Sunday, February 7, 2010

Weekend Fun!

Went out with the 6J-rians today..

Kg...CL..ST...TH..and yours truly!

The 5 of us kinda stoned around in Pyramid...since our show started at 4.30pm!

1st of we tried the new fastfood restaurant Popeye..

My Thoughts: Comparing Popeye with KFC (same concept mar) I did think that Popeye's side dishes win hands down!! Though the price may differ from  KFC..with Popeye being slightly more expensive (RM2 difference) but the food was better! haha..what can I say..value for money..and the chicken less salty too....12 herbs and failed to impress....

Then it was off shopping!!!

My Thoughts: Can you believe there's not ONE pair of suitable shoes for TH? Shopping in CNY really PC ..all the sizes and designs snapped up beforehand by CNY happy people...then...ST and I both had to buy overdue presents for we 1st hunted down a bag for me....I can't believe that it takes us so long to find a nice bag in Pyramid....and I particularly liked TH's comment.."walau gay bag!" lmao!! truly lmao! When we finally finished the arduous task of exchanging money for goods..buying ST present was a breeze since there were an abundance of soft toys in Pyramid...

Later we toured an 'all you can eat shop'

My Thoughts: Kudos to TH for thinking of the sweet shop located in Marakesh! We went in and practically ate the entire stock of samples the shop offered...imagine 5 teenagers walking through a FREE SAMPLE shop..lethal combination...we tried almost all kinds of preserved fruit and sugared candies they the wise words of KG...kidney stones and diabetes coming our way...swt

Finally going up the cinema floor

My Thoughts: We had 1/2 hour more to kill before the we blew some money in the arcade! Finally I managed to enjoy the games since playing with guys..I always have to play with girls and they just don't shoot like the guys...esp Ceramic Dreams....(yes you reimifa)...had a blast playing with KG and TH..but too bad TH busted his hand..we couldn't get past 1st round of RAMBO....cacat lar...but I vow to conquer it the next time I go there!!!

At long last...watching FAME!

My Thoughts: As expected I was wasted!! I slept at around 5 am the night before so watching the erratic pace of Fame was a little daunting for me..I nearly did doze off during the Malik emo-ing bout Iana part....but the funniest thing was there was a guy SNORING LOUDLY behind us in the cinema...haha..cacat lar the whole cinema can whenever there was a kissing scene the kiddies kat belakang kept exclaiming and clicking their tongues....=.=..but was a bit miffed when I told dad I watched Fame and he went all " that's an old show lar..." and started singing "remember my name! fame!! I wanna live forever...I wanna learn how to die"...The movie was kinda of a let down..was expecting more OMPFF!! but it kinda fell felt..especially Kherington's stiff as a board acting..painful to watch...and the ending just left me wondering "that's all?"

We parted ways outside A&W

My Thoughts: Everyone changed...I suppose that's life...we change and yet somehow still manage to find similarities within us to talk about..It was really can't wait to catch Iron Man 2...=)

I can't believe I met SO many people from Hin Hua there..haha..I really didn't expect everyone to be there....and also..when in Nike I can actually meet my old primary schoolmate at the cash small is the world??!!

If you're wondering about the lack of's all with KG...haha...I know he'll take all our pics I'll shall just stalk his blog and FB to get all the pics I need...=D! (smart me)

Homework time + Monday Blues!