Thursday, July 7, 2011

Long Hiatus and an Update

It's been too long since I've last blog-ed, thousand apologies, was supposed to update the last post with pictures but have since then decided to post said pictures all on facebook instead.

After A-levels ended instead of going for the prom, I went around Europe with my family, that's why I haven't been writing here at all. My original plan was to come back and immediately blog about my trip but then disaster struck! Somehow the photos have vanished! I was in charge of downloading the pictures and saving them in the laptop and throughout the trip the photos were intact but when we got home, a whole chunk of it vanish mysteriously into a black hole of gigabytes. Frantic work has been done to retrieve the pictures but so far it has not been successful, so oh well, when the pictures are out then probably I'll do a post on the trip. I just hope they weren't overwritten.

So as they say about the best laid schemes of mice and men, these 2 months are really not what I've expected, originally I wanted to enroll for a 2 month baking course, and applied to MIB, then to Cilantro, both places turned out to be fruitless attempts. Then, I decided to look for a part time job and surprisingly NO ONE wanted to hire a part time waitress, so depressing, I KNOW I CAN DO A GOOD JOB, I'll give it 150% even though it's mathematically impossible, but yet they do not want to hire me, I am a sad sad child. Most of the people around me reasoned that they probably do not want to waste time and effort training me then only to have me leave after 2 or 3 months tops of work , I guess it's also true, but bad news for me is that I have to spend my days at home basically doing nothing.

Well not really nothing, I did attempt to bake a carrot cake, it turned out to be quite yummy surprisingly as it was my first attempt at baking a carrot cake. I did however underestimate the time and effort it took to GRATE THE CARROTS!

As the picture proudly proclaims, having all those cuts on my hands were worth the pain as the cake was scrumptious!

Also I went to a saxophone concert, the performer, Yang Tong is from China, and he's really good. It was an interesting experience, I even got autographs!

Posing with the saxophone player Yang Tong. #gleeful smile

Watched Xia Xue's guide to life and decided that I also must curl my hair, but it didn't have the effect I desired though, so GROW HAIR GROW I IMPLORE YE!

So with choir practices and random outings now and then I guess that pretty much sums up my life in the holidays thus far, however I still am not satisfied so I shall compile a to-do list that hopefully I can adhere to.

Holiday To-Do List

1) Live a healthier lifestyle, sleep early and wake up early, get in more exercise. ( I can hear my cynical side laughing when I type this)

2) Catch up on my reading list.

3) Work on BMG more including pictures.

4) Improve sense of direction.

I think four options is good enough for now. So we shall see how things are at the end of August. Toodles!



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  2. Just hopefully can retrieve it all D: