative Nancys' neither are we 'raining on your parade' we are trying to save you from yourself! Your music cannot even be called music, it's just some auto tuned bullshit with meaningless lyrics. So just STFU and quietly disappear from Youtube, stop soiling the world with your so called talent and tuneless 'singing'. For your information, there's no hidden meanings in any of your song, NURSERY RHYMES HAVE MORE HIDDEN MEANINGS THAT YOUR SONG! No one will take you song lyric by lyric to analyze it, so just get of your high horse and DO NOT PRODUCE LOL, your new hit single, and please for the love of God and all things holy DON'T COME UP WITH AN ALBUM, cause I just heard the hook for your LOL single is 'BFF, you make me LOL!'

BFF, you make me LOL!

I'm sure in the future someone is going to dig this up and go 'homg, this is such euwmaking myusic, laike EVA'.

I'm just going to end this, by once again imploring RB to PLEASE DON'T MAKE ANY MORE MUSIC, and to Justin Bieber, I will say, 'I'm sorry, cause you aren't the worst singer out there, I shall have to strip you of that title and give it to RB.'

I'm sure America has more talent than this!!!!

Rant over.


Bowssss!! *hearts*



It's the magical mystery kind, must be a lie, Bye bye to the too good to be true kind of love

Update on 8th April 2011

Apparently Prom Night is a parody, I found out when I posted the song on my facebook, so basically the rant up there was all for nothing. So yeah. I feel kinda empty now.



"Thank god!" I whispered fervently when I flipped open the Physics 52 question booklet ( a practical that isn't really a 'practical' in the sense that it's a written one, think PEKA) on the last day of trials to reveal the dreaded design question (where one has to IMAGINE an experiment being conducted with the limited physics knowledge they have) was actually a question I did before in the past year paper compilation I've spent over RM 20 to get. A GOOD AND SOUND INVESTMENT. Feverishly I picked up my pen and began filling up the lines with my sprawling handwriting.

Halfway through, I realised one very very crucial thing about my stationery.

I mean, here I am chilling cause I know I've got this design thingy covered, I should be cruising along highway awesome, but there's a little roadblock, namely


I walked into a Physics paper without bringing an eraser, and I had to draw diagrams and graphs, and do countless calculations. I hope my lecturer doesn't mind the occasional black smudge cause I had to resort to using the liddle dinky eraser at the ends of mechanical pencils.

Anyhoo, exams were officially over one hour and fifteen minutes after 8.30. So with my jubilant ecstatic joyous *insert couple more adjectives synonym with 'happy'* I hightailed over to Sunway Pyramid with a couple of my classmates. We were there very very early, and the whole mall was nearly empty, so it was fun. Very fun.

Initial plan was to just ice skate but we fitted a karaoke session in too, it was intensely satisfying to release all the pent up tension by screaming into the mic. However, I sat next to my friend who could harmonise instantly after hearing the melody of any song, I was insanely jealous! I have to be spoon-fed my notes, and here he was nonchantaly harmonizing. Unfair.

During the ice skate session, well it was pretty eventful, I have not been skating for awhile now, it took me some time to actually get the hang of it, so most of the time you could find me sprawled on the ice, soaking up the icy water, pretty amusing. I felt like a penguin amidst all the graceful ice skaters, did I say penguin? I meant panda on roller skates.

Above picture should adequately sum up everything that happened on the ice. (and also bruises on my knees, blisters, numerous aches. )I only pity my friend who has to stop and constantly help his klutz of a friend up. I make ice skating sound like some extreme sport. Anyway, it was a great way to de-stress, now I feel like I can tackle the back log of questions!! BRING IT ON YOU MTFK A 2!!!

Ok, some narcissistic time.

I couldn't resist this shot as I was getting ready, I swear my hand just reached out for my phone and KACHIK, photo taken.

Ice skating *hearts*

Gliding on ice with two blades, P=F/A=0.5mv^2


'Nooo Jean' ' Put the phone down' 'we are not taking pictures'

He still relented anyway.

Thanks for helping me up so many times. HAHA

Thus ends a wonderful day spent with wonderful people. Till next time, I can assure you we will go wild after A 2.





You stole my heart and that's what really hurt.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Bows and Puppies.

BOWS are in fashion! This hot pink hairband came from DIVA (Sunway Pyramid), looks simple yet cute cause it's in hot pink =]. Nice way to brighten up your outfit as it is eye catching. Bows and Ribbons! The best combination for a girl.

Was at Bukit Rimau's Carrefour where I saw cute puppies! I feel like getting a puppy now, maybe I will when I'm an old old woman. I asked the shop assistants whether I could take a picture, surprisingly they said ok so I quickly took one, more like I posed and my sister took it for me, the dog's heart was beating so fast I guessed it was quite stressed. *guilty*.
However, the shop assistants seem to handle the puppies roughly, I feel kinda bad for these Shih Tzu puppies.

Short update, couldn't resist such CUTE PUPPIES! *mad dance*


Bonfires of trust, flash floods of pain.