Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Random Thoughts

It dawned on me suddenly when I was ripping open my packet of Munchy's Oat Krunch that....there should be this..OOO munchy's chomp chomp chomp!

I swear this Oat Krunch crackers are seriously driving me crackers (pun intended). Have you ever put one of these yummy biscuits in your mouth? I swear it makes me want to clone myself into 3 so all 3 hybrids can simultaneously eat this Oat Krunch and then I should join myself back into one body so I can experience 3 TIMES the yummy taste of this biscuit.  *pleased smile*.

First , you rip open the oh so easy to tear white packet with the cute cookie in front drawn skipping, then you're greeted with 3 perfectly round crackers sitting inside oh so snugly (here you can here angels chorusing in perfect harmony). Then, you bite into the crunchy tasty chocolaty biscuit and you swear you won't brush your teeth ever again which you conveniently ignore the moment you step into your bathroom. While you're chewing, burst of chocolate chip explode in your mouth along with the oat infused within the baked dough and...

Anyway, trust me, IT'S YAMMEH!!!!! Go GO GOOOO! Get a packet now!!! 

So anyway, there should be this day where it's devoted to cotton candy, and we can call it Cotton Candy Day. (and I've just googled it, it's on Dec 7, thank god someone had sense to have such a wonderful national holiday) 

Sugar the whole day...yummy.

I'd better stop eating those cookies.


It's called Mutualism with a twist, cause you seem to be getting all the benefits you ruddy plant. 

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Stellar Night.

Remember this from the last post?

Stellar night indeedy do. There was a function to mark the ending of a wonderful year, which was the highly anticipated prom night. The theme was Hawaiian Night of Stars, (extremely difficult to adhere to), and it was held at the Botanic Resort Club.
Initially the prom night was to be held at a hotel ballroom, but due to the cool response, the idea was scrapped and this replaced the original plan. It was a somewhat casual event, and it wasn't a conventional prom where everyone had to be decked in formal wear, but nevertheless, it was fun. Anyway, a little run through of my day. Be prepared for pics and long winded captions cause I like it that way.

This is me before getting my hair and make up done. It seemed on that day everything that could go wrong did, classes were supposed to end at 1pm giving me enough time to get ready and help my other 2 friends with their outfits, not to mention entering the venue at a slow and leisurely pace. It was not so. Due to some mix up the previous day, classes ended at 2pm, and to top it off it rained on that day. Thus, by the time I got to the hairdresser it was almost 3pm. Since she was busy, mom treated me to a wash and this is me sitting with my hair half dry half wet so the mousse can 'sit' in or something. By the time my hair and make up were done, it was 5 pm! Thus needless to say we were late, but it was all right in the end since the event was delayed anyhow. 
And volia! The complete transformation. It was a nightmare getting into the outfit since I forgotten I was wearing a black T shirt, thankfully my hair wasn't mussed up too bad. The outfit I wore was simple owing to the casual theme, the winning effect will be the lei I have on my neck. Uber cool.

Before we finished we were mucking about in my bedroom, and this was the final outfit I pieced together for the night. It wasn't really over the top and yet it wasn't to understated, and as for the stars in the theme, I completely ignored it as we were rushing to get there on time. The girls really took the time and effort to make themselves look va va voom for the prom night however the guys were a bit let down as the really were too casual, couldn't they have at least made an effort and not turn up in shorts and flip flops?
Couldn't resist the customary picture in the car. Though my teeth kinda look weird here. Oh well. After numerous reminders not to be late for the event, I was kinda filled with trepidation since I was nearly half and hour late, but lo and behold when we got there we were made to wait at the reception while they get the venue ready. So we milled about just catching up with old friends. There wasn't too much pictures as everyone was busy chatting, and I kinda got distracted on the phone for awhile, but I still managed to milk a few pics out however they look....weird. The event was OPEN AIRED, and there was zero ventilation, thus I could this layer of sweat and oil building up on my face, not a very pleasant feeling since I had on make up, not to mention my hair felt limp, so I do hope next time they will think to put some fans about.
My uber sexy school mates opening the night with their hula dances. There were many performances by our own schoolmates, some enjoyable some not so. The fun of it was watching everyone going all out to make the night memorable.
I am friends with this girl for 11 years and counting. She will always tell me that she first met me in primary when we were lining up to go to the bathroom. Good times, since then we have done nearly everything together, except graduate. Life is funny that way, but thank goodness I still managed to stay in touch with her all these while. =)
And I trust this lovely gorgeous girl does not need any more introductions as you all have probably seen her photo appear on my blog more times than I can count. She's really rocking her new hair colour. 
Xin and I 
I envy that she doesn't seem to feel hot at all and I'm sweating beside her as you all can tell from the weird fringe I'm sprouting. Anyway, this is one of my 'sisters' in high school, we live really close by and you can be sure of all the chaos we get up to. It's a pity that my lovely fat goat couldn't make it to prom as she went to Europe and only came back on the day of the event itself.
My photography skills never cease to amaze me.

All in all the night was all right, but I was a little disappointed with my school mates, I know that the event was a little rushed as the planning only started after their exams, and they had little people to begin with, no proper committee but just a bunch of friends who wanted everyone to get together one last time before embarking on another wonderful phase of their lives. During that night, all my schoolmates seem so cool when the emcee was trying he's hardest to energize the crowd, whenever he expected a response, all they gave him was a cool silence, which should not be the case. I was hoping that everyone will give more response as this is their last gathering but alas it was not to be. Even though this prom night wasn't held in a grand ballroom with everyone dressed to the nines, but it is still a night where we all are gathered one last time as high school students, doesn't that make you want to cherish every minute spent together? To the organizers of this party, kudos to you I take my hat off to you guys, you all managed to accomplish this in just under 3 weeks time, and even hand delivering most of the tickets, I am eternally grateful that someone had the sense to push us all together before we are separated. As for my schoolmates, life in high school and life in the real world is so vastly different, be humble and try to learn from life. Live it to the fullest and all the best in your future undertakings. We are truly Hin Hua. *sniff*

As for that ends the post about prom night, and below are some random pictures.
I can't believe they were splashing pool water around, after all the hair and make up the girls donned on we DO NOT appreciate being drenched TQVM!
I look as though I am about to devour someone here.
Emily and I. 
Somehow or rather we just made peace, maybe because it was too much to continue the feud all the way to Senior 3. I don't know how to put it but it's for the better.
Surprised her with the cam but she still managed this instant pout for it. Professional.
Eddie and I. 
This guy looked fine during the prom night, pity I couldn't vote him as the prom king since he wasn't from our school. More is the pity. 
Innie and I.
I can't believe what her t shirt says!! My supposed 'husband' has abandoned me now and is very very happy in love with her boyfriend. *jealous stare*
Aaron and I.
Tee Peng and I. 
This guy never updates his blog. =.=
Check him out here
Zheang and I. 
This guy can cheer even the most depressed person up. Wonderful classmate.
Mmin and I.
Follow her here.
Rfang Yeo and I.
She and Mmin are nearly sisters. They were my classmates when I was in high school.
NJD and I.
The ONLY guy I know who will patiently wait for me for 2 hours cause I overslept and missed our breakfast appointment.
LPS and I. 
She and Betty made this night possible. 
Salute them!

Wen & Me & Xian (FG's husband)
And lastly end of the night. Bushed and if you look closely my eyes are so red.

These are just some of the pictures from the prom night, there are many more I didn't upload here cause it will just make this post too long and too boring. Kudos to the memorable night.

You changed and I've changed. It's for the better.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Mush and Mulch.

After examinations we have to go back for an additional 3 weeks of classes as our A2 examinations are coming up soon, like in another 6 months, so today was(is) the first day of classes.
I can officially say my brain has turn to mush after the short 3 day freedom of not having to study. I swear while the Physics lecturer was going on about the things we supposedly have covered before the exams, my mind was this one big patch of static, it as though the period before exams were erased from my mind. So, the conclusion that I can come up with is :


It looks like there will be no honeymoon period for me. Back to living with my books again. *sigh*

So moving on to another topic, a certain genius lent me this DVD.

Love in Disguise, Lee Hom's show.

Well, Lee Hom tried his hand at directing a movie just like fellow star Jay Chou, while I must say 'Secret' by the latter star is somewhat bearable since those piano playing skills displayed by the cast wowed the audience, 'Love in Disguise' was just ....

That's the word for it 'meh'. It could be because I expected more from Lee Hom and the movie didn't deliver what I expected. The storyline was basic enough, celebrity falling for a wallflower and disguises himself to know her with hilarious consequences. The whole problem about the movie is, it's just, too predictable. It was nice to watch Lee Hom act as a bumbling country bumpkin with a horrendous sense of direction, and he and the co star Yi Fei did have some chemistry, but the rest of the movie just fell flat. The saving grace was Lee Hom incorporating REAL Chinese classical music, with classical instruments such as Erhu, Guzheng, Yangqin, into the movie which I must say is the unique part of the movie, I really loved the scene where he plays "Sai Ma" with his friend to try to prove they were good enough to enter the music school, 'Sai Ma' is a really distinctive Erhu piece, and he tried to play it jazz style, very quirky very fresh, very fun. Thumbs up for that. Of course some Chinese folklore was also injected into the movie, which admittedly does wonders.
All in all, it's not really a deep movie, but it is not a bad way to kill an hour or so. Personally, I think Lee Hom should go back singing and leave the directing to someone else. Any die hard Lee Hom fans out there, this one's for you. An hour of his face on screen= drool fest.

So that's about it, let's hope they either go back to singing, or make better movies. TeeHee.

And that's it cause I need 40/50/even 60 winks.
Till next time,
I think I've already lost you, I think you're already gone, I think I'm finally scared now, You think I'm weak - but I think you're wrong

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Buon Natale Folks Plus The Summation Of A Day.

Buon Natale!

Christmas mood was certainly in the air today as I was shopping. I've met many shoppers humming along to the Christmas carols blaring out of the shops, and whilst I was walking around with the hat, many people seem to be smiling at it, or it could be that they were just laughing at my eccentric-ness. (that's not a real word by the way)

But hey, to each its own right? I shall wear whatever head gear I like to the mall.

So anyway like I was saying the Christmas mood certainly has arrived early, and I constantly have to stop myself from humming "here comes Santa Claus, here comes Santa Claus" because I can see my sister is at the end of her rope having continuously listened to carols for more than an hour.  Christmas, like any other national holiday, has evolved from a simple celebration to a full blown holiday extravaganza which involves us spending lots and lots of moo-lah. Though I try not to be materialistic, but the sight of so many wonderfully shiny trinkets on sale made me delve into my purse time and time again. It seems like every shop window I passed I can automatically here myself saying 'ooooh I want that!' or 'I MUST get that!'. So I guess I'm really just another materialistic teenage girl. 

*sheds a little tear at having finally joined the dark side but brightens up a moment later when she realises the dark side has cookies!*

Anyway it has come to my mind that I haven't really done a proper summation to my 'end of the exams' day, I'm not sure if anyone here really remembers or even has the vaguest hint as to what examinations I'm taking, well it's A levels actually. It's kinda..ok it's grueling.

This is proof that I'm actually enrolled in a college doing this A levels thingy.

Well the examination consists of 5 subjects and 13 papers altogether, and since we're staggered with other examinations so it took quite awhile to finish all these papers.I can't comment on how I did because I'm not really sure, good news is there seemed to be an answer to the questions, bad news is I'm not sure if it's the answer their looking for. I take the 3 sciences, math, and thinking skills which is a compulsory subject in college. Needless to say everyone was really really relieved when it ended, and the moment it ended, on that day itself I jetted of to Midvalley with my long time friend Vivian. 

It was actually pretty amusing as both of us did not know the actual way to Midvalley, and we assumed that the other party knew. So after a lot of mix ups we managed to find the place, and even luckier managed to find a parking there. Hoo boy did we shop, there were no pics, neither of us were particularly in the photo snapping mood, but rest assured there will be more about why we are shopping coming up.

So anyway, while I was there, I found this at the highest level of the mall where World of Feng Shui is, and this dish is actually a popular Taiwanese snack affectionately named 'Coffin Bread', recently a new twist has been put to this dish, whereupon usually a savoury snack it's now a sweet dessert, toast with ice cream and caramel, yam meh! 

So I'm eating the savoury version, and well, to be honest it wasn't really that nice after the initial 5 bites or so, the toast is deep fried, so the outer layer is golden and crunchy while the inside remains soft and fluffy, the filling is a starchy salty soup like filling with mix veg and crab meat, it sounds nice and all, but can be a little sickening after a few bites. As the bread is really oily and the soup just a little too starchy. Oh well, thumbs up for the strawberry tea though.

And that's how I spent the last day of examinations, pretty tame right? Some of my peers have interesting ways in which they spent their last day, I also have first hand versions of the spectacle they displayed, and that totally made my day cause it was hilarious, with the capital H.

Till then people of the world, one must take over the world one hat at the time!
It's a running joke.

With all my love, 
You would think that I'd have learned to tell you goodbye.

Friday, November 19, 2010

We're Back!

It has been too long since my last update. 3 months have already flown by with the memories of so many eventful happenings, some enlightening, some not to happy ones, rolled up jumbled up and dumped into my lap as a bundle marked 'life'. Everyone can probably tell that examinations have ended today and now I'm trying to delve into the folds of my brain to bring up the events that have transpired in the past 90 or so days.

How to even begin narrating things that have already happened so long ago? Maybe with the earliest event. (As I'm typing I'm actually looking at the calender trying to piece together my life of 3 months ago) . During the semester break in the month of September under the persuasion and cajoling of my classmate D , I signed myself up for a event known as TAYMUN (Taylors Model of United Nations).

As you can see from the name tag up there I represent the Kingdom of Thailand which is actually just another fancy smancy way of saying Thailand, which everyone associates with transvestites, seriously over the duration of the event the joke I told that garnered the most laughter was "Well, Thailand is secretly assembling an army of transvestites to take over the world." I feel kinda miffed that out of all the witty (or so I think) things I said, THIS sentence has to be the one that is well received. I need crash courses on humour with Russel Peters. 

But I digress.

TAYMUN is actually a really 'cool' event, contrary to its name 'Taylors', participants were from many different institutions. A short background info on what it is coming right in this paragraph. MUN or Model of United Nations is actually an academic simulation of the United Nations that aims to educate participants about civics, current events, effective communication, globalization and multilateral diplomacy (lifted off Wikipedia as usual) . The participants, or students, take on roles as being a country's diplomat and participate in a simulated session of an intergovernmental organization (IGO). Generally we have to research our given country and investigate the current issues happening, then we have to debate and actually come up with a mock solution to the world's problems. United Nations, is an international organization whose stated aims are facilitating cooperation in international law, international security, economic development, social progress, human rights, and achievement of world peace. 

There you have it, the wonderful TAYMUN event all listed out for you. From that stupendously boring text up there, can you imagine what a nightmare was it to be Thailand? I'm not even sure where I should stand most of the time, and it was especially mortifying to be reminded about where I should plead my allegiance while I was strongly opposing a motion that I *PERSONALLY* was against. I remember that the USA diplomat was constantly stressing on how pushing the motion forward is going to prove beneficial to USA and its allies and to quote him "like Japan, THE KINGDOM OF THAILAND , just to name a few'. Mortifying.

There were three motions being debated on during the 3 day event of TAYMUN, and they were 

1) The reformation of the Security Council

2) The prevention of arms race in space. (The motion I was against, but forced to concur as my country supported it)

3) The status of government that hold associations with terrorist organisations.

The above two pictures shows my group hard at work doing something called lobbying where we come up with a proposal to fit the motion as in why we should/should not support the motion. Generally we brainstorm till we have a piece of paper that will hopefully stand the attacks of anyone disagreeing with it. It was my first time writing a proposal , and I had to say I was lucky as one of the chairperson guided me through the entire process, invaluable experience may I add. However it did not get through, oh well.

At the end of the day I was really humbled by the amount of talent being displayed at TAYMUN by people who were younger than me (12~13) or elder than me (19 I think) and I have truly gained a lot from this event. If there ever were a chance for me to participate in this event again I would definitely hop onto the boat no hesitations whatsoever! 

Then it was pretty much endless studying since the finals were so close, Oct 13 to Nov 19 for that matter, and it pretty much explains my long hiatus from the virtual world, though not facebook. I have to admit facebook has sneakily wormed its way into my daily schedule and it's not showing signs of budging. So now it's wake up, facebook, do my stuff, facebook, eat, facebook, study, facebook, sleep.

Yeah, I'm truly a facebook addict, my life is heading towards a downward spiral. I spend all my free time liking stuff on facebook, pathetic really, but I can't help myself from nodding in agreement at all the statuses. =/

And I digress YET again.

So during the uneventful month of October, we discovered a small ice cream palour by the name of Gelateria in Kota Kemuning. (We being my mom, my sister and I)

And what you are looking at is actually their specialty which is making spaghetti or any kind of Italian dish really out of ice cream. Yes people, that is ICE CREAM spaghetti on a white plate. Doesn't this make your mouth flood with saliva with the anticipation of tasting it?  Unfortunately you can only tempt yourselves with this wonderful picture for I once again cannot direct you there. I feel like I totally FAIL as a food blogger because I absolutely have no sense of direction. No inkling whatsoever!

It's really a nice place, tucked cozily away from the hustle and bustle of the KK town. If I ever find the address I will post it up here again. Till then, SALIVATE in vain!

November caught me unawares as I've been stuck in a limbo of endless revising for endless examinations, I wake up, I look at my books until it's time to sleep again. However, November was (is) one heck of a month. Bittersweet and filled with nostalgia. 

From left : FG, Me, YX, and Leona (fellow blogger here on blogspot, check her out at leonafeng.blogspot.com and this is a rare sight of here in UNIFORM! Bwahahahahahahahhahahahahahahaha)

That's because all my high school friends graduated during the month of November! I can't believe 5 years passed by so fast, it seemed only yesterday that we were all little kids in white uniform and now look at them, graduated and ready to test the outside world. Life passes us by in leaps and bounds. I am so so very proud of all my friends. Happy Graduation and all the best in future undertakings, and remember WE ARE HIN HUA!

For me, I didn't graduate from my high school at all, I actually left school. So there was no graduation ceremony or anything for me to attend. When I made the decision to leave, everyone said that I will feel sad about all these lost memories, and I actually scoffed at that idea, I mean it's just graduation, to achieve some things in life there must be a few sacrifices along they way. Little did I know I sacrificed one of the best years of my life, and no matter how great my new life is, it cannot replace the lost year. The year where friendships are forged with a steel like bond and gratitude is taught not through books but through life's rites of passage. The last years you know. 

One weird thing about me is : I have an abysmal memory when it comes to remembering organic compound names and reactions, but I can with absolute clarity remember every sequence of events leading right up to my enrollment in HHHS, and I can always remember how my Mandarin was so different from the rest of the form for apparently according to my friends I spoke with an English accent, the highlight of my wonderfully immature 13 year old peers' life at that point of time was to listen to me reading a passage in Mandarin, it cracked them up. I remember donning on the pristine white uniform with the starched skirt, I remember all the bits and pieces of life there, I remember the laughter shared, the tears shed, the friendships made and then broken. I remember and I remember and I thank HH, for she partly moulded who I am today. 

Like I said nostalgia to the maximum.

So thus ends this long post after a long hiatus..fitting actually. And rest assured there IS more to come. 


So the lion sleeps tonight then!

I live in your chess game but you change the rules everyday.

Signing off, with hugs and kisses galore,


Saturday, November 13, 2010


Terribly sorry for the extremely long hiatus from this blog 
*cough* EXAMS *cough*
Will update as soon as the exams are over.