Sunday, July 17, 2011

Medley of Events

After watching Masterchef Australia (the episode where everyone is cooking in an open air area for the CWA ladies and the host announces that they have to extend the challenge time to 'save face') I got really inspired to bake a Neapolitan cake.

Look at the pretty cake in all it's 3 layered glory

Despite my mom's misgivings about using a recipe from the internet, I went ahead and the cake turned out not bad for an amateur baker. *happy face* Although there were some problems during the process and I'm pretty sure the vanilla layer is a bit undercooked. Tip of the day never attempt to add more cream cheese to a cream cheese icing because it will not mix well and will leave your mixture lumpy.

In the beginning, it was 3 flat layers.

Slowly but surely it starts to look like a decent cake.

Oozing icing.

Finished product ( A world of difference compared to the google image above.)

A few days later it was the day of HHSB's (Hin Hua School Band) 9th concert held bi-annually. Hin Hua is actually my old high school but I wasn't in the wind band, my sister was, and she purchased a ticket on my behalf so I could accompany here to the concert, I will get my revenge next year when the Chinese Orchestra performs.

Took out customary camwhore picture before the concert starts.

I must say this time when I went back there were only a few familiar faces left, is this how all the alumni feel when they come back for school events?? There were little changes around the compound, all in all it was the same Hin Hua yet it was different due to the people in it. Old talent replaced by new talent, old ideas replaced by new thoughts.

The concert started off with a performance by the band's new members, a way for them to gain stage experience. The first thing my sister and I noticed was this horrendous spelling error of the title 'Forrest Gump'. For goodness sake, this is a really famous movie people are bound to notice the mistake, I do hope in future the band members will go through the powerpoint before it is projected to hundreds of people. Tsk tsk tsk.

Since I'm not a member of the band I can't really tell if there were any major improvements in the songs they presented, but I did think Jericho and Rhapsody in Blue did sound better than the previous years. However my sister did mention that she couldn't hear the French horn parts at all and was quite disappointed, what she said was, ' coming from someone who knows the parts, I couldn't hear it at all,' oh well, they will improve. Come to think of it, HHSB was THE SOCIETY to enter during my junior years, lets hope they can maintain that status.

Mr name is really too long to remember.
(Mr. Songtorsrisakun Chakrit)
This is the first time I heard a French Horn solo.

A really unique song, in the end the performers threw pots and pans down the stage, I wonder who sacrificed their household items?

Some dancers during the song Dublin Dance.

Really blur picture of some guy dressed in a weird Halloween-ish mask to add some humour to the songs.
The coach being a sport and donning on a makeshift pirate costume during the song ' Pirates of the Caribbean'. I can't imagine my band's coach doing the same thing.

After the concert is was the usual photo taking time.

Sister with Mr Name Really Too Long to Remember.
(Mr. Songtorsrisakun Chakrit)

Sister with none other than the one half of harryandmerry.
(read her blog people, Jean commands you too)

That's all for the night!

Having supper and sis unwraps her birthday gift from her classmate, it is an instrument with about a range of 7 notes made from coconut shell. I do not know the name despite googling all possible leads. (It's from Indonesia so if anyone knows, drop a comment)
Of course must camwhore with it, look I'm also drinking it's counterpart.

The very next day was shopping time and we (mom sis and I) went to pyramid, unfortunately we couldn't get tickets for Transformers, (I know I'm waaaaayyy behind on movies) so we had to change our plans. It took a long time for my MOM to make up her mind on where to eat, in the end we landed up in Fullhouse. (only because sister and I were giving my mother the DEATH glare for making us trek across the entire shopping mall in search of something to eat).

They had something new in the menu which I had not tried before and it was Oyster Shots, it literally was oyster served in a shot glass with some liquids accompanying it, the selection was citrus, tomato and celery and erm lemongrass tasting sweet thing. (I forgot the name) So me being me just had to try it and it was really weird to say the least, the oyster taste was really strong and if I had not mentally prepared myself for it I think I would have thrown up a little, interesting appetizer.

Braving the oyster shots!

Surprisingly this tasted the funkiest.

My super unglam moment doing shots, the first 2 glasses passed by without any incident, the third glass however gave me the most trouble, the oyster was stuck in the middle of the glass and detached itself with a sickening shwwwooooppp noise and the whole chunk fell into my mouth causing some liquid to spill out of my mouth, and right at this moment my sister decides to take pictures of me doing shots. Great timing sis.

Such a cute accessory.

Sister acting all posh posh

Customary camwhore shot outside Fullhouse.

After shopping a little while more we passed by a candy store near Speedy and we saw that you can take pictures with their orange mascot, we proceeded to go crazy with it and my mom just walked off first, I don't think she wants to admit she knows us judging by the way we were behaving, I'm sure glad I didn't meet anyone I knew that day!



Messing about in Daiso.


Thus ends the day, from now on I'll be busy with choir practices, rehearsals rehearsals and more rehearsals, productive holidays here I come!


For the times they are a-changin'


  1. ho! i see myself! lol... i saw that forest cump thing too! very mempersiasuikan moment >< nice cake too, just geet some strawberries to hide the ugly icing teehee..

  2. Lol methinks that's not a bad idea :D